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X-Men comics (November 5 2014)

November 5, 2014

New comics!

All-New X-Factor #16, by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico. Sentinels are attacking Serval Industries. The force field is keeping them out, but that won’t work forever. Snow’s home is attacked by a Sentinel that grabs his wife. Who takes it surprisingly well. Lorna decides to have a little conversation with Quicksilver about him spying on her for Havok. He admits to it, and points out that considering what he’s already admitted to, it seems a bit minor. He also tells her to ask why he quit the Avengers. He says he likes it better with X-Factor. The Sentinel shows up with Snow’s wife, and he refuses to help her, so X-Factor heads out to save her. Snow thanks them under his breath. While the rest of the team talks to the Sentinel, Doug rushes to the force field room. He takes control of the field, and now it’s time for a fight. Good issue. Once again, I do feel like some great dialogue moments fall a bit flat because of CDG’s style. But the dialogue is great throughout. The confrontation between Lorna and Quicksilver is great. It’s hilarious, thanks to Quicksilver still being a complete dick. I love PAD’s Quicksilver. It’s the absolute best version of the character ever. Danger also gets an awesome moment near the end. Linda Snow is really fun throughout the issue, too. She’s more annoyed than scared about being grabbed by a giant murder-bot. And then the last page is just weird. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

X-Men  #21, by Marc Guggenheim, Harvey Tolibao and Dexter Soy. Tyger is attacking Dr. Reyes in the med lab. He kills her. Considering he also killed Storm, I’m guessing it’s not going to stick. Regardless, SWORD apparently calls them “Forcefield” and “Weather Witch.” Crazy genetics lady is addressing her Broodskrulls, while the telepaths work with the Shi’ar to get more segments of a recording. They see Tyger among the guys who were holding Deathbird. Back on the Peak, Tyger attacks the command centre, where Brand and Jubilee both are. The recording continues to show Deathbird fighting Tyger and Crazy Lady, swearing to kill them both, and the pair escaping. Turns out Deathbird wasn’t fleeing to Earth, she was tracking Tyger. Back at the Peak, Reyes is still alive, and using 56 micro-force fields to keep her insides together. Bravo, Dr. Reyes. She’s a badass. On the Shi’ar ship, Rachel is worried about her friends on the Peak, and tells one of the crewmen to find a way to make the ship go faster, or she’ll remove the memory of every sexual experience he’s had. I like Rachel. On the Peak, Deathbird’s awake, angry, and has found Tyger. Another solid issue. Some great action, some good humour, good character stuff with Rachel. Reyes gets to be awesome. Soy’s art is gorgeous. Tolibao’s is less so – his women seem to use way too much make-up, and just have generally odd faces. Soy’s women look cool. Guggenheim’s writing remains better than usual. This has been a good arc, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion.

Life After Logan #1. The first story is by Jeff Loveness and Mario Del Pennino. Scott is reflecting on his life (dated two psychics, father is an emotionally distant space pirate, time-traveling son from the future is older than he is, younger self hates him), and then adds that Wolverine was still the most complicated relationship in his life. He thinks about how big an ass Wolverine was, and wonders why he can’t sleep. He thinks back to right after Jean’s death, and Wolverine told him to stay. Skip to a few years later, where Wolverine was trying to adjust to losing his adamantium, and Scott traded friendly snark with him to cheer him up. They were together for everything over the years. Then he thinks how weird Wolverine’s funeral will be, and how Wolverine wouldn’t enjoy it. Scott has a much better way of honouring Wolverine’s memory. The absoltue best possible way one could ever honour Wolverine’s memory. Bar brawl! It’s a nice story that explores a little bit the complex relationship between the two, starting as damned near enemies, becoming friends, and then more recently, enemies again. The second story is by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Iban Coello. In Japan, Nightcrawler and Colossus teleport onto a street, and Kurt use an image inducer to disguise himself. They’re there to pay respects to Mariko. The guards won’t let them inside where they need to go. Nigthcrawler figures they wouldn’t be honouring Wolverine’s memory if they just walked in. He turns off his image inducer, and asks again to be let in. And they’re allowed in. They approach Mariko’s shrine, and leave the Yashida sword. Colossus stabs the sword into the ground, which angers the horde of guards. So now they get to fight. They even pull a Fastball Special. It’s a fun story. I love that two stories in a row had people honour his legacy by kicking ass. The third story is by Rex Ogle and Patrick Scherberger. Armour is in a bar filled with bad guys toasting to Wolverine’s death. She decides to kick some ass, too. She even snikts. She kicks some ass, but then she lets her guard down, and gets her own ass kicked. Before Mystique can finish her, Hellion turns off the Danger Room. He asks if he can help her, and she replies, “Are you a beer?” Awesome callback to Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. Hellion says she’s not the only one who’s lost someone, and says that Wolverine was the creepy uncle hanging around young girls. She punches him. Then she cries, and says she felt it when Wolverine died, and feels him when she armours up. She starts to feel a bit better. And a third story where someone tries to honour Wolverine with violence, though this one starts with that, and then moves on. She also initially plans to honour him with drinking, but decides at the end that she doesn’t need to. It was nice seeing Hellion, if only because it’s always nice seeing any of the New X-Men. He got to show his nice side, while still being an asshole. Another good story. All these stories are good. They’re fun. And funny. And they all have nice art.

Weapon X Program #1, by Charles Soule and Salvador Larroca. A guy is in Dr. Cornelius’ wrecked lab. He takes down a guard and releases a test subject. They come across a couple more subjects, and some more guards. One of the subjects, a big black guy, kicks some ass. Another, with a goat head, spits some acid. Another guy has a bit of his brain showing, and seems to be adept at analyzing. The fourth guy is Sharp, and he’s an expert fighter. Then they find a girl, with enhanced speed. They reach the roof. Fighting! And Slayback! Who dies! Again! I think he dies every time he appears. All through the issue, Sharp has occasional memories of various wars. We don’t see his face until the last page, and argh groan bleh. This is a pretty good comic. Well-written, well-drawn. Reasonably interesting concept. Some reasonably interesting characters. We’ll see how this mini continues. It’s off to an OK start, but Soule will need to step it up in the next issue.

Deadpool’s Art of War #2, by Peter David and Scott Koblish. Loki and his forces have taken over Valhalla, and are enjoying themselves. Loki then orders the towns looted. He also launches an attack on Asgard itself, even though Deadpool says Sun Tzu advised against sieges if possible. Loki takes Thor to the siege, and threatens to kill him if Odin doesn’t surrender Asgard. Odin agrees to surrender, and Loki is ruler of Asgard. Deadpool tells him to continue on to Earth. Loki wonders why Deadpool wants the Earth overrun, and Deadpool says a book deal. And then gets thrown in the dungeon with Thor. Loki launches his attack on Earth. And immediately runs into the Hulk. This is fun. There’s some great comedy. There’s also plenty of lines from the Art of War. I’ve actually read the Art of War. I . . . didn’t really get most of it. I am not an intelligent person. Still, this story does a really good job with it. Koblish’s art is good. Also, I currently have a cat on my lap as I’m typing this.  She’s fat and cute and her name is Timbit. This has nothing to do with the comic. I just thought you might want to know.

Axis #4, by Rick Remender and Leinil Yu. Captain Sam and Hulk are being debriefed on the Helicarrier by Hill and Fury, Jr. For some reason, Fury, Jr gets a chair, while Hill has to stand, even though she’s the one in charge. Anyway, she says Red Skull has to be handed over. Sam says Stark has designed a way to block the Skull’s brainwaves, and he’s secure in Avengers Tower. Hill points out Stark built the Skull’s Sentinels, and hasn’t even been seen in two weeks. Hulk agrees with SHIELD, though for some reason, he’s speaking like an idiot. Sam tells him to shut up. Fury tries to calm Sam down, and Sam decks him. In Brooklyn, a villain named the Squid has holed up in an apartment with some hostages. Carnage shows up to save the day. Spider-Man shows up to stop Carnage, but Carnage is already gone, and no one’s dead. There’s even a note “From Your Friendly Neighbourhood Carnage.” Spider-Man’s creeped out. Iron Man lands at Giants Stadium in San Francisco, to tell the city about his Extremis app. He also takes a glass of champagne. At the JGS, Storm delivers a speech that they can’t afford internal strife any more, that they can’t fight each other while the humans keep killing them off. She says they need to strike first in the war humanity’s declared against mutants. Havok agrees that coexistence is impossible. Apocalypse adds that nature understands only survival of the fittest. At an Avengers meeting, they all agree that looking out for themselves is awesome, and they need to kill the Skull so what happened can’t be undone. Jarvis tries to stop them, and convinces Hulk to stop them, too. They knock him aside, and Kluh comes out. He’s Hulk’s Hulk. This is actually kinda fun, in a weird way. Kluh is such a weird concept, and such a stupid name, but it’s fun. He’s a lot like Mr. Fixit, but way, way worse. Yu’s art is good. A bit rough for my tastes, or at least, rough in a way that doesn’t appeal to me. But not too much. He did give Jarvis a mustache for some reason. And he also draws him a lot fatter than Jarvis has traditionally been drawn. It honestly doesn’t look the least bit like Jarvis. The story is OK. It could use a bit more humour, I think. The Carnage scene was pretty funny. More stuff like that would be nice in this series.

There’s the X-Men comics. Just one non-X-title.

Legendary Star-Lord #5, by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina. Quill is asking about Mr. Knife, and a Kymellian (a horse-headed alien) talks about Knife’s Slaughter Squad, which include a Snark (a race of Power Pack foes), a Centaurian (Yondu’s race), a Shi’ar, a Badoon and a priest from Planet X. The Shi’ar is delightfully insane. The team also includes a Skrull who’d already infiltrated the Kymellians. Peter gets a call from an angry Kitty, who’s angry about being stood up on their holo-date. The Kymellian resumes his story, with his own team getting their asses kicked. Then the Slaughter Squad enters a hidden chamber to find the Black Vortex. The Snark submits to it. He gets immense power, and then gets shot in the head by Mr. Knife. The Black Vortex is the reason I reviewed this issue, really. It’s going to be the focus of an upcoming cosmic event. This issue was good. It was actually really fun. There was a nice twist that was actually telegraphed in a really good way. There was a big clue to it that was totally fair play. I mean, even if you don’t notice the tip-off, the twist is easy to predict, but I like that Humphries did include that clue for sharp-eyed readers. Medina’s art is great. He actually might be one of the best in the business. It’s really, really good art.

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  1. That comment on the last page reveal in Weapon X Program 1 … that worries me. But I’m not reading it for now, so I guess I’ll have to wait for Wolverines 1 or Logan Legacy 7 to know who sharp is.

    I might have to pick up Life After Logan then, if it’s full of stories that are equally funny and sweet.

    All New X-Factor: the best part of Axis that I’ve read … and considering Magneto’s solo series is the only other thing, there isn’t too much competition.

    If Legendary Star Lord 5 is anything to go by, the Black Vortex crossover could be kind of neat. I might as well read the whole thing anyway since out of all the titles in the event, Nova is the only one I’m not currently reading.

  2. Hamburger Time permalink

    An event that remains fun by issue 4? Bless my soul…

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