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X-Men comics for September 2 2015

September 2, 2015

It is frigging hot today. Bleh. Here’s comics.

Age of Apocalypse #3, by Fabian Nicieza and Gerardo Sandoval. Dr. Nemesis is preparing an experiment on Jean Grey. Sinister, Beast and Abyss are interrogating Carol Danvers. At X-Men HQ, Magneto talks to Doug about his failure to stop Apocalypse’s rise and honour Xavier’s memory. Cyclops is being interrogated by Blink and Burner, whose blood ignition power doesn’t work on Scott. A pretty cute reference to the idea of Adam-X as a missing Summers Brother. Emma senses Jean being tortured. Jean loses control of her telepathy, and shows both Nemesis and Emma everything she saw and heard, about a virus that can kill mutants. This remains great stuff. Very interesting, very thrilling. There’s not a lot of character stuff, though Magneto gets some very nice work. There’s a flashback to a big battle between Magneto’s first X-Men and Apocalypse’s first Horsemen. Both line-ups are fairly interesting, and the conclusion of the battle is neat. I did like the little nod to Adam-X as a Summers Brother – it hasn’t really been explored in the main comics, because Adam-X is a really stupid character, but it is amusing that Nicieza threw in the nod to that idea. The ending is really cool, too. It was pretty predictable, but still cool. I’m excited to see how this series ends.

House of M #2, by Dennis Hopeless, Cullen Bunn and Marco Failla. Magneto’s playing chess against himself while a dragon in the shadows talks about wanting to kill him. Meanwhile, Deathlocket is telling the three remains human resistance heroes about her dad’s Deathlok program, which could’ve turned the tide had it been finished in time. She wants to help them assassinate Magneto. She has a bullet her father designed which neutralizes mutant powers. She only has the one bullet, but Hawkeye only needs one shot. In the streets, Wiccan and Speed beat up some SHIELD grunts, then Wolverine’s team shows up. After a brief scrap, Wanda arrives to break it up. She disintegrates Wolverine. She takes her sons and leaves, and Wolverine reforms. Namor and Quicksilver prepare their assault on Genosha. The Deathloks rocket in as a distraction, while the resistance sneaks into the empty mess hall. Pretty good writing and story. Awful, ugly art. Failla’s art is so unpleasant on the eyes. Faces are weird and creepy. The action is OK, but nothing special. But those faces. Ugh. Ew. No. The writing is better. There’s some pretty good humour. The reveal of the dragon near the end is neat – it wasn’t the dragon I expected. The plan the resistance uses to get into the castle was pretty clever. Wanda is scary. Wiccan and Speed are fun. Lots of good stuff, but dragged down by some horrible art.

Deadpool vs. Thanos #1, by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc. This takes place prior to his Marvel Now relaunch in 2013. He’s been captured by Deadpool, who’s cutting him up while trash-talking humanity. He decides, in retaliation for Deadpool attacking him, to revoke the curse of immortality Thanos laid on him. Cut to the day before. Doom is vacationing on the Isle of Saint Cynthia, named for his mother. Deadpool shoots him, but it doesn’t take. Doom blasts him, and Deadpool has a near-death experience, where Death asks him to help her. It turns out that people have suddenly stopped dying. Deadpool pays a visit to Black Talon. Black Talon isn’t behind it, but he mentions that Deadpool has a curse, and he senses Thanos behind it. This . . . isn’t as bad as I’d expected. It’s not necessarily great, but it’s not bad. Much of the humour falls flat for me. The premise is reasonably interesting, though it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. The art is too cartoonish for my tastes – I honestly think Deadpool is a character who works better with a somewhat darker art style, but he always seems to get bright and cartoonish art these past few years. It’s frustrating. Overall, I found this to be mediocre – not great, not bad, just somewhere in the middle.

That’s the X-Men comics. Here’s a couple other comics.

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #3, by Sam Humhpries and Alti Firmansyah. Kitty and Peter have been hung upside down by Gambit, who keeps flirting with Kitty. There’s a sound that draws Gambit’s attention, and Kitty explains to Peter about analogs – apparently, the myth is that Doom allowed multiple versions of people to be born in different domains. But because they share a quantum signature their powers sometimes cancel each other out. Peter decides, since Widget is Kitty, he’ll woo her with song. It works, and Widget kisses Peter then frees them. When Gambit gets back, they attack him. Peter gets injured, and Kitty’s concerned. Doom shows up and takes down Gambit, but it turns out to be Drax in disguise. I love this Drax. “Pathetic worm! Questioning the fashion utility of a blazer!” “I am a grumpy god Doom!” Then we find out what the anomaly was that Kitty was chasing, and it’s very sad. The ending is much happier, though. This was a fun finale to a fun mini. Peter and Kitty do have a fun chemistry. Gambit is amusingly sleazy. Drax is just awesome. Seriously, best Drax ever. He’s hilarious. Firmansyah’s art is wonderful. It’s very expressive, and does a good job with motion, too. And as I’ve said about the last two issues, Kitty’s dress is gorgeous. I’m a guy, and I still kinda want to own that dress. Though I’ve probably got a little too much gut to pull it off. Oh well.


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  1. It’s hot here today too. Worse yet though, my comic shop’s order was lost in the mail, so they didn’t have anything today.

    Age of Apocalypse 3 is probably the comic I’m looking forward to the most, and it’s reassuring to hear that it’s good.

    I also intended to pick up Thors 3 and We Stand On Guard 3. That’s about it really, my week was going to be small too, and because nothing came in, it’s even smaller.

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