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New Mutants #32 (1985, October)

March 23, 2015

Today’s comic, by Claremont and Steve Leialoha, is “To the Ends of the Earth.”

To the Ends of the Earth

I’ll be honest: Those are stupid designs.

We start with a flashback to Viper trying to blow up the New Mutants, back at the end of New Mutants #6. Back in the present, Bobby’s back at Big Sur, feeling guilty about his failure to save Karma back then. A couple days later, the whole team is on a plane, and Doug thinks he may have a lead on where Karma’s gone. Rahne wonders if they should leave it to the X-Men, but Bobby’s mad at Xavier for lying to them about Karma’s death. They hear a stewardess coming, and Dani uses an illusion to make the stewardess thinks the kids are all asleep in bed.

The next morning, the plane arrives in Madripoor. Bobby’s in a bad mood, and Dani thinks that his fuse has been getting shorter since he met the Beyonder. Which he actually hasn’t, yet. Claremont forgot that Bobby’s never met the Beyonder. Dani says they’ll attack Karma’s villa that night, but the kids are being watched.

That night, they sneak in, quietly dealing with traps and guards. Doug and Warlock stay behind, in case they’re needed as back-up, and someone finds them. The team launches its full assault on the villa, fighting through gladiator bodyguards. Rahne catches Karma’s scent and runs off without thinking, forcing Dani and Amara to follow as best they can. Rahne attacks her, and then Karma manages to grab the others, too, through Rahne. Karma prepares to grab Dani’s mind, too.

Then Dani finds herself in Limbo. Illyana’s more resistant to telepathy, so she was able to get herself and Dani to relative safety. They head back to the villa, with some demon assistants (including S’ym), but it’s deserted. Some cops show up, so Dani and Illyana retreat again. Dani suggests they go to another of Karma’s lairs, in Cairo. They wind up in the past. Illyana’s too tired to teleport them again, but a woman saves them. A woman who looks a lot like Storm. But her name is Ashake. She gives them shelter to rest up.

The next morning, Ashake sends them on their way, a little into the future. A couple humans are slaughtered by the New Mutants Karma took over. One more teleport takes them back to the present. Dani breaks down and cries, feeling hopeless. Then Storm arrives, with Warlock, who’s immune to Karma’s power. Storm says she knows who they’re going up against, and that it’ll be dangerous, but all four are in it.

Another excellent issue. I’m not a big fan of Leialoha’s art. It’s not too dissimilar from Sienkewicz, but it’s also not as good. It’s a bit cartoonish, but not in an appealing enough way. It’s not bad. I’m just not into it.

The writing, however, is great. There’s a lot of tension, and it builds throughout the issue, eventually culminating with Dani’s breakdown. It was neat seeing Storm’s ancestor, though the scene didn’t really add much to the story. It felt a bit like filler. It never really gets built on for anything. The scene in the future, at least, worked as a great callback to the last time Dani and Illyana saw future versions of the New Mutants (when they had joined the Hellions). Actually, the friendship between Dani and Illyana feels a bit underutilized here, too. They’re an interesting pairing, but there’s enough unnecessary filler that it ends up making less room for them to interact in a meaningful way. Still, for the most part, this is a very cool issue, and part of an awesome arc.

Song of the day: American Boy by Juliette and the Licks.

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