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New Mutants #25 (1985, March)

January 4, 2015

Today’s story, by Claremont and Sienkewicz, is “The Only Thing To Fear . . .”

The Only Thing To Fear . . .

This is kind of a weird cover. Cool, though.

Tandy and Tyrone volunteer to take their powers back from Rahne and Bobby. Tandy has a nice reunion with her Uncle Mike, who she apparently hadn’t seen in years. Tyrone is a bit hostile towards him, which annoys Tandy, and her annoyance pisses off Tyrone. Then he feels like crap, letting his fear make him angry and taking it out on her. As he sulks, the shadows get darker and thicker around him.

Xavier chews Illyana out for her reckless behaviour last issue. Then he asks her to recap her attempt. He comes up with some conjecture about the nature of the powers, and wants to bring the four kids to the school for further study, but Dani points out that Bobby won’t last long enough for that.

Tyrone continues feeling bad, and Xavier chats with him telepathically, and Xavier tells him about some early problems he had with his own power. He used to wish himself rid of his power, but he eventually came to realize that the power wasn’t the problem, his own fear of it was. He says Tyrone needs to learn to master his own fears. Tandy reminds him of how he helped her escape the criminals who injected them. Sam points out that Tyrone hasn’t been stuttering, and that being scared is natural, but you can’t let the fear rule you.

Xavier has Illyana teleport them all to Limbo. He helps Rogue to absorb the light power from Rahne. When she moves to absorb the shadow from Bobby, he freaks out. Illyana tries to hold him with magic, but he attacks her, and she’s forced to defend herself. Tyrone distracts Bobby long enough for Rogue to touch him, so she can absorb his shadow. Then Tandy and Tyrone grab her hands, and Illyana casts her exorcism, so the light and shadow return to Cloak and Dagger.

Later on, everyone’s exhausted, but Illyana and Xavier both confirm there’s no more sign of possession in Rahne and Bobby. Cloak and Dagger thank Xavier for his help, but decline to come to the school, because there are kids who need their help. They leave, and the epilogue shows them deal with a predator they saw last issue.

Then there’s notes Moira’s made about David Haller, and notes Xavier made about Lila.

This is a great finale to the arc. It’s kinda interesting that there’s no action, yet it’s still very tense and exciting. It’s maybe a little preachy at times, but whatever, the writing and characterization¬† are still good. Claremont writes a good Cloak, very complex and compelling. Father Mike will go on to become a major supporting character for Cloak and Dagger, in their own series down the line. Illyana gets a little more focus again – it feels like she’s really the star of the Claremont/Sienkewicz run, and it makes sense. She’s a really cool character, and her magic sets up plenty of neat stuff for Sienkewicz to draw. Speaking of Sienkewicz, he still kills on the art.

Song of the day: Days by Sambassadeur.

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