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New Mutants #24 (1985, February)

December 18, 2014

I worked until 3:30 today, but I hated the idea of only posting once this week. So I’m posting today. By Claremont and Sienkewicz, “The Hollow Heart.”

The Hollow Heart

Kind of a trippy cover.

Moira is about to be attacked by Bobby. She asks him to talk to her, and he says he’s slipping away. He grabs her, and starts to drain her light, then Rahne enters. She changes to Hottie Form, and gives Bobby her light. She manages to put him back to normal. Sam and Dani come in, and Bobby teleports away with Rahne. Xavier, awake again, reads Sam and Dani’s minds to learn what they know of the situation. He’s not sure what might happen to Bobby and Rahne next.

In new York, Tandy and Tyrone – Cloak and Dagger – have left the hospital, to avoid the Mutants finding them again. On Magneto’s island base, Lee is sitting out looking at the ocean, and Magneto steps out to join her. He apologizes for lashing out at her earlier.

Back at a Manhattan Church, Father Michael Brown is cleaning up, with Karma’s kid siblings helping him. Bobby and Rahne teleport in. Ty and Tandy are getting ready to leave, and Ty feels bad. He feels he and Tandy have nothing in common, and that she’s going to leave him. A pimp-looking guy tries to pick them up, but they refuse, so he moves on to a couple other kids. Ty wants to stop him, but Tandy reminds him they no longer have powers.

Back at the church, Bobby feels awful for killing Colossus, but Rahne says he’s still alive, with his essence trapped inside Bobby’s darkness. He becomes the shadow monster again, and she changes to a silver werewolf to enter him. He’s imagining himself in a barren desert where nothing grows. He sees Kitty, and she rushes towards him, with plants sprouting behind her. Then he sees Zsaji, and goes to her, instead, and Kitty dies. So does Zsaji. So he feels awful again. Rahne tries to comfort him, and she gets him out of Bobby. Xavier’s arrived with the other Mutants, and Rogue. Rahne and Bobby revert to normal.

Elsewhere, Tandy wants to help the Mutants. Ty wants to help, too, but he’s terrified of the darkness. She says if he doesn’t help, she’s leaving him.

Back at the church, Xavier mentally chastises Sam for wearing a Lila Cheney t-shirt. This will get a pretty fantastic call back in a while. Illyana hates being in the church – the demon side of her feels uncomfortable in the hallowed ground. Xavier’s having little luck with his psi-scans of the kids, so Dani volunteers to try. Bobby reacts poorly, with the shadow overwhelms everyone but Xavier. Illyana breaks the spell with her Soulsword. Then she takes Bobby and Rahne to Limbo, figuring her magic might be able to help them. Rahne freaks out, not wanting to take part in anything evil. She resists Illyana’s magic, and the exorcised shadow and light both go into Illyana. She’s in agony, but she manages to force it all out of her. And her magic armour is covering more of her. Xavier’s pissed at her, and Ty and Tandy come to volunteer their help.

On a side note, most of the letters in this issue talk about how amazing the Demon Bear Saga was, and rightly so, but one letter, from an anonymous reader, says Sienkewicz was a poor match for the book, and that he and all his friends felt the book was going downhill. These people were wrong. Sienkewicz elevated the book and made it amazing.

This issue’s very good. There’s a lot of pathos with what Bobby and Rahne are going through. You really feel for the kids, and worry about them. Ty and Tandy also get some really nice scenes, and again, are very sympathetic. Claremont does inject a little bit of humour into the issue, with Xavier’s comments about Sam’s clothing. But mostly, this issue’s deeply dramatic.

Sienkewicz’s art is phenomenal, as always. Gorgeous work. He makes the shadows creepy, and he does a great job with everyone’s concern. And Illyana’s attempt at an exorcism is also really cool. There’s an eeriness to it, possibly owing to the lack of backgrounds for the whole scene.

Song of the day: Best Thing I Found by Rabbit!.

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