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X-Men comics for April 15 2015

April 15, 2015

All right, here are my reviews.

Uncanny X-Men #33, by Brian Bendis and kris Anka. Kitty’s angry at Illyana teleporting her away, and Illyana says she needed to get away before doing something she’d regret. So she took Kitty to Monster Island. Kitty refuses to fight monsters just because Illyana’s in a mood, but Illyana – who is fighting monsters – says there’s a mutant there. Kitty jokes she thought Illyana had brought her out there to kill her, and Illyana says jokes like that actually hurt her. They find the mutant, a small girl named Bo. It’s a really sweet issue. Kitty and Illyana are always good together. Bendis writes my favourite version of Illyana ever. He gives her a lot of humanity. Her saying that Kitty’s jokes hurt was a nice touch. And I love the way, over the course of the issue, Kitty and Illyana grow closer again. The relationship is mostly driven here by Illyana, as Kitty almost seems to be getting a lesson about who Illyana is. The stuff with Bo is also really nice. It maybe takes up a bit too much of the issue – I would’ve liked more of Kitty and Illyana talking, but then, I want an entire series about those two going on crazy adventures, so this issue was never going to have enough of that. Anka’s art is mostly great, though there are a couple panels where Illyana looks weird. Still, he does some nice expressions, and some fun action when Illyana fights monsters. This is a really good issue. It’s just a one-off, but it’s a good one. Next up, of course, is Bendis’ finale. I’m excited to see what he does with it.

Spider-Man and the X-Men #5, by Elliot Kalan and Marco Failla. Fight. Deathbird and the Brood, wearing symbiotes. Spider-Man tells Firestar that the symbiotes can’t stand heat. Because it’s not like she hasn’t fought a symbiote before *coughMaximumCarnagecough*. They flee, and Rachel goes back to making accusations against Spider-Man, because Rachel is just an unbearable bitch in this book. Beast, Spider-Man and the kids rush through the portal back to the Peak, and fight more Brood. Rockslide shuts down the portal to prevent the Brood getting through. Beast fights a symbiote-possessed Brand, so Spider-Man and the kids run off to find Deathbird, who has a lot of symbiotes with her. Spider-Man puts on one of the symbiotes while No-Girl protests his mind. Spider-Man manages to get through to Deathbird by reminding her of her baby, since she is still pregnant. Meh. Meeeeh. There’s a few good jokes here and there, but meeeeeeeeeeh. The story is weak, the characterization even weaker. This is better than the previous issues, but it still suffers from the need to try to make everything a joke. This book is just lame. The art is OK. Nothing special.

Magneto #17, by Cullen Bunn and Gabriel Walta. Briar wonders why Magneto isn’t looking for the killer, and Magneto says he needs to show the people that their leader is there for him. Briar guesses he thinks the killer might be among them, which leads to Magneto having a flashback. He, Magda and some others escaped a camp, and the Nazis followed. In the present, a Nazi is killing a mutant, and Magneto finds him. It’s the same Nazi Magneto asked Wolverine to kill, obviously. Magneto realizes it’s not the Nazi, it’s a monster from inside Magneto himself. The way Magneto deals with it is . . . very Magneto-like. Sadly so, really. This is another well-written issue. Another very dark issue, with lots of melodramatic narration and dialogue. Dark and melodramatic defines this series. Too melodramatic, really, which is what continues to turn me off it. I also still think we need a lighter issue, with some more humour, just to give a reprieve from the constant hammering of darkness. Walta’s art still isn’t my preferred style. It works fairly well for the book, I just don’t find it aesthetically pleasant.

Wolverines #14, by Ray Fawkes and Salvador Larroca. Mystique is ready to start pulling her plans together. Daken gets a call letting him know where Siphon is. Part of Mystique’s plan. She also calls Laura to get her to join Daken in going after Siphon. They both jump out of the plane, then Daken steals a truck. They drive all night until they get where they’re going. They find Siphon – and Blade. Back on the plane, Mystique is attacked by Portal. Back in the fight shed, Daken duels with Siphon. As usual, this series bores me. I’m glad we’re back to some actual frigging plot, after five straight issue of filler. But the main plot in this issue is really thin. Mostly, the issue is about Daken being all angsty about his healing factor. “He took my healing factor! I have to kill him! I’m angry! Rar!” Meh. Whatever, you whiny little bitch. I hate Daken. Larroca’s art is the same as it usually is. It’s not bad, but neither is it actually all that great.

That’s the X-stuff, here’s a couple more books.

Ms. Marvel #14, by G. Willow Wilson and Takeshi Miyazawa. Kamala’s surprised to learn her crush is an Inhuman. Tehy all go home, and that night, Kamran gets Kamala to sneak out of her room to hang out with him. They sit on top of a water tower and look at the city. He shows off his power – in addition to glowing, he can charge stuff and make it explode. He’s Muslim Gambit. But cuter. And without an annoying accent. Kamala says it’s like Kaboom, and starts to feel really bad about that. Kamran tells her not to. They’re about to kiss, but a security guard shows up. The next morning, Aamir is dressed up for a job interview, and Kamala looks tired from staying up too late. Kamran shows up and offers a ride to Kamala and Bruno. Bruno declines, and he and Aamir talk, with Aamir saying Bruno and Kamala were never going to happen. Meanwhile, Kamran isn’t taking Kamala to school at all. He wants her to meet someone, and gives a spiel about being better than regular people. Poor Kamala. It took exactly one day for Kamran to break her heart. There’s no real surprises here, except for who Kamran works for, but there’s a lot of really sweet stuff going on prior to that. The scene between Aamir and Bruno was great. It was nice. I like Kamala’s personal life, and it’s always great to see that continuing to be explored. The night scene between Kamala and Kamran is also good. Very romantic. And I love that Kamala feels really bad about hurting Kaboom. I love that compassionate side of her. Miyazawa’s art is very nice. A definite manga feel to it, but it’s not too prominent, it works well, and it’s appropriately expressive. Ms. Marvel continues to be the book you should be reading, and if you’re not reading it, you’re wrong.

Legendary Star-Lord #11, by Sam Humphries and Paco Medina. Kitty is complaining about hating space, while a battle goes on. They’re trying to keep the Slaughter Lords busy so Storm can kill the Brood, but Storm is attacked. Captain Marvel shows up with the Black Vortex, followed by Gara. Jean starts to submit to the Vortex, but Peter stops him, and prepares to submit himself. But he sees a vision of what would happen, and it would mean losing Kitty, so he rejects it. And Gara reclaims the Vortex. Someone does submit to the Vortex, though. It’s heavily foreshadowed all through the issue. This is another issue where little actually happens. There’s lots of stuff almost-happening. But nothing actually happens until the end. Mostly, it’s just some character stuff, with Jean and Peter almost submitting, and Gara explaining the dangers of the Vortex, but the main focus is Kitty, and especially on her talk of Plan B, and her saying that Peter’s cute. It’s OK. I do like Medina’s art. It’s very fancy and flashy and cool. Still, with only the final part left, it’s safe to say that Black Vortex can best be described as “meh.”

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  1. Uncanny X-Men 33. Instead of repeating what you said, I’ll just add – please give us more of this.

    Yeah, Magneto is actually very well-written, but if you’re not into such a dark and bleak series, it won’t be for you.

    Completely agree with you on Daken in Wolverines 14. The writing is good, but that doesn’t help when the main subject character is someone we don’t like. I liked the issue because X-23 also takes a major role and apart from some of her dialogue, she’s well-written. The Mystique stuff is also kind of fun. But for me, the big focus on Wolverine’s 60-year-old evil son who acts like a spoiled teenager with daddy issues held this issue back.

    Ms. Marvel is fantastic, and her crush took a surprising turn, and through Kamala’s brother, we learn a lot more about her family life and her parents’ values.

    If Legendary Star-Lord 11 happened a bit earlier in the crossover, it would be fine. But coming after 2 character-focused issues, another character-focused issue as the penultimate chapter just doesn’t’ cut it. What annoys me the most is that a bunch of the superheroes are encased in amber for almost half of the crossover now, effectively side-lining them instead of trying to give them something to do.

  2. I will be glad when Bendis is gone. Uncanny started out strong but good lord its been terrible since like the 5th issue. He really needs to go back to street level heroes only

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