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Uncanny X-Men #189 (1985, January)

November 23, 2014

I’ve finally finished 1984. Now I can start on 1984. And it’s another long year. It’ll be around 60 posts. But for today, by Claremont and JRJr, “Two Girls Out To Have Fun.”

Two Girls Out To Have Fun

Rachel really does have an unfortunate fashion history.

Rachel and Amara are out in New York, taking in the view from the Statue of Liberty. Rachel has memories of the Twin Towers being destroyed. She was a hound, and she found some fleeing mutants, who were then gunned down.

Down at the docks, Storm is on a cruise ship, being seen off by the X-Men. She’s got one hell of a cabin. She’s going back to Africa, to reconnect with her roots. Back on the streets, Rachel and Amara go shopping. Elsewhere, a guy shipping crates of fish sees a couple guys busting into his locker for the necklace he’s got stored there. A voice from the necklace talks to him. The guy’s name is Jaime Rodriguez, and the necklace wants his soul. Jaime feels he should get rid of the necklace.

Rachel and Amara take in an Ancient Rome exhibit a the Met. Rachel senses some thought patterns, and rushes outside. It’s Selene, and the girls both want her dead. They sneak into the back of the Hellfire Club and put on some servant outfits. Rachel hates putting on the collar, and Amara has no idea how women wear high heels. In the basement, Selene is introduced to Sebastian Shaw. She shows off her power by nearly killing him with his own throne. Then she offers to bring a gift, and departs to retrieve it.

Upstairs, Rachel leaves a room, and then laughs to herself at whatever she saw inside. Then she slaps Selene with her tray, and a telekinetic blast. Turns out it was Amara, and Selene only made Rachel think it was her. Both girls are put under Selene’s control, and handed to Shaw. Tessa notices how similar Rachel looks to Jean Grey.

Rachel wakes up, believing herself to be a hound again. But then she remembers who and where she is. She doesn’t know if she’s strong enough to break Selene’s hold, so instead, she slips into Amara’s mind. Amara’s angry and attacks, which makes her snap out of Selene’s control, which also frees Rachel. Back in the real world, Amara’s causing some major earthquakes in the building. Selene fights back against them.

Nightcrawler teleports in, grabs Selene, and teleports away. The other X-Men bust into the basement. Shaw agrees to let the X-Men leave, with the girls. Upstairs, Rachel figures they can’t leave dressed the way they are, so she telekinetically changes all their clothes to something normal.

Later, Jaime is in the subway, ready to get rid of the necklace. He’s attacked by a thug who grabs the necklace, and releases Kulan Gath.

The letters page has one of the most ’90s letters I’ve ever read, which is impressive for a comic released in 1984. It’s a pretty amazing letter, even if I totally disagree with what they’re saying. (They were criticizing Storm’s Mohawk. The Mohawk was awesome and I will accept no disagreement on that point.)

This is a really good issue. It was nice seeing Amara interacting with Rachel. Those two actually have some interesting things in common, both being young women who are out of place in the world they’ve stepped into. They’ve also got a bit of a ruthless streak to them. They make a cool pairing. Sadly, this friendship never gets explored after this issue. Also, Rachel telekinetically rearranging the clothes is neat.

Selene joins the Hellfire Club in this issue, and that’s where she’ll primarily remain as an antagonist for the next few years. Right off the bat, we see her making a power play against Shaw. Again, that’s something we see plenty of going forward. Which is a lot of fun. Storm’s adventures in Africa wind up being pretty cool. It doesn’t last very long, and gets only a little bit of focus as a subplot, but it’s cool.

The art is OK. It’s pretty meh, really. It’s standard John Romita, Jr. work. Nothing special.

I may as well also mention Secret Wars #9, by Shooter and Zeck. Colossus thinks about how much he loves Zsaji, then prepares to fight Galactus. Storm shoots some lightning at Galactus’ machine, but he doesn’t notice. Xavier sends the other X-Men into battle. They attack one of Galactus’ defence drones, and it blows up pretty big. But later, they’re found alive. It’s a meh issue for the X-Men. They do some fighting, but they’re still mostly bit players.

Song of the day: Love 3 by Lucky Soul.

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