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X-Men comics for September 16 2015

September 16, 2015

It’s hot. Here’s comics.

Age of Apocalypse #4, by Fabian Nicieza and Iban Coello. Cannonball is the first victim of the Legacy Virus, as he blows up. Magneto tries to attack Apocalypse, but Sinister stops him and points out that the Virus works by affecting mutant powers. So using those powers is a bad idea. Iceman, who’d been blown up in the first issue, makes his return through rain, freezing Apocalypse solid. Meanwhile, Scott has led Wolverine and Burner to one of Beast’s labs. They find where Nemesis had been keeping Jean, but she’s not there. But Havok is. This is another solid issue. The plot continues to advance. Doug, at this point, has been largely superfluous, and still hasn’t done anything, but I’m guessing he’ll get his big moment next issue. The fight against Apocalypse is fun. The issue is plenty dark, but it also has some nice hopeful moments, which is key in a story like this. Coello takes over on art. I’m not sure why. But I do like his work more than Sandoval’s. It’s a lot less angular. It doesn’t have quite the same ’90s vibe to it, but it still works well for the story. So the artist shift works in my favour. It’s a good comic. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends.

House of M #3, by Dennis Hopeless, Cullen Bunn and Ario Anindito. Everyone’s drowning. Lorna saves them all by ripping a hole in the wall. Magneto is ready to kill the human resistance members, but Lorna says they need to keep them alive until they can find out what happened to his powers. She also points out that the water attack means they should probably pull back. Namor and Quicksilver enter the castle, but there’s no sign of Magneto or Polaris. SHIELD sends in Wolverine’s team for some action. Quicksilver steps in and declares himself king and orders SHIELD to stand down. He makes an announcement on TV to that effect, and Polaris points out she warned Magneto that Quicksilver was up to something. Misty wakes up and tries to shoot Magneto, but Polaris blocks the shot. Elsewhere, Wanda is crazy mad. SHIELD tries to block her from talking to Quicksilver. Angry Wanda is Powerful Wanda. This is still pretty good. Some nice twists here and there. The art is a definite improvement. Once again, the artist was changed halfway through the series, but Anindito is way better than Failla. He’s got a nice, pleasant style. This isn’t his best work – it feels pretty rushed – but it’s a damned sight better than Failla. Hopeless and Bunn are still telling an interesting story with some good character work. It’s pretty decent.

That’s the X-titles. And one more comic:

Agent Carter #1, by Kathryn Immonen and Rich Ellis. It starts in 1966, over the North Atlantic, as Peggy and Dum Dum fire big guns out the back of a Helicarrier. For fun, apparently. He’s called her in for advice on a new recruit. The new recruit is Sif. Sif! Peggy thinks it’s an insane idea, but shows her around a bit. First, lunch, where Sif gets a large and unappetizing sandwich. An alarm goes off, and then there’s an explosion, Then an alert goes out to abandon ship. Then the Helicarrier blows up a little. And things continue to go poorly. It’s a really fun comic. Carter and Sif make a fun pairing – I’d love to see more of them together, actually. Especially if Immonen writes it. The twist is predictable but still satisfying, especially how Carter reacts to it. One thing I find weird about reading these comics is I always hear Hayley Atwell’s voice for Peggy now. In the comics, Peggy’s American, but I cannot get that English accent out of my head. Oh well. Immonen does write a great Peggy. Strong and clever and fun. Same with Sif. Ellis’ art is good. It looks nice. There’s some nice little visual gags – the sandwich, or a box dropping on Sif’s head. It’s a good comic overall. And it makes me want Marvel to give Immonen another ongoing, dammit.

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  1. Yeah, it’s about time Marvel does give Immonen an ongoing.

    Age of Apocalypse is good as expected. A lot of action, yet there’s still room for some very good drama. Also the way Apocalypse dies is perfectly fitting.

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