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Pull list for June 17 2015

June 16, 2015

I work 10-2 Wednesday, so I’ll be able to do the reviews after work.

I’ll go to the store for: Ms. Marvel #16, by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona.

I’ll also review: Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2, by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli; Magneto #19, by Cullen Bunn and Paul Davidson; Old Man Logan #2, by Brian Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino; Runaways #1, by Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene; Squadron Sinister #1, by Marc Guggenheim and Carlos Pacheco; Thors #1, by Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse.

So that’s, uh, one single, solitary comic I’m picking up. And 7 reviews, most of which are simply because it’s such a light week. Man, one comic? That’s just sad. That’s almost not even worth leaving the house for, except it’s Ms. Marvel. I knew there’d be an inevitable light week coming up, after two heavy weeks. But one comic? I don’t think I’ve ever had such a light week. Damn.

I’m most excited for . . . well, Ms. Marvel. It’s the only one I’m picking up. I’m always excited for it, of course. And this Secret Wars tie-in should be good, I hope. Probably plenty of drama and such.

The September solicits are out. My Marvel pull list: Age of Apocalypse #4; Giant-Size Little Marvel #4; probably Mockingbird #1; Secret Wars 2099 #5; Agent Carter #1; E Is For Extinction #4; Years of Future Past #5; A-Force #5; Carol Corps #5; Ghost Racers #4; X-Tinction Agenda #5. So only 11 comics. That’s really, really low. Maybe I should pick up something else. but meh. Of course, some comics from my August pull list have probably been delayed until September. Though with all the delays Marvel’s been having lately, some of my September pull list may end up coming out in October. Who the hell knows.

The most recent episode of My Little Pony is glorious. It’s the 100th episode, so, as a special treat to the audience, it was focused on background characters. Most of them had never even gotten lines before, but were popular just for their designs, or funny things they did in backgrounds, or whatever. The sea serpent from the second part of the series opening two-parter makes a return, which was nice. Celestia and Luna arguing about who was supposed to bring a wedding present was hilarious. The scene between Lyra and Bon-Bon was magnificent. The whole episode is just fantastic. I loved it. Here’s hoping for another hundred episodes!

I finished War of the Encyclopaedists, by Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite. Here’s my review from Goodreads:

This is a very smart book about people who are at once smarter and dumber than they think. It’s an exploration of the existential navel-gazing that Generation Y gets caught up in, a result of too much freedom making some of us almost scared to do anything, worried about what we should be doing, how to live up to our potential. The characters are full of self-doubt that they mostly hide through irony and detachment. And then the disappointment of life not turning out the way we’d hoped. It’s good stuff. I was born in 1985, so I’m in the same age group as the characters in the book, and some of their fears and doubts feel familiar to me. The book also goes into how war affects a person, with one of the characters serving in Iraq. That part of the book is much better than his friend’s self-pity in university. The Iraq stuff is written really, really well, probably because one of the writers, Gavin Kovite, actually served in Iraq, which gives a real sense of authenticity to the descriptions.

This was a great book, definitely worth reading.

There’s some nice humour to the book, lots of drama, a pretty messed-up abortion scene. There’s some political stuff, but the book does try not to take sides too much. The main characters are liberal, and a couple of characters get really intense about the 2004 election, and get really depressed about Bush winning again, but it’s in-character, not the book itself saying Bush’s re-election was awful. Though I’m guessing the writers probably didn’t like Bush being re-elected. Anyway, it’s a good book.

Next up, The Devil’s Detective, by Simon Kurt Unsworth. Though before that, I need to read June’s graphic novel, which will probably be One Soul, by Ray Fawkes.

The new Heartless Bastards album came out today! So now I just have to wait for my copy to arrive in the mail. Woot! I listened to it on NPR’s website already. It’s awesome.

My schedule this week is: 10-2 tomorrow, 11-7:30 Friday, 3:30-11:30 Saturday, 4-8 Tuesday. My next pull list will be up Tuesday. Regular posts Friday, Sunday and Monday, for Dazzler #42 (the final issue), Firestar #1 and Alpha Flight #32.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week. Nothing much to talk about.

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