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X-Men comics of November 26 2014

November 26, 2014

Oh hey look! I got the post up today! How about that? So here’s new comics.

First up, Amazing X-Men, by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jiménez. Some guy is waiting for his date, and eventually gets tired of waiting and leaves. That’s when Anole decides to stop hiding. At the JGS, Nightcrawler wants to talk to Northstar, who’s teaching French class. For some reason, it includes everyone getting massages. I guess because Northstar’s kinda awesome. Anyway, Nightcrawler teleports him outside to talk about Anole. Northstar let him out of the school a day earlier, and he still hasn’t returned. Nightcrawler says that Anole has a very visible mutation, and that he’s not sure Northstar understands how cruel people can be. Yes, the gay man can’t understand it. Back in New York, Anole’s talking to Rockslide on the phone about the failed date. Northstar grabs the phone from Rockslide to chew Anole out, and then Anole’s online boyfriend surrounds him. Illusions! Northstar and Nightcrawler show up to help him. It’s a good story. It explores, a little bit, the problems of being gay, but it’s mostly about not feeling good enough, and how that can weigh you down. The ending is cute. The art’s good throughout. Luckily, despite the ugly Nick Bradshaw cover, the internal art is very good. The illusions are done well – rather than being realistic, they’re a little abstract, a little nightmarish, which is the whole point of them. Also, as a straight man, I suppose I should mention that Anole’s Internet boyfriend is pretty cute. Also, Anole and Rockslide are the best bros. We need more of those two. We always need more of those two.

Wolverine and the X-Men #12, by Frank Tieri and Jorge Fornes. At the Hellfire Club, Quire is bored. The Hellfire Brats are all there why why whyy are they not all dead why would Tieri bring them back they’re awful and they need to just die and never show up again because they are seriously one of the worst and most obnoxious concept ever and I hate them so damned much aaaaaAAAAAAAAA! Ugh blargh fuck you Tieri and fuck you Aaron for creating those worthless pieces of shit in the first place. Then more of Aaron’s pet characters – Idie, Kid Gladiator, Broo and Glob – show up. Then Storm shows up. She makes out with a guy, then makes out with his girlfriend. Then she beats up some bouncers. Shitty issue. Shitty, shitty, shitty issue. Even Storm kissing a girl isn’t enough to make it worth reading. Why the hell did Tieri bring in the Hellfire Brats? I sincerely hope this is the last time they are ever seen.

Cyclops #7, by John Layman and Javier Garron. Scott is forced to watch as the Starjammer is shot up by the bad guy pirate. Scott says not to do it, and ad-libs about the Starjammer having equipment that can be salvaged. The captain says he wants to make Corsair suffer, by seeing his friends and his ship die. Scott’s given a tour of the ship by a cute girl. In the mess hall, a guy Scott pissed off earlier takes his visor, thinking it’s a weapon. Scott says he’s the weapon. Then he’s given his assignments, and he immediately starts working on a plan for saving the Starjammers. This is another good issue. Very nice writing from Layman, showing off Scott’s cleverness. His early despondence followed by his cheerfulness at figuring out how to save the Starjammers is really well-done. Scott, written well, is a character who’s always thinking. He’s always figuring out angles. Even as a teenager, it’s second nature to him, and Layman shows that really well. Garron’s art is good. It’s nothing special, but it’s solid work. Good series.

Logan Legacy #5, by Ray Fawkes and Elia Bonetti. The story is split between Madripoor and Okinawa. The Okinawa sections are different parts of a Japanese funeral process. In Madripoor, a week ago, two of Wolverine’s bone claws and a vial of his blood were put up for sale to a bunch of different factions. Daken made his way inside, quiet and deadly. Almost the way his father would’ve done it. Then he got inside, and killed the auctioneer. Then he declared that he would kill anyone who tried to get any piece of Wolverine. He decides to let three people live to deliver that message. This is a pretty good issue. I’m not a fan of Daken, but Fawkes does a good job here, mostly by not making it a Daken issue. It’s about Daken, but he’s not narrating or anything. The funeral stuff throughout the issue is interesting. There’s a nice reveal about the issue’s narrator near the end. Interestingly, this week has two comics focused on LGBT characters. That hasn’t happened in a while, what with 2014 being such a weak year for LGBT representation. Bonetti’s art is good. The brutality is done well. Good comic.

That’s the X-titles. The non-X next.

Superior Iron Man, by Tom Taylor and Yildiray Cinar. A guy is trying to mug a woman, but Daredevil stops him. The woman snaps a picture of the guy and posts it online to ruin his life, and Daredevil decides he needs to talk to Stark. Tony’s turned Alcatraz into Stark Island. We don’t really see the confrontation between the two, which was handled instead in Axis #6. Back inside, Tony tells his party that he’s sympathetic to the issue Daredevil was pointing out. He says that the price of Extremis really is prohibitive. So he’s going to go to Castro Street, and distribute a free 24-hour dose of Extremis to everyone in a 50-yard radius  of him. The next day, a guy confronts Tony, saying the people don’t love him. One guy loves him, though. The guy shoots Tony in the face, but he’s got graphene there – protects his face, but it’s transparent so people can admire his beauty. Tony flies the guy into the air, and quickly finds out the details about the guy, and about his son. He offers to delete the image from the Internet, as long as the guy says it was all part of a show, and downloads Extremis. Thisissue makes the odd choice of having a completely different character as the protagonist. I genuinely forgot, for a good few pages, that this issue isn’t a part of Daredevil’s series.  On the plus side, having a good guy as the protagonist of the issue does make this a bit more enjoyable. Because Tony’s still too much of a dirtbag here to be an enjoyable villain protagonist. He’s not the least bit sympathetic. Cinar’s art is really good. It’s got a high-tech feel that works well for the story. I like it.

Deathlok #2, by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins. Deathlok is hitting an AIM facility, while SHIELD is trying to figure out his movements. They think it might be Michael Collins. Deathlok shoots down an AIM helicopter (one of the guys inside talks about flying Electro out to LA, as a nice nod to the Punisher series – I like these sorts of shared universe touches), then heads over to retrieve something from it. He fights off a couple drones before extraction. Another blah issue. This comic’s getting off to an action-heavy start, but it’s not doing enough character work. The SHIELD stuff is more interesting than the Deathlok stuff, and the Henry Hayes stuff is barely even there. The art by Perkins is nice enough. But this is still not a particularly interesting series so far. It’s not grabbing me.

I also want to mention Mighty Avengers #2. It’s great. Te team takes on Blue Streak’s new team, the Fast Five. A bunch of losers. I love the use of Blue Streak. Nice callback to the previous volume.

I also also want to mention New Warriors #12. Justice is a pretty epic badass in it.

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  1. So you’re saying that Wolverine and the X-Men was just pointless this week? Glad I didn’t start picking up the new volume in the first place.

    Amazing X-Men was good, Cyclops was good and I’ve heard a lot of people liked the Daken Logan Legacy issue, so if you ignore WATXM it was a good week for the X-Men. Too bad All New was delayed, but Bendis did mention on his tumblr that Muhmad was going through personal issues this month (didn’t state the nature).

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