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Pull list for September 23 2015

September 21, 2015

I’m off Wednesday. Yay. It’ll be nice, after a week straight.

I’ll go to the store for: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson and David Lopez; X-Tinction Agenda #4, by Marc Guggenheim and Carmine Di Giandomenico; Years of Future Past #5, by Marguerite Bennett and Mike Norton.

I’ll also review: Deadpool vs. Thanos #2, by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc.

So that’s 3 comics I’m buying, and 4 reviews. A pretty light week.

I’m most excited for all three comics. Carol Corps will actually be the end of KSD’s time with Captain Marvel (and her time with Marvel). That’s very bittersweet. So I’m excited to see how her time finishes. X-Tinction Agenda has been a fun follow-up to one of the great early X-overs. Guggenheim is telling a fun story that builds logically on the classic story. And Years has just been great. I didn’t buy the big twist at the end of the previous issue, but I’m expecting one hell of a finale. Bennett’s actually been marking herself as a writer to follow. Years has been great, Angela’s great, her DC Bombshells weekly digital comic has been getting a lot of love. She’s a talented writer, and one to keep an eye on. Which brings m to something else, actually.

So, apparently, there’s a new creator-owned publisher starting in December. AfterShock Comics, launched by Mike Marts and Joe Pruett. The very first solicits are here. The one that strikes my fancy is InSeXts, by Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina. I just talked about how good Bennett is, and Kristantina did really good work with Wolverines. (Also, she’s Indonesian, and it’s always nice seeing women of colour getting work.) So it’s two female creators I like. And it’s got a great premise – set in Victorian England, with a Lady and her maid using body horror to get revenge. It’s a horror comic, which I don’t normally care for, but Bennett has said that Kristantina’s art is actually too pretty to be really gruesome, which changes the tone a lot. Instead of being straight horror, it’s romantic horror, which sounds really cool. Plus, I do like me some lesbians, and the Lady and her maid are apparently lovers. So, I might at least pick up the first issue, since my pull list for December will be small anyway. Even with four Image titles (8house: Mirror, Phonogram, Pretty Deadly, WicDiv), my pull list will be smaller than usual.

I should talk about the new episode of My Little Pony. It’s great. It’s a Film Noir parody. And it’s perfect. I loved it.

It’s been two months since I won anything from Goodreads. That’s a long time. It’s a little frustrating.

Last week, I said I didn’t know what my schedule was. Turns out, my schedule was all the days. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all 3-11. I actually had today off, but took someone’s shift for 10:30-7. Which was a mistake. Ugh. And tomorrow’s 10:30-4, so I’ll probably have a review.

My schedule for this week: 2:30-11 Thursday, 1-6 Saturday, 1-6 Sunday, 3-7:30 Monday, 6-10:30 next Wednesday. My next pull list post will be Monday. I’ll have posts Friday and Tuesday. Apparently, part-time employees like me are going to have a slight change to our schedules. Our shifts can no longer exceed 5 hours. And a 5-hour shift will no longer include a meal break. So, basically, they’ve just completely gotten rid of lunch breaks for part-time employees. Which sucks. We also can’t go a week without running out of regular-sized bags, for some reason. Seriously, we run out every single week, and have to use big bags for everything. It’s stupid. Wal-Mart sucks.

That’s it for this week.

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