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Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1 (1984, November)

November 1, 2014

I worked 11-4:30 today, instead of 6-10, because I swapped shifts with someone. As a result, you get an unexpected review. Lucky you. Today’s comic is a good one, too. By Chris Claremont and Al Milgrom, “Lies.”


Kitty gets top billing because she’s awesome.

Kitty’s in Chicago, after being dumped by Colossus. It’s been about a week, and she’s just done some skating. She stops by her dad’s bank, which has been having some problems. Her dad is in a meeting with some guys, and Kitty hears them yelling, then hears a slap. She shouts, and a big Japanese guy opens the door. Kitty rushes over to her father, and we find out he was speaking to a group representing a corporation that bought his bank. One of the men is named Ogun, and he takes an interest in Kitty. Her dad has to meet with the head of the corporation, in Japan. He refuses to let Kitty accompany him. Kitty wonders if Ogun and his boss are Yakuza, in which case her dad’s trying to protect her.

She heads to the airport, where he dad’s plane has already taken off. She sneaks aboard through the luggage compartment, and then slips into the passenger compartment to doze off. A stewardess finds her and asks what she’s doing there, and Kitty lies, though the stewardess doesn’t believe her. When the plane lands, Kitty sneaks off. She’s still in her skating outfit, which makes her stand out. She makes it onto a bus, and we learn she speaks Japanese fluently, thanks to Xavier telepathically teaching the language to all the X-Men.

She finds her way to the building of the guy who bought her dad’s bank. She slips into the bank, and finds a couch to sleep on. She’s found by a cleaning lady, who calls for a guard, who shoots at her. She flees, but leaves her skates and hat behind. It’s raining, she’s soaked, and she has no money, so she steals some from an ATM. An alarm goes off, and the police are already there, and she leaves the money behind as she flees. She gets cornered, and drops through the ground into the sewer. She feels sick, and disgusted at herself for trying to steal, and is just generally miserable, so she calls the school. Wolverine answers, but Kitty can’t talk, and hangs up. Then she sees a photo of herself on TV.

She heads back to the building, and overhears the head guy talking to her dad. The guy’s going to launder money through her dad’s bank, and her dad agrees.

This is a cool mini, and it gets off to a good start. I like Kitty. She’s a cool character. One thing that’s interesting about her from this period is how often she actually screwed up. This whole issue is full of her screwing up. She’s so worried about her dad that she keeps failing to think ahead. It makes her a more relateable character, I think. She doesn’t get much in the way of humour here, but she does actually still show her intelligence. The narration reminds me quite a bit of Illyana’s narration from the Magik mini, but it reads better coming from Kitty. Milgrom’s art is . . . OK. Not great, and not bad, but not far off from bad, frankly. This is beneath his usual standard, which was never anything special in the first place. Faces look weird, especially Kitty’s. The art drags the book down slightly.

Still, it remains an enjoyable set-up issue. There’s some nice foreshadowing when Kitty says Ogun gives her the same feeling she got when she first met Wolverine. And Ogun’s interest in her is also foreshadowing.

I may as well also talk about Secret Wars #7, by Shooter and Zeck. Specifically, the X-Men’s role in the story. Xavier tells Scott, Rogue and Wolverine to follow Doom’s task force, while he and the other X-Men take another plane to join up with them. So it’s the X-Men vs. Dr. Octopus, Titania, Absorbing Man and Volcana, with Molecule Man unconscious. Storm gets grabbed by Ock’s arms, and Wolverine slices off one of Absorbing Man’s arms on his way to help her. He gets blasted by Volcana, who gets knocked down by Cyclops. Magneto deals with Dr. Octopus, because duh. It’s ridiculous that Xavier even had to tell him to do it, because Magneto should’ve done it right off the bat without even thinking about it. Rogue smacks Titania with a rock, while thinking that she’s made her choice to stand with the X-Men. Volcana erupts to keep the X-Men under cover, and the bad guys get away. Because if the X-Men had managed to capture even one of the villains, that would have suggested a degree of competence that Shooter clearly didn’t want them to have. Bah. Bah!

Song of the day: Yes! by Tim Myers.

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  1. A while back I randomly found the entire mini-series for 50 cents an issue, and in decent quality. Great mini-series that does a lot to develop Kitty Pryde as a character.

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