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X-Men comics for June 24 2015

June 24, 2015

A very light week. May as well get to it.

E Is For Extinction #1, by Chris Burnham and Ramon Villalobos. The issue starts with Xavier holding a pair of guns to his head and threatening to fire. The next page is Xavier dead with an X-shaped bloodstain on the wall. Cut a few years ahead, to Club Morlock, where Beak’s pimpin’ it with a couple hot women. I mean, one of them’s blue and bald, but she’s still hot. The club is crashed by some U-Men looking to steal the talents of some of the mutants. Beak is about to kick some ass, but Magneto beats him to it, with his X-Men. Quire, Angel Salvadore, Glob, Basilisk, Ernst, Martha and Dust. Yay Dust. Scott and Emma finally arrive, well after the fighting’s over, and Magneto’s people make fun of them. Dust gets the best burn on Emma: “It looks like the surgeons were finally able to remove her self-respect.” Though Angel’s is also good. “Pat Benatar called, she says you’re a thousand years old.” And now we see the Atom Institute, the school Magneto runs. It’s 90% mutant, but it has some exceptionally gifted humans, too, like a young composer. Magneto brings Quire to see the cocoon Jean’s been in since Xavier’s death. He thinks they can wake her. At the Mutopia Medical Centre, Beast is helping a young couple who want to have a mutant baby. We get some interesting facts – basically every man now has at least some sperm with the X-gene, as evolution is evolving. This is really interesting. Scott, Emma and Wolverine are all losing their powers, though Scott’s power is also evolving in interesting ways. The Atom Institute is a cool concept. I like that Burnham is using a lot of the concepts from Morrison’s run – secondary mutations, the dominance of mutant culture, the U-Men, all sorts of cool stuff. Morrison did have, in my mind, the second greatest X-Men run of all time, behind only Claremont. And honestly, Morrison’s run was probably a better quality than Claremont’s, Claremont just gets extra points for making the X-Men. Villalobos’ art is something that a lot of people won’t like. It’s a very odd style. But it’s based on what Quitely did for New X-Men, to give that extra bit of authenticity. So this was very good. Very enjoyable.

And that’s pretty much it. Yeah. I will talk briefly about a couple more comics.

I wanted to mention Loki Agent of Asgard #15, by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett. It has Odin wielding a minigun and delivering an epic speech to it. He starts with, “Spit steel and fire, o god of Midgard!” And then gets even more epic. Freyja’s a stone-cold badass, and gets in a hilarious burn on Odin’s sexual prowess. Evil Old Loki is delightfully evil. There’s also Verity’s story, and it’s cool. It’s a great issue.

Also, Howard the Duck had a back-up story by Chip Zdarksy and Katie Cook. I enjoy Cook’s work on the My Little Pony comics. This story was adorable and hilarious. Like, so seriously adorable, guys, you don’t even know. It has the White Rabbit! One of my favourite villains. And there’s a squirrel. And a squirrel dressed as Deadpool. And White Rabbit is wearing camouflage. And the whole thing’s just so insanely cute.

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  1. Yeah, light week for me too. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a light couple of months with Secret Wars, a lot of my image comics having slow release schedules and most dynamite titles slowing down in releases thanks to their Swords of Sorrow event.

    I didn’t read E Is For Extinction, but it does sound pretty good.

    Besides what I picked up, I’ve been reading Deadpool Classics volume 3 today. Just read Deadpool 11, the classic Spider-Man issue. So good.

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