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X-Men comics for June 10 2015

June 11, 2015

Hey, I actually did get these up tonight. What do you know.

Inferno #2, by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Garron. Boom Boom is found by some little guy, still alive. Barely. He drags her down to his master. Elsewhere, the Goblyn Queen has Colossus bound, and is telling her forces that Colossus thinks he can end the demon war. She says he can’t, and drops him into the demon horde to fight them. All part of a plan to get the demons to respect him, so they’ll follow him into battle. He’s put against a demon sorcerer, who can control demons. He uses his powers to control Colossus’ hell-infected arm. Maddie clears away some demons, revealing Illyana’s Soulsword. Colossus grabs it with his demon arm. Down in the dungeon, Domino is in a cell. A boy comes in with a gun, and they start to talk about the gun. He likes guns. He mentions another one in his room that he’s having problems with, and she offers to help him with it. The kid is Maddie’s son. In the Darkchild’s tower, she’s trying to break Nightcrawler, but his faith sustains him. is faith in Doom, since it’s still Battleworld. So Illyana yanks out his soul. Back in Maddie’s territory, she’s explaining to Colossus why she wants to team up. Domino and Nathan rush in. Nathan insists on being called Cable. It’s like Hopeless decided to take Skottie Young’s Baby Cable and turn him into an actual character. It’s pretty great, truthfully. This is another solid issue. There’s some interesting political intrigues, some dark horror, and some bizarre humour. Nathan wanting to be called Cable is definitely the best. Especially because he’s so grim and serious. It’s a great mockery of Cable. A character that Hopeless does obviously have a lot of love for, so it’s a loving mockery. Garron’s art is good. Maybe not quite horror enough, but it’s good. I like the way he draws Domino. Fun comic.

Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #1, by Gerry Duggan and Salva Espin. A flashback shows Dracula beating Deadpool in their big duel for Shiklah. Then the story – which is narrated by Deadpool – skips ahead. The Invisible Man is covered in blood, and facing the Howling Commandos. Dracula orders Man-Thing to kill him. He then orders them to guard the bodies of Shiklah’s brothers until he can find a way to destroy them. When Shiklah tries to prepare them for burial, she gets angry at the Commandos for standing in her way. She stones them with the Gorgon Medusa’s head. She checks the bodies of her brothers, and finds the Sceptre of the Manticore, but it’s missing the head. She does find a map that may lead to it. After her brothers’ bodies are cremated, she sets out with their ashes as a ploy to search for the sceptre’s top. Meh. Very very meh. This is just too bland and boring to review properly. There’s nothing terribly interesting about it. The writing isn’t particularly clever, the art isn’t particularly interesting. It’s just a boring comic.

And that actually is all the X-titles. So here’s some Secret Wars.

1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1, by Marguerite Bennett, Stephanie Hans, Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Sauvage. On a random note: I would like to see Bennett and Sauvage work together on a book, just because they’re both named Marguerite. Anyway. In Windsor Castle, Lord Essex is trying to keep King James from being disturbed. That doesn’t work. Angela goes in to show King James – my namesake, by the way – a weird magical creature, with a tiny body and big head. Angela says that some witchbreed are still out there, and then she stabs King James. Essex starts to freak out, but King James pops some claws. Angela kills him. Serah speculates that Javier might be Doom’s next choice for king – Javier, of course, is another “witchbreed.” Angela’s next target is Faustians, people who make deals with demons. That whole sequence was Gillen and Sauvage, and it was weird and goofy and hilarious. Now, on to Bennett and Hans! Angela and Serah go drinking! Serah jokes around with some friends, while Angela has no idea what’s going on. Ben Urich makes a cutting remark at Serah, who responds melodramatically, and launches into her story – her father died, and she was taken in by the Queen of Heven, who trained her as an Angel. Then she accuses James Barnes of murder, and Angela kills him. But he’s not as dead as it seems – he’s a Faustian. This is so damned good. They’re clearly having a lot of fun. There’s a lot of jokes. There’s also some heavy subtext between Angela and Serah. I mean, there was a lot of subtext in the normal series as it was. This turns it up even more. I would not be the least bit surprised if this tie-in ends with kissing and declarations of love. It’s probably be a tragic scene. The writing is really strong. The art is also strong. Sauvage’s pages are very quirky – it’s much more an indie style. It’s pretty, and weird, and good. Hans’ art, on the other hand, is just gorgeous. Maybe a bit dark at times, but still, holy shit, she is just so damned amazing. I love it so much.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson and David Lopez. Carol is putting her Corps through their paces in some drills. An alarm goes off by the wall shared with the Hydra Empire, so Banshee Squadron flies down to intercept. The Thor Corps gets there first. After the destruction, Carol meets up with one of the Thors. It’s Kit! All grown up! And a Thor. She mentions her hammer was made from a star, which startles Carol. Back at barracks, one of the Corps, Bee, is wondering why, if the sky is 100km up, their tech is designed to scan much farther than that. When Carol gets back, she asks them all if they’ve seen stars in the sky. None of them know what she’s talking about. Bee shows the research she’s compiled that the Void is a lie, and the sky is infinite, and the light comes from stars. It’s blasphemy. Carol goes to her CO’s office, and is told to destroy an incoming ship. She’s told it’s filled with Ultrons.  Banshee Squadron heads out to blow it up. There’s no Ultrons. This is really good. Nice set-up, nice establishing the personalities. Also, Kit! Some really good work with the Battleworld setting, and the Doom religion thing. This book is using Battleworld as more than just a setting, something to reference occasionally. It’s a major plot element. Not many books are doing that. It’s kinda cool. It’s people questioning everything they’ve been told to believe. Lopez’s art is good. We don’t see much of the retro-future setting of Hala Field this issue. Most of it is spent in planes flying through the sky, or in barracks. But there’s good work with expressions, and the art’s crisp. This is good.

Ghost Racers #1, by Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon. In the Killiseum, people are cheering in expectation of the Ghost Races. Robbie Reyes, the top-seeded racer, is gearing up, wanting to win it for Gabe. The race begins. It’s crazy, as they race while also shooting each other. Reyes takes the lead, Alejandra hangs back to let the others duke it out. Blaze and Ketch fight and bicker like brothers. Carter is galloping behind Reyes, so Reyes slams on the breaks. Alejandra shoots ahead near the finish, but gets shot by a blaster gun, allowing Reyes to win the race. The Ghost Riders are de-spirited back to human. Reyes heads back to a nightclub, to spend some time with Gabe. Their relationship is still touching. They watch highlights of Reyes’ racing career. Here’s the main thing you need to know about this comic: It has a zombie-cowboy-centaur with gatling guns strapped to his sides. Do you think that sounds awesome? If you said no, you need to see a doctor, because there must be something wrong with you. The race itself is just crazy fun. It’s insane, and it’s violent, and it’s awesome. Once it gets to an actual plot, though, the comic gets even better. There’s some very interesting things going on. I’m glad to see that Gabe is around. The relationship between Robbie and Gabe was always the best part of ANGR. The art is great. It’s very kinetic. I think I probably would’ve preferred Tradd Moore again – his style was even more kinetic – but Gedeon’s fantastic. It’s dark and gritty but also has a zombie-cowboy-centaur with gatling guns strapped to his sides. So it’s still got a sense of fun to it. I really enjoyed this.

Secret Wars 2099 #2, by Peter David and Will Sliney. Roberta wakes up to a crazy guy with a sword standing over her. She switches to Captain-Size, beats the guy up, and he kills himself rather than be taken in. She calls Alchemax for a corpse pick-up. She throws the body out the window. She switches back to Roberta and goes to check on her kids. Her husband calls Alchemax. He’s working for them. Later on, she talks to Miguel about it. He says the Specialist worked for Stark-Fujikawa, and thinks there might be an internal leak that let them know about her Roberta identity. Hawkeye is playing chess with Black Widow, and gets annoyed when he can’t win. Miguel talks to Tania about her recently killing a guy who’d been killing women. He tells her not to do it again. Hercules is beating the shit out of a sparring partner, until Sonny, the pilot of the Iron Man armour, tells him to stop. Miguel calls up the Avengers to investigate a lead on the assassination attempt against Roberta. Another fun issue. The Avengers of 2099 are neat. They’re a mess, just like the Avengers usually are. Roberta’s an interesting premise, being used well. Sliney’s art is OK. This is all good. Very cool stuff.

Silk #5, by Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee. A young girl is playing with some toys, and goes into the kitchen to find her caretaker laying on the floor. Cindy’s at work, looking for leads on where to find her family. She has a flashback on her little brother, Albert, saying he was scared of her. JJJ sees her looking at a family photo from police records, and she tries to think of a good lie, but admits the truth. He sits down to help. He tells her he’s going to call some contacts he has at NYPD. A woman comes in to tell him about a guy named Harris Porter whose daughter has been kidnapped. She goes to investigate, and finds Porter. He says Black Cat took his daughter, and she only wants Silk. She calls in Spider-Man for help. He wants to know why a villain is there, and he and Silk argue for a bit, while Porter sneaks off to bust in. Silk and Spider-Man follow. Silk rescues Marie, and Black Cat arrives with reinforcements. This is a great issue. It continues the plot of her searching for her family, and has a pretty major reveal towards that. But it also has Silk being a superhero. And it has Lee back on art after an issue away. I missed her art. It’s so pretty. It’s expressive, and it’s got a great sense of motion. But even when Cindy’s just sitting staring at a screen, the art’s really, really pretty. Thompson does some really good JJJ work here, showing the heart he keeps underneath that cold exterior. That’s always my favourite take on Jonah. He’s an arrogant blowhard, but he’s also a really good guy with a deep-seated desire to help people.

And I also want to mention Mighty Avengers #9. It’s a wonderful conclusion. It’s really bittersweet, very emotional stuff. Just fantastic.

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  1. Inferno 2 is good. Not quite the hopeless feel that the first one is, and bringing in Cable is always nice. It’s starting to feel like a Cable and X-Force reunion, in a good way.

    Witch Hunter Angela is a surprisingly fresh take on the X-Men mythos, in addition to being a good Angela book. Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett are a brilliant writing team.

    Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is also good, and I too like how Battleworld is actually part of the plot instead of just a background factor.

    Considering how lame most of Deadpool’s recent solo series is, I’m not surprised to learn that Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos is about the same.

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