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Nightcrawler #4 (1986, February)

June 7, 2015

I’ll post my pull list tomorrow, but for today, by Cockrum, “The Wizard of Oops.”

The Wizard of Oops

If you look closely enough, Illyana’s giant head is clearly made of pixels. Kinda neat.

Nightcrawler, Pirate Kitty, Pirate Colossus and Mean are all captives of Shagreen. At the school, Kitty comes up with the idea of locking onto the single largest Nightcrawler-like pattern and bringing it back. Of course, that ends up being Dark Bamf. In the castle, Bamf finds the other Bamfs, guarded by a giant pig-like creature. Bamf says his sister snorts elderberries – Monty Python reference! Sorta. That gets the guard chasing him, and he tricks the guard into falling down a flight of stairs and knocking himself out. Then Lockheed scares the Bamf. He opens the door with the girl Bamfs. They all go off to fight Shagreen.

Shagreen is asking Dark Bamf where he went, and says not to do it again. Dark Bamf calls himself a pawn in game of life – Blazing Saddles reference, of course. The girls attack and start smashing stuff, and then start hitting on Nightcrawler until he yells at them to back off. Before Shagreen can kill the Bamfs, Windrider blows the wall in. While they fight, Nightcrawler frees himself and the others by tickling the wall. Kitty sees Giant Lockheed outside – he ate the tentacles thing and fetched Windrider. Nightcrawler smashes Shagreen’s staff’s gem again, but Shagreen’s learned from their first encounter.

Kitty and Illyana try again to grab Nightcrawler. They end up grabbing everything. Illyana tries distracting Shagreen with a Great and Powerful Oz routine, but Shagreen just tells her to stay out of it and fires an energy blast. Kitty falls into the vortex and winds up in the middle of the fight. Illyana pushes a random button in the hopes of getting Kitty, and it works.

Nightcrawler uses a length of chain to grab Shagreen’s staff, which held his power, leaving him open for Windrider to finish him off. Nightcrawler smashes the small gem at the bottom of the staff, releasing mystical energies that turn Dark Bamf back to a bunch of normal Bamfs, and sends Nightcrawler passing through different worlds again.

He encounters Cretaceous Sam, a gunslinging T-Rex. Awesome. Sam says he hates mammals, and Nightcrawler says he’s not a mammal – he’s a Boggie. Then he gets angry at himself for calling himself a Boggie. He pops to another world. This time, he tries getting home by saying Kltpzyxm. He’s attacked by a monster, and he realizes where he is. He’s in the world he visited in Bizarre Adventures #27. So he goes to see the Oracle. She explains he still has some residual Darkforce on him from last time, which drew the Well At the Centre of Time to him. She tells him he can just will himself home.

Happy ending!

This is a really fun conclusion to a really fun mini. There’s a lot of really silly jokes and references. Cretaceous Sam, obviously, steals the whole comic. Here he is:

Cretaceous Sam

Give Cretaceous Sam his own ongoing!


It’s all very silly and fun. Nightcrawler lends himself well to these types of crazy adventures, because he just rolls with them so well, though this issue does have him finally decide he’s had enough, when he calls himself a Boggie. That Boggie running gag ends up paying off here, giving one of the best laughs of the whole series.

Cockrum does a solid job on the art, as seen above. Though the heels on boots do seem a bit taller than I would think. Was that the style back then? Or was Cockrum just not very good at drawing boots? I’m guessing it’s the latter. The heels look a bit tall and a bit thin.

All in all, this was a very fun mini.


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