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Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #3 (1985, Janury)

December 2, 2014

I’ll post my pull list tomorrow. Today, by Claremont and Milgrom, “Death.”


Lunging right at the sword seems like a questionable strategy to me.

Wolverine is all philosophical and junk about Japan. He gets attacked by Yukio, for a fun little tussle. Then they make out, and possibly have sex. Yukio asks what he sees in Mariko, and he has no idea, but he loves her more than anyone. Wolverine tells her he’s there for Kitty, and mentions her trying to rob an ATM. Yukio is pleased – she figures Kitty would make a great thief. He’s there to meet with the crime boss to get Kitty back. He thinks about why she acted so crazy, and figures it must have been something personal.

As he wanders the temple, he’s hit by a stink bomb that screws up his sense of smell. Then he’s attacked with arrows, with one hitting his leg. He slices some more arrows, and some shuriken. He manages to get into some cover. Then the ninja attacks from behind with tiger claws. Wolverine takes a couple hits dealing with the tiger claws, but also manages to slice up the ninja. But the ninja doesn’t slice. Instead, she kicks him off the roof. Wolverine’s slowed down by some poison. He stumbles into an alley and hides so he can recover.

At the crime boss’s place, Yukio finds Kitty’s father, passed out drunk. A big bodyguard, a former sumo wrestler, finds her and grabs her. She gets free of his grip, and throws him out the window. While he holds on for dear life, he tells Yukio that Kitty was given to Ogun, and that Ogun isn’t going to release her. Yukio pulls him back up, and he throws her off the building, along with Kitty’s dad. Yukio saves them both, and swears to get revenge on the sumo.

The ninja finds Wolverine’s hiding place, but Wolverine’s gotten better. So now, the fight is on. He recognizes the ninja’s scent, and wonders what’s going on. He finally catches her, and the mask comes off to confirm it is, in fact, Kitty. Wolverine hesitates for a moment, which allows Kitty to stab him.

This is a pretty good Wolverine-focused issue. Not great, but not bad. He gets his ass kicked in the initial fight, and has to flee. I do always like seeing Wolverine get hurt. And him retreating does show that he has at least some sense. One thing I find interesting is that this story almost couldn’t have been told in the past 20 years – Wolverine’s healing factor was amped up to such ridiculous levels that he’d shrug off arrows, even with poison. Also, the stab at the end of this issue is very dramatic, because it’s actually not at all certian that his healing factor could cope with it. I mean, it was obvious that he’d survive, but back then, his healing factor had actual limits, and a sword through the heart could have killed him. Once the ’90s rolled around, a sword through the heart became one of his preferred tactics for disarming foes. “Ha! Let’s see you hurt me when your weapon is lodged in my left ventricle!” His healing factor was a lot more reasonable in the ’80s, which made for an interesting fight between him and Kitty.

Yukio’s always fun. I liked seeing her beat up the sumo wrestler. And the sumo wrestler was actually a pretty neat opponent for her.

Milgrom’s art remains blah. So blah. His faces are weird, and while he actually does some pretty good choreography during the fight scenes, his weak art style still drags them down. It might have been better if he’d done the layouts and someone else had done the finishing. Or, you know, if someone else had done the whole thing. That would’ve worked, too.

Song of the day: I’m Into Something Good by the Bird and the Bee. It’s a cover of an old song by Herman’s Hermits, but told from the girl’s point of view. It’s adorable.

  1. I really need to read this mini-series again. So much development for Kitty Pryde. It’s also written before Wolverine kind of got overpowered and overexposed – when there was still a lot of mystery around him. If you never liked the character this won’t change your mind, but he was much more interesting before he learned his entire past and the waste of a Wolverine: Origins series released.

  2. I LOVED that series! I remember being so happy that Kitty finally got a code name that suited her: Shadowcat 🙂

    And agreed, Wolverine was much better with an air of mystery and not so overexposed like today

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