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Pull list for September 9 2015

September 8, 2015

I work tomorrow, 4-9:30. I should be able to get reviews up.

I’ll go to the store for: 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #3, by Marguerite Bennett, Stephanie Hans, Kieron Gillen and Frazer Irving; A-Force #4, by G. Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Molina; Bitch Planet #5, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robert Wilson; Giant-Size Little Marvel AvX #4, by Skottie Young; Ms. Marvel #18, by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona; My Little Pony Friends Forever #20, by Jeremy Whitley and Brenda Hickey; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #34, by Jeremy Whitley and Andy Price; Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #2, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie; Secret Wars 2099 #5, by Peter David and Will Sliney; Siege #3, by Kieron Gillen and Felipe Andrade; The Wicked + The Divine #14, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

I’ll also review: Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #4, by Gerry Duggan and Salva Espin; Red Skull #3, by Joshua Williams and Luca Pizzari.

So that’s 11 goddamn comics I’m picking up, and 7 reviews. Holy shit. I knew I’d probably have a heavy week or two this month, but holy shit. That is insane. This is an insane week for me.

I’m most excited for, uh, where to start? Angela, of course, is always great, really well-written and with gorgeous art from Stephanie Hans. Hans automatically puts the book as one of my most-anticipated. Bitch Planet, which has been plagued with delays, but which is amazing every time it does come out. Little Marvel is always adorable. Phonogram is Gillen and McKelvie, as is WicDiv, so both of those automatically get me excited, what with the pretty art and terrible jokes and how oh-so-clever they are. Siege is also Gillen, which means clever and with terrible puns, so it’s also awesome.

My September pull-list: Angela #3, A-Force #4, Little Marvel #4, Ms. Marvel #18, Secret Wars 2099 #5, Siege #3, Age of Apocalypse #4, Agent Carter #1, Years of Future Past #1, A-Force #5, Carol Corps #4, X-Tinction Agenda #4, E Is For Extinction #4, Ghost Racers #4. That puts me at 17 for the month, including the 3 from last week. That’s actually not too bad. And this month has most of my non-Marvel releases for the month.

CBR is doing a Top 100 DC and Marvel Characters thing. I submitted my top 10. I mostly bullshitted for DC, since I don’t read them – Batgirl was my #1, because Barbara Gordon’s a librarian – but here’s my Marvel list:

1. Kitty Pryde
2. Cyclops
3. Karma
4. Miss America Chavez
5. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
6. Rockslide
7. Finesse
8. Squirrel Girl
9. Goldballs
10. Lady Stilt-Man

It probably says something about me that my top 10 Marvel characters consist almost entirely of characters created in the last 15 years, with only 3 exceptions – Kitty and Karma as ’80s characters, Cyclops as a ’60s character. It’s also dominated by women, with only three men. And most of those women are actually original characters, not legacy – Ms. Marvel and Lady Stilt-Man are both legacy characters, and Miss America does technically share the name of a Golden Age character, though it hardly counts. The characters are also mostly more positive. Miss America’s cynical, and Finesse is ruthless, and Cyclops was always serious and has gone through some darker times lately, but the others have always been optimistic. Just the same, I hope the characters I love do say something positive about me.

I mentioned last week about some Kickstarters I’d supported. Women In Practical Armour was just over $500 short of reaching one of the stretch goals, which would’ve been a second book, Women In Comfortable Shoes. It’s a shame they didn’t reach that goal, especially with how close they came. $550. The stretch goal was for $20 000, and they hit $19 447.

Olive and the Underworld is still nearly $3000 short of its goal, with a couple weeks to go. Epic Canadiana, an anthology of Canadian superhero stories, needs less than $300 over the next week to reach its goal. Come on, throw some love at Canadian content! Oath Anthology of New Heroes, an anthology of queer superhero stories, needs just over $2500 over the next week. Clockwork Corpse, a steampunk-dystopian novel, has pretty well stalled out at $40. With only a week to raise the other $540, it looks doubtful that it’ll happen. That’s a shame.

My mom tried to save a couple baby squirrels she found. One of them lasted pretty much the whole day, but they did all die. That’s a shame. I was hoping to have a pet squirrel. If any had managed to survive, I would’ve written a letter to Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. But it didn’t happen. So, for now, I will continue waiting for Emma Rios on Cloak & Dagger before writing my first-ever fan letter.

My Little Pony comes back on Saturday! It’s been on a mid-season break the past couple months. It’ll be good to get new episodes again. I’m enjoying going back through the series, though. On Saturday, I watched A Friend In Deed. The Smile Song is seriously one of the best songs ever. It’s just so infectiously happy. It’s like the happiest song ever, and it’s really sweet and it does make me smile.

My schedule for the week: 4-9:30 tomorrow, 4:30-10 Thursday, 7-11 Saturday, 2:30-11 Sunday. My next pull list will go up Tuesday. I’ll have posts Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Those will cover New Mutants #44, New Mutants Annual #2, and X-Factor #9.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week, finally.

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