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Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #6 (1985, April)

January 18, 2015

I worked today, but I hated the idea of not posting at all this week, so here you. I hope you’re grateful. Kidding. Today, by Claremont and Milgrom, “Honor.”


Lame cover.

Ogun’s about to kill Kitty, but Wolverine tells him not to. They lock eyes, and Wolverine remembers the story about Ogun meeting a swordsman at a bridge. Wolverine hopes for a similar resolution – a draw, with both agreeing they couldn’t win, and so going their separate ways. Instead, Ogun attacks. They fight a bit, with Ogun drawing first blood. Wolverine knows Ogun’s better, so he needs some time to plan. He jumps off the building, and Ogun follows, leaving Kitty behind. Yukio and Kitty’s dad pull up, and Yukio tells Mariko the situation. Then a rocket hits her car, and the sumo wrestler shows up to kill her. Kitty jumps off the building, using her phasing to slow her descent. She passes through the sumo, surprising him enough for Yukio to take advantage. Yukio also greatly approves of Kitty’s entrance. Then Yukio finishes the sumo wrestler. Then Kitty runs off to find Wolverine and Ogun.

Wolverine and Ogun brawl into a Pachinko parlour. Ogun gets hold of a gun – a .44 Magnum – and shoots Wolverine in the arm. Wolverine gets into an elevator, and Ogun slices the cables so it starts falling. Wolverine has to climb up to the roof.

Kitty’s dad is wandering through the streets, depressed and scared and guilt-ridden. He stumbles on an the US embassy, where he decides to turn himself in for his crimes.

Kitty finds the building Wolverine and Ogun are in, with Ogun finding her first. He tosses her to the floor, in front of Wolverine. Wolverine says he can’t beat Ogun. Kitty says she doesn’t want to die, and asks Wolverine to save her. Wolverine and Ogun charge again. Ogun stabs Wolverine through the gut. Wolverine breaks Ogun’s sword. Then their eyes meet again, and this time, Wolverine smiles. Then he goes berserk. He manages to beat Ogun. He stabs his claws up through Ogun’s mask, without cutting the skin. With Ogun defeated, Wolverine tells Kitty it’s her chance to kill him. She grabs his sword and charges, but stops herself. Wolverine tells her they both had to be sure she wouldn’t kill a defeated opponent. As they walk away, Ogun picks up his sword again, and tries to attack them from behind. Wolverine tells Kitty to phase, and he stabs Ogun right through Kitty, getting cut deeply himself.

Wolverine feels terrible about killing Ogun. He also thinks about the fact that it took the beast, not the man, to beat Ogun. Kitty tells him he made a choice to let the beast out, and that he controlled it. Wolverine crushes the mask, and they leave.

As an epilogue, they all catch up to Kitty’s dad, who says he talked to federal agents to tell them everything he knew about Shigematsu’s dealings in the US, and says he didn’t ask for immunity so he knows he’ll probably be arrested. Kitty says she’s proud of him, and that it calls for a celebration. Wolverine gets a better meeting with Akiko. And Kitty gets a big bowl of ice cream.

A good conclusion to a good mini. A little less of Kitty than I would’ve liked – this was basically Wolverine’s issue. He’d already had several issues of his own in this series, too, so blah. But still, it’s good. It explores Wolverine well. The fact that he has to go berserk to win was interesting, and it was nice that he was a bit torn about it, but the fact that he can control his berserker rage is a bit weird.

The big problem is the art. This is a fairly fight-focused issue, so it needs an artist who can capture fighting well. Milgrom was not that artist. He was a terrible choice for this mini, really. His style would work well enough for more light, cartoonish books. But this was a fairly heavy, serious mini. So the fighting isn’t nearly as exciting as it should be, and he also fails at the more emotional beats on account of his weird faces. The art takes what could’ve been a brilliant mini, and instead reduces it to merely good. A little disappointing, that. The writing is great, and the art is so not.

Song of the day: Once and Never Again by the Long Blondes.

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