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Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #2 (1984, December)

November 16, 2014

Kitty Pryde! Today’s story, by Claremont and Milgrom, is “Terror”


It’s Ogun!

Kitty’s been caught in the Yakuza boss’ audience, and he orders his guards to grab her. But, bad as she feels, she’s still a superhero, so she makes her escape, even without using her powers. The boss gets annoyed at Ogun for not stopping her, but Ogun says he’s not a bodyguard. He does agree to capture her, though, and even says her life will count as payment for service Ogun’s rendered. Kitty’s dad tells Ogun to stay away from Kitty, but Ogun says she’s his now, and if her dad tries to interfere, he’ll die.

Kitty’s phasing her way out of the building, and decides she needs to make it to Mariko to hide. Ogun catches her and knocks her out before she even has a chance to start.

Back at JFK airport, Wolverine goes through a metal scanner, and tells them it’s his bones. He’s got a medical certificate for it.

Kitty’s standing in the darkness, and a spotlight hits her. She can’t move. A sword slices through the air, and she screams. The sword slices her sleeves. It tapes her throat, and she can’t speak. It taps the back of her legs, and she drops to her knees. Then the sword starts slicing off hair. Her ears are tapped, and she can no longer hear. All she can see is darkness. Then it taps her head, and she falls onto her back. So she’s left looking straight up into the light, and Ogun, with his signature mask, leans in, and Kitty starts falling.

She’s reduced to a baby. Ogun, without his mask, trains her in martial arts. She grows up, through her whole life, doing nothing but training. Unarmed combat, shuriken, bo staff, sai, tiger claws. And, of course, the sword. They move perfectly in sync. They merge, and only Kitty’s left. And she puts on the demon mask.

Wolverine finds the Yakuza boss. After dealing with the bodyguards, he tells the boss to get Kitty. The boss calls Ogun, who has some ninjas try to kill Kitty. She beats them up, and Ogun arranges to have her meet Wolverine the next night. Ogun seems to have a past with Wolverine. They were friends once. And now Kitty’s being sent to kill him.

This is a really cool story. It’s weird and mystical and neat. The whole sequence with Kitty and Ogun in darkness was really well-done. Claremont did a good job writing her fear, and her subsequent near-worship of Ogun. Milgrom’s art was pretty good during the sequence, too. Much better than the first issue. Fewer panels with an open mouth, I suppose. It’s still not great art, but it’s not bad at all. Another scene I actually kinda liked, oddly enough, was Wolverine at the airport. I like simple scenes like that. Just a mundane reality of normal life for Wolverine. A later story does something similar, but plays it much more for laughs, as Wolverine and Gambit are going through a metal detector, and Wolverine is forced to strip down to his underwear before he explains it. Here, Claremont shows that he’s done some research, as Wolverine has a medical certificate that gets him through. Which he would. I mean, there are people in the real world with steel plates in their skulls or steel pins in their bones or things like that, and those people use airplanes, and they don’t have to strip down to their underwear. So it’s realistic that Wolverine – who is, after all, a former secret agent – would know how to deal with airport scanners easily.

So, good issue.

Song of the day: Ghetto Love by Spinnerette.

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  1. Hamburger Time permalink

    I’m sorry, but Kitty looks 40 on that cover.

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