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Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #4 (1985, March)

January 1, 2015

It’s now 2015, and I’m kicking the year off with my favourite character, Kitty! Today’s issue, by Claremont and Milgrom, is “Courage.”


Oh hey look, Kitty’s got a new outfit! Snazzy!

Kitty pays a visit to the crime boss who was hassling her father, and she tells him to leave her dad alone. She then slips out, and starts walking down the air. But when she remembers the guy’s face when she popped out of his desk, she starts to laugh, and loses her concentration, and starts to fall. She catches herself, and starts to dance in the air, until a Tokyo police copter spots her. She waves to them, then drops. She slips out of her ninja outfit as she falls, revealing her new costume underneath, and ends up in Toyko’s subway, which she finds so much cleaner than the ones in Chicago or especially New York. As she sits on the train, she reflects on what’s happened, and settles on a new codename: Shadowcat. Which is a pretty cool name, actually. Way better than Ariel or Sprite.

Back at the house, Kitty’s dad wants to know where she’s gone. Wolverine figures she’s gone after Ogun. Carmen demands he help her, and Yukio tells him off. Wolverine tells her to back off, and she says the plane’s ready to go.

Back in Tokyo, Mariko returns to her penthouse apartment, where Akiko also is. Remember her? The girl Wolverine swore to take care of a few months ago? Apparently, his idea for taking care of her was to dump her off on his fiancee. They do seem to get along well, though. Mariko hears something, but when she checks it out, doesn’t find anything. On the plane into Toyko, Wolverine chews Carmen out for letting Kitty down by throwing in with the Yakuza.

Back at Mariko’s apartment, Ogun slips in, and tries to kill her in bed. But Kitty’s taken her place. She fights him, but he manages to slip away with a flashbomb. He taunts her, and says that if Kitty won’t serve him, he’ll take Akiko, instead. The fight continues., and he slips away again. She’s worried about the fact that she tried to kill him with a sword, and wonders if it’s her or a little of his influence left over. She hears Mariko scream, and rushes to her, but it was a ploy on Ogun’s part, and now he knows where Mariko and Akiko are. Kitty gets them to run while she holds off Ogun, who kicks her ass with ease. She keeps fighting, but she’s no match. They end up on the roof, where Ogun tries again to claim her. She manages to resist, and Ogun prepares to kill her. But Wolverine interrupts.

Another solid issue. Kitty finally gets a codename that matches her awesomeness, and she shows some more growth. She also shows herself as a badass. She’s not really a match for Ogun, but she holds her own pretty well, using a mix of her wits, her power and her skills to keep him busy so Mariko and Akiko stay safe. Speaking of which, it was cool seeing those two. It’s a shame they didn’t get the chance to be supporting characters in UXM, because they do seem to have a nice relationship.

It’s also still a shame that Al Milgrom did the art for this book. Especially since this frankly isn’t even up to his usual standard. The issue’s full of action, and it’s exciting, but Milgrom’s art holds it back. He’s better at action than he is at faces, but he’s still not great at it, and a better artist would’ve elevated the fight to being incredible. Oh well.

On another note, I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past last night. It was OK. Not bad, not great, just OK.

Song of the day: Marathon by the Heartless Bastards.

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