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X-Men comics for July 29 2015

July 30, 2015

I went to see Ant-Man last night. I’ll talk about it below. But first, comics!

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #3, by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli. Deadpool’s about to make out with Zsaji, but stops. Flashback! The heroes are on their way to the villain base to rescue She-Hulk. Deadpool gets in a fight with Thunderball. Deadpool wins by shooting him repeatedly in the mouth. Cut back to Deadpool bringing Zsaji to the dead heroes. Flashback, Deadpool finds the clothing room, and comments on Hulk still having shredded purple pants. Deadpool apparently gives himself a symbiote costume. He decides to get it off, since he doesn’t think it’s fair for it to have to hear his thoughts. He directs Spider-Man to it on the way out. Back to Zsaji, healing Colossus. Flashback, to the heroes fighting Galactus. Meh. So much meh. The jokes aren’t funny, and the jokes are the whole point of the comic, so the comic fails completely. This is just really, really bad.

That’s the X-stuff. Here’s another comic.

1602 Witch Hunter Angela #2, by Marguerite Bennett, Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans and Irene Koh. Angela and Serah are hunting through the woods, talking about the Enchantress’ promise that Serah would die. Angela isn’t sure what to do, but an explosion gets their attention. A caravan is under attack by monstrous beasts, and doing quite well for themselves. Angela and Serah lend a hand, then get to know the caravan, a troupe of players, the Gardiner’s Men: Madam Gomorrah, Peadar O’Cuill, Arthur Dubghlas, Goodman Root, and an aroughcun. It’s the Guardians of the Galaxy! Of course! They’re on their way to a village festival, a wedding. Anne Weying and Edwin Brocc. Then we switch over to Gillen and Koh as they offer a tale as a wedding gift (after a brief moment of breaking the fourth wall). While Odin was away, Heimdall and Siri made love despite not legally being married, and Heimdall was sentenced to death by “Lord Angelo”. Word reached fair “Sarah,” who rushed to his aid. “Angelo” offered to spare Heimdall if “Sarah” would be “Angelo’s” bride. “Sarah” agreed, but tricked Angelo into signing a contract to join the Witch Hunters. The lesson: Always check your paperwork. At a dance to celebrate the wedding, Brocc is revealed as a Faustian. 1602 Venom! This is great. So much fun. Angela’s reactions throughout Serah’s story are hilarious – the two have a great chemistry throughout the issue, but it’s especially good there. Helped by Koh’s art – great facial expressions. Her art is really nice. It works well for romance, actually. As for Hans, her art is, as always, stunning. Gorgeous. Wonderful. She does the action well, and the environments are just beautiful.

So, like I said, I went to see Ant-Man yesterday. Or Tuesday. Whatever. It was good. Fun. Probably one of the weaker Marvel movies, though. For one thing, the bad guy was really, really weak. People talk about the villains always being the weakest parts of Marvel movies, but man, Cross in Ant-Man was the weakest villain yet. There was absolutely nothing interesting about him. It was a terrible role, and not played very well – too smarmy, too obviously evil. Just bad. And that wasn’t even the worst part of the movie. That distinction goes to the romance subplot. It felt shoe-horned in, in the worst possible way. At no point was it convincing, and even the characters didn’t actually seem particularly invested in it. That bit should’ve been dropped. Fortunately, it was a very, very minor element – barely present at all – but still. Dumb. Still, it was a fun movie. I enjoyed it. Some really cool action sequences. Falcon’s cameo scene was really cool.


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  1. Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars 3, well … I liked the first two issues, but this one’s kind of lame. I thought the Venom scene was a bit amusing, but otherwise I just didn’t care much for this one.

    1602 Witch Hunter Angela continues to be a brilliant medieval twist on the Marvel Universe. The art is fantastic, the main story is intriguing and the backup story about Angela’s past makes for a good laugh the way it’s told. Seeing how well this is turning out, I have no doubt that Marguerite Bennett can handle Angela on her own after Secret Wars.

    I agree about Ant Man. It’s by no means the best Marvel movie, but it’s fun. Sometimes fun is all you need. The action scenes are some of the most creative I’ve seen in a while. The story’s focus on Scott and his love for Cassie helps the movie work. The villain is weak though. The romance didn’t bother me, but that’s mostly because I kind of forgot about it – that’s probably not a good sign. I’m sure that if there’s a sequel, they can build on what this movie started and hopefully make the second better.

  2. Liked Ant-Man too, though Cross bothered me less. He is distractingly hammy compared to Rudd, Lilly and Douglas (albeit evens with Michael Peña) and his plan is just ‘Bad Business’ scribbled on a whiteboard, but the fact that he ultimately comes right to Scott’s ex’s house with the intent of murdering Cassie and her stepdad purely out of spite made him a more genuinely threatening villain than the majority of MCU types. Malekith threatening to end the entire universe is hard to get tense about because it’s such a big idea your mind can’t quite swallow it; crazy guy going to murder hero’s tiny daughter, on the other hand, anyone can freak over. You’re right about the romance, though. That kiss near the end comes out of nowhere, and it’s only saved by being immediately treated as a joke.

    I can’t remember the last time I paid money for a Deadpool comic that wasn’t a reprint of Nicieza’s Cable & Deadpool run. Hasn’t felt worthwhile. Daniel Way made him a walking internet meme, and Bunn just…isn’t funny. At all. Who’s doing this series post-Secret Wars? Is it still Bunn? Because it feels like we’re overdue for a new writer taking over. I don’t have a particular suggestion, but anyone else would be welcome.

    …so just gonna keep skipping X-Men ’92 then? 😛

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