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Pull list for July 22 2015

July 20, 2015

I’m off tomorrow, so reviews as normal.

I’ll go to the store for: E Is For Extinction #2, by Dennis Culver and Ramon Villalobos; Loki Agent of Asgard #16, by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #32, by Thom Zahler and Tony Fleecs; Uncanny X-Men #35, by Brian Bendis and Valerio Schiti.

I’ll also review: Future Imperfect #3, by Peter David and a hack; Magneto #20, by Cullen Bunn and Paul Davidson; Old Man Logan #3, by Brian Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino; Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1, by Sam Humphries and Alti Firmansyah.

So that’s 4 comics I’m picking up, and 6 reviews. Pretty light week.

I’m most excited for E Is For Extinction and Uncanny X-Men. I actually totally forgot that UXM #35 hadn’t come out yet. So I look forward to that. And E Is For Extinction got off to a great start, and is based on one of the all-time great X-Men runs, so I’m looking forward to seeing Culver and Villalobos continue their story.

By the way, looking through the solicits, I came across this one for Justice League 3001 #2: “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Supergirl? Aww, for crying out loud, we were promised that someone would rein these guys in. Supergirl? Really? Trust us…it’s actually pretty cool.” Now, I’m sure the issue’s good. It’s Giffen and DeMatteis, so there’s no reason to think the issue itself won’t be excellent. But that solicit. What a weirdly condescending solicit. It’s insulting a major character for no damned reason at all. Supergirl doesn’t have a reputation for being weak, or a screw-up, or anything like that. She has a reputation for being a powerhouse on Superman’s level. So why the passive-aggressive “Really?” in there? Am I missing something here? Are we supposed to see Supergirl as being incapable of reining anyone in? Because, I gotta say, a woman who can punch through mountains? I can believe her reining in just about anyone. I honestly don’t know if this condescending attitude towards Supergirl is just a thing at DC these days, or if it’s just this one solicit, or what. But holy shit, who the hell wrote that, and who the hell approved it? How did anyone think this was anything remotely resembling a good idea? I mean, I guess it managed to get even me, who has no shits to give about DC, talking about the title. But I’m talking about it to point out how condescending DC’s own solicits are being to one of their biggest female characters. That doesn’t seem like the kind of thing DC should want people talking about, especially given they’ve had a lot of problems in the past few years with the perception of how they treat female characters.

A quick note to basically everyone in the world: The puns about Ant-Man aren’t clever. Stop it. Speaking of Ant-Man, I haven’t actually decided if I’ll go watch it in the theatre, but I probably won’t.

I finished The Devil’s Detective, by Simon Kurt Unsworth. Here’s my review from Goodreads:

This was really good. It’s about a detective in Hell, having to investigate a series of brutal murders. Hell, in this book, is actually somewhat based on the real world. There’s no lake of fire. Instead, it’s a city. But it’s still Hell, and it’s still a bleak, unhappy existence. Demons still assault humans regularly, and humans are unable to do anything about it. So, the book is dark. But it’s also interesting, seeing the protagonist grow as a detective, starting off with no idea what he’s doing, and gradually figuring things out, until he eventually becomes a reasonably competent detective. The twist regarding who’s responsible for the murders isn’t very surprising, but it’s presented very well, and very effectively.

This is a well-written book, with an interesting premise, and plenty of dark atmosphere to it. Very good book.

When I entered the giveaway for that book, way back when, I was thinking it was probably a dark comedy. But nope. There’s basically no comedy. It starts off as dark and oppressive, but the oppressiveness is gradually lessened – until the very ending, when a great twist ends up recasting the entire book in a different light.

Next up will be The Caloris Rim Project, by Glenn Mac Donald. I actually won three more books in the past week – actually, three days in a row, which was funny. Call Me Pomeroy, by James Hanna; Kasmah Forma, by S. Vagus; and Bright Lights, Dark Nights, by Stephen Emond. So I now have 6 books on my To-Read pile. And there are actually some other books I’d like to get around to reading, too.

I hate summer. I hate it. It’s so damn hot. I don’t like hot. It’s uncomfortable, it makes sleeping more difficult, it makes everything suck. And it’s hard to keep cool in the summer. In the winter, you just stay inside, maybe put on a sweater, and you’re fine. That doesn’t work in the summer. We can’t afford to run the air conditioner, so I’m really only left with a fan, which isn’t nearly enough. And Wal-Mart doesn’t have its air conditioning on strong enough to actually cool the place down at all. Summer sucks.

My schedule this week: 5:30-11 Thursday, 6-10 Saturday, 2:30-10:30 Sunday, 7-11 next Wednesday. So I’ll have posts Friday, Monday and Tuesday. My next pull list will probably go up Tuesday, and my weekly reviews on Wednesday.

And that’s all I have for this week.

  1. It feels weird seeing you write a rant about DC comics since you don’t usually read them, but I completely agree. Supergirl’s an awesome character, and in my opinion, she’s more interesting than Superman because she’s a learning, growing character while Superman is generally more of an archetype. The solicitation is condescending.

    Also, Ant Man is actually really good. It’s not Winter Solider or Guardians of the Galaxy good by any means, but I would argue it’s in the range of Iron Man 1. It’s also the most comedic of Marvel’s movies so far. The comedy is mostly smart, although some people might find Luis (the talkative Mexican character) a bit annoying. The The action scenes are very creative and fun. Personally I’d recommend watching it.

    • It felt weird writing about DC. But that solicit is just insane. What is the reader supposed to take away from it? “Yeah, sorry, it’s Supergirl, but don’t worry, it’s still good.”

      I’ll watch Ant Man eventually. I just don’t much like going to the theatre, so I’ll probably wait for the DVD.

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