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Pull list for December 10 2014

December 10, 2014

I work today and tomorrow. So I’m not totally sure when I’ll get my review post up.

I’ll go to the store for: Bitch Planet #1, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro; Deadpool’s Art of War #3, by Peter David and Scott Koblish; My Little Pony Friends Forever #12, by Barbara Kesel and Brenda Hickey; Rocket Raccoon #6, by Skottie Young; Uncanny X-Men Annual, by Brian Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino; X-Force #13, by Simon Spurrier and Rock-He Kim; X-Men #22, by Marc Guggenheim, Harvey Tolibao and Dexter Soy.

I’ll also review: Amazing X-Men #14, by Chris Yost and Carlo Barberi; Axis #7, by Rick Remender and Terry Dodson; Logan Legacy #6, by James Tynion IV and Andy Clarke; Nightcrawler #9, by Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck; Spider-Man and the X-Men #1, by Elliott Kalan and Marco Failla.

So that’s 7 comics I’m picking up, and 10 reviews. Heavy week.

I’m most excited for Bitch Planet! Kelly Sue DeConnick’s new Image comic. Women In Prison – In Space! I love KSD’s writing. I think she does great character stuff, and writes some truly human characters. And she’s also got some really great humour. So Bitch Planet should be awesome. I mean, even the name is awesome. From Marvel, I’m definitely looking forward to the UXM Annual, and learning a little bit about what Eva went through when she accidentally time-traveled. Eva’s a really cool, compelling character, so I’m excited for her to get a story focused on her. I’m not familiar with Sorrentino’s work, but a quick Google Image search suggests he’s pretty good. Also, I’m looking forward to the finale of Guggenheim’s X-Men arc. Women kicking ass! Woot! Plus, his arc being over means that, next up, we get G. Willow Wilson’s arc, and that is something to be excited about.

Speaking of Wilson . . . I’ve talked in the past about the fact that Marvel’s writers’ retreats are basically all guys. Well, it seems as though that’s changed – G. Willow Wilson is at the current writers’ retreat. This is fantastic news. The more points of view represented at these things, the better. Hopefully, she’ll push hard for bigger roles for women and minorities in the major stories. Hopefully, this could also lead to Wilson getting more Marvel work. I’m loving her Ms. Marvel, and the book’s doing well physically and digitally. So it’d be cool if she gets another prominent title. Waid’s leaving Daredevil, maybe she could take over that? (I think I’ve mentioned before that Daredevil is the only Marvel title that’s been in mostly-continuous publication since the ’60s that’s ever had a female writer. Ann Nocenti’s run was fantastic stuff.)

I’ve started reading The Law of Superheroes. It’s really interesting so far. There are some interesting ideas in it. For example, it likely wouldn’t be unconstitutional to remove a person’s powers, even if it requires surgery. It gives an example of a DC villain who had his larynx removed to keep him from being able to say the word that gave him his powers. This would probably be legal. Also, superpower registration would probably be constitutional, along with requiring training, and even mandating that certain superpowers can’t legally be used outside of police or military membership. In other words, certain aspects of the SHRA may actually have a firm constitutional grounding.

In personal news: My work schedule this week is 2:30-11 today, 2-10 tomorrow, 5:30-11:30 Friday, 2:30-7 Saturday, 8-4:30 Monday, 11-7:30 Tuesday. I’m getting a lot of hours this month. Which is nice, because it means more money. But on the other hand, ugh, work.

I got some more Pony figures. Fluttershy! Pinkie Pie, Shanky Hank, Candy Apples, Purple Wave, Cloudia Breezie, Sunny Breezie and Spitfire. The Pinkie Pie is basically a duplicate. I got one in an earlier set, and they’re exactly the same. Candy Apples and Sunny Breezie, I got a couple weeks ago. Shanky Hank is a male pony. Cloudia Breezie is impossible to stand up. So the big ones this week are Fluttershy, Purple Wave and Spitfire. I already have a Fluttershy from a previous set, but that one’s a Rainbow Dash clone. This one has her with her front hooves down, which suits her better than them being in the air. Also, her hair looks way better on this one. It actually looks like her hair. In fact, the hair the figure has is unique to her. Which is great. Spitfire’s great. She’s a unique figure. Her stance means she isn’t balanced well, so she falls too easily, but she still looks cool. Purple Wave is another unique figure. She’s an Earth Pony with fancy hair. She’s neat. So, it’s a pretty good haul.

I put together my Christmas list. In addition to any MCU movies I don’t already have, I put a bunch of books. Drawn To Marvel, Ages of the X-Men, Suburban Glamour, Confessions of A Blabbermouth, In Real Life, Scooter Girl, Friends With Boys, GloomCookie, Pickles, Things Grak Hates, The Adventures of Jack and Miracle Girl, Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf, Steampunk World, Evil Librarian and The Bookshop Book. A nice bunch of options my mom can choose from. Some comics, some books about comics, and some normal books. For the record, Evil Librarian and The Bookshop Book are both a result of me wanting to be a librarian. I’m not as big a reader as I should be, though I am trying to get back into the habit, but books are something I care about.

Last week, I talked a bit about being single. I’ve been chatting to a girl on OKCupid. She’s pretty, and she seems cool. She’s also married. Open relationship, I guess. I kinda want to be bothered by it, but nope. For one thing, I’m not really expecting this to go beyond chatting online (I turned her on to Order of the Stick, which is a very good D&D-based stick figure webcomic you should all check out). But also, I don’t want to stay in this town, so I’m not really interested in a serious relationship, so I have no reason to be bothered if I do get involved with a woman who’s already seeing someone (as long as she’s being honest with her partner). I always figured that I’d hate to be “the other guy” in that sort of situation, and that I’d want to be the guy the girl goes home to, but meh, I’m fine taking whatever I can get, even if it’s just talking online about why I don’t get the attraction to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Which reminds me: Why do girls think Benedict Cumberbatch is sexy? I don’t get it. He just looks so English. He looks like a 17th Century nobleman. And not the romantacized version of one. But one of the real ones, with, like haemophilia or something. And this isn’t just me not being able to admit that a man is attractive. I’m fully capable of admitting when men are attractive. For example, Idris Elba is a sexy man. Chris Evans? Yeah, I get what girls see in him, and why they want to see him in them. But Benedict Cumberbatch? I don’t get it.

Anyway, that’s it for this week.

  1. I never heard anything about girls thinking Cumberbatch is sexy. I’m pretty sure he could pull off a good Dr. Strange though. Also, G. Willow Wilson on X-Men is a must, and Bitch Planet 1 is so good.

  2. “Things Grak Hates,” eh? I’ve heard good things.

    On a separate note, your “Follow on Twitter” button at the top just goes to the site, not to your account. And I can’t find any other contact information. Look me up on Twitter, and I’ll keep you notified of any upcoming sales. My handle is simple enough: @PeterJStory.

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