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Pull list for January 14 2015

January 12, 2015

No work tomorrow, so I can do my reviews.

I’ll go to the store for: All-New Ghost Rider #10, by Felipe Smith and Damion Scott; Captain Marvel #11, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez; Silver Surfer #8, by Dan Slott and Mike Allred; X-Force #14, by Simon Spurrier and Rock-He Kim.

I’ll also review: Amazing X-Men #15, by Christopher Yost and Jorge Fornes; Cyclops #9, by John Layman and Javi Garron; Deadpool #40, by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Scott Koblish; Deathlok #4, by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins; Guardians 3000 #4, by Dan Abnett and Gerardo Sandoval; Nightcrawler #10, by Chris Claremont and Todd Nauck; SHIELD #2, by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos; Wolverines #2, by Ray Fawkes and Nick Bradshaw.

So that’s 4 comics I’m picking up, and 9 reviews.

I’m most looking forward to Captain Marvel. A Christmas Carol! I love the pun. Plus, it’ll probably feature Carol’s Earth-based supporting cast some more, and they’re all wonderful. Of course, All-New Ghost Rider is always great, as is Silver Surfer. And X-Force. They’re all great comics. But Captain Marvel is the one I’m most excited for.

I read This One Summer, by Mariko and Jilliam Tamaki (they’re cousins, apparently). It was one a whole lot of “best of 2014” lists of graphic novels. It really was very good. Here’s my review from Goodreads:

This is a really good book. It’s cute and melancholic and sweet and sad. It’s a story about growing up. The protagonist is easy to relate to, even for a guy like me, and the things she’s going through are all very normal, but no less heavy for that. The art is great. Usually a bit cartoonish, with some more realistic panels, it serves to keep the story grounded. It’s expressive without being exaggerated.

As an aside, the Tamakis are Canadian. I didn’t know that going into the book, but I did see some little things here and there that made me think of Canada. There’s a reference to Rush, that’s usually a tip-off. There were a couple other little things. And, uh, some things that made it blatantly obvious when I flipped through it a second time. Oh well. I always like seeing Canadian stuff doing well. Browsing the reviews on Goodreads, there’s a lot of complaints about how nothing really happens, and it’s all really a downer. With the “nothing happens” complaint, I think that’s just poor expectations. This is an indie comic about a tween girl spending a summer at a cottage by a lake. It’s not going to be plot-heavy, because life has no plot, and that’s what this book is going for. But there’s still plenty going on, and lots of deep themes being explored. The book being a bit depressing . . . well, yeah, no argument there. While there is humour, this is definitely a heavy book. I do have to praise Mariko for her dialogue, though. She writes very convincing young people. Great book. I’d recommend it.

I finished The Bone Flower Queen, by TL Morganfield. I gave it 4 stars. Here’s my review from Goodreads:

I should note that I didn’t read the previous book, but I never felt lost while reading this one. I found this book to be excellent. It’s based on stories of Mexico from the days before even the Mayans, which is a period I’ve read nothing about, but which I found very interesting here, presented very well. The writing style was very good, making the protagonist a very compelling character. Easy to relate to, because despite her intelligence, she’s still flawed, still capable of making mistakes, of letting her biases blind her. The events of the story are interesting, with some really good twists throughout.

I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy fantasy, and especially people who enjoy seeing diversity in fiction.

It was a good read. I may seek out the first book at some point. And I’ll probably keep my eyes open for the third book. It may even be worth looking more into Toltec culture. It seems fairly interesting. It’s pre-Aztec stuff. Pretty neat.

My work schedule this week is 10:30-7 Thursday, 7:30-3:30 Friday, 4-8 Saturday, 10:30-4 Sunday, 1:30-8:30 Monday, 10-3:30 Tuesday, 10-3:30 Wednesday. I’ll try to get my weekly reviews up on Wednesday. But I probably won’t be doing any posts during the frigging 7 days straight of working. That’s just painful.

I’ll be hanging out again with my new friend tomorrow. Yay for new friends. It’s nice having a friend in town. I am something of a solitary person, much of the time, but I do still get lonely once in a while. I like having someone to hang out with on occasion. So I’m glad to have found someone for that. On the downside: It does cut into my time a bit, which could possibly leave me less time to spend on this blog. Oh well. That’s disappointing to about two dozen people. Which reminds me, there’s a good chance I won’t do a post tomorrow.

That’s all for this week. Next pull list on next Tuesday.


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  1. cool- the only title i’m collecting right now is nightcrawler. just a nostalgia kick for claremont.. lately though i’ve been picking up older x-men tpbs on amazon for nice reads, then donating them to the local library. comics have changed so much- i’d like to share a bit about pre-glossy paper/movies/huge cross-over days.

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