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Nightcrawler #2 (1985, December)

April 25, 2015

Even though I work tonight, I’m still giving you a review. By Cockrum, “A Boggie Day in L’un Dun-T’wn.”

A Boggie Day In L'un Dun-T'wn

The theme to Jaws is playing in my head.

Shagreen’s ship arrives in L’un Dun-T’wn. Nightcrawler is taken to a lab and strapped down. He tries to teleport, but can’t. Shagreen’s going to study him to find the secret to teleportation. Or eat him. Whichever. Captain McGurk and his crew are relaxing in a bar, and one of the crew comes in to report that Jinjav Sabree was kidnapped by Shagreen’s men. McGurk decides they’re going to rescue her . . . so they can hold her for ransom themselves.

A mirror beside NIghtcrawler shows some weird shapes, whispering about him. They come out to help him, and they look like miniature versions of him. Boggies. They agree to free him, but only if he helps them. They want to escape, but they can’t teleport as long as Shagreen’s spell is in place. They tell him to break Shagreen’s magic power object, which will disrupt all his standing spells, and stop him from casting spells without speaking them. They also mention Shagreen had captured Sabree, and plans to sacrifice her. Nightcrawler frees Lockheed, and the two go looking for Shagreen.

As he goes down a long hallway, a pair of giant stone snakes come free of the wall and attack. Nightcrawler leads them right into Shagreen’s sacrifice room. He grabs Sabree and tries to get her to safety, while the snakes smash apart the chamber, forcing Shagreen to destroy them. Then he captures Nightcrawler in a constricting spell.

That’s when McGurk’s ship blasts in. Shagreen prepares to destroy them, but Lockheed bites his tail. Nightcrawler guesses that Shagreen’s staff is his magic object, and smashes the jewel on top with a ball and chain. Nightcrawler grabs Sabree and looks for a way out, but gets clonked on the back of the head by Shagreen, who flees with Sabree. Nightcrawler wakes up and gives chase, and teleports onto Shagreen’s squid-ship. Shagreen attacks with a cutlass. It’s a duel! Nightcrawler takes an early advantage with three swords, but Shagreen climbs to the top of the squid. Nightcrawler drops two of his swords to follow. During the next phase of the duel, Nightcrawler slips, and Shagreen prepares for a killing blow. But Lockheed flames him from behind, and he falls off. Nightcrawler checks on Sabree, and his valour is rewarded with a kiss.

Back in the Danger Room, Kitty thinks she might almost be able to bring Nightcrawler back. In the fantasy world, Nightcrawler is thanked for his valour, and goes for a walk in the garden with Sabree. Kitty tries to grab him, but only gets his costume. She sends it back quickly. Sabree is stunned, and wonders how he did that. And if he can do it again. Kitty tries again, and this time Nightcrawler gets sucked into a dimensional warp. Though he’s unhappy with Kitty’s timing. The Boggies figure they can console Sabree.

Nightcrawler exits the warp. And stumbles on a Bamf.

This is another very fun comic. It’s high adventure – an evil wizard, a princess in peril, and a heroic hero. There’s a fair bit of tension as we wait to see how Nightcrawler will save the day, and there’s also plenty of humour. This really is just Dave Cockrum having fun, putting Nightcrawler on exactly the right kind of adventure for him. The panel of Sabree asking Nightcrawler to get naked again is pretty cute. The Boggies are entertaining. Shagreen’s hissing gets a bit tiring, at times, but oh well. It’s meant to highlight how eeeevil he is. The art is good. Not exceptional, but it’s good. Good issue, all around.

Song of the day: Wishing Well by Neal Casal.


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