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X-Men comics for September 23 2015

September 23, 2015

There was no post yesterday because I was too tired. But now, comics.

Years of Future Past #5, by Marguerite Bennett and Mike Norton. Cameron is still trying to convince Chrissie that mutants deserve extinction. She disagrees. He leaves to head over to where the X-Men have brought down Kelly’s plane. Before Cameron can kill Kelly, Chrissie arrive, with Kate and Wolverine, riding on Lockheed’s back. Kate goes after Rachel for wanting to kill Chrissie. Chrissie gets Kelly onto Lockheed’s back, and after getting her arms heated up, goes after Cameron again. This is a dark issue. Even by the standards of this mini, this issue is a downer. It really does end up feeling like the end of the X-Men. Not because the X-Men get killed – the ones who were alive at the end of the last issue are still alive for the end of this one, with one exception – but because of the sense of hopelessness. The ending has a little bit of vagueness to it that’s really cool. Bennett does a fantastic job. Norton’s great, too. He gets across the anger and hopelessness. He also draws fierce-looking tigers, and good action. The big death in the issue is drawn dramatically. This was a great series, and I’m hoping Marvel gives Bennett more work soon. Angela’s great, but I’d like her to get a second ongoing with Marvel. Though I suppose that depends on whether she has the time for it, since she’ll also be launching her creator-owned InSeXts in December. You know, it occurs to me, Bennett has the potential to be Marvel’s next Remender: A writer who specializes in very dark stories. It does seem to be what she does best. It’s just a matter of Marvel giving her the push. Oh, wait, she’s a woman, she’s not going to get a good push.

X-Tinction Agenda #4, by Marc Guggenheim and Carmine Di Giandomenico. Hodge is back, while the X-Men are still fighting each other. Hodge is kicking ass, and even a massive boom from Bombshell doesn’t do anything. On the plus side, the other X-Men finally agree to stop fighting each other. Rictor gets a spear through the head, so he’s gone. But the fight goes on. And has a big-ass climax. This was a pretty good final issue. Some nice strategies used, even if most of them didn’t do much. There’s the requisite reuniting of the two splintered groups to work together again. The final page was an especially neat touch – a nice little “new beginnings” deal. But I hate the art. Hate it. CDG’s art drags the issue down. He’s just not good. He’s not good at facial expressions, and he’s also not very good at action. Some of the great strategies used don’t look like anything. Still, this was a fun little mini, and a fun revisit to one of the great X-overs.

Deadpool vs. Thanos #2, by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc. Thanos dictates a letter to Death, then he and Deadpool head to an abandoned Shi’ar mining station. Deadpool asks about Thanos cursing him, and Thanos says it was because he hates Deadpool, and he knows Deadpool hates himself, so he took Deadpool’s ability to escape from himself. Then they get attacked. It’s a bunch of people who want to die. Deadpool tries to oblige them. The fight is ended when Thanos introduces himself. The aliens are a bunch of Death-worshipers, so they respect Thanos. In order to get another clue from Death, Thanos kills Deadpool again. Then the Guardians of the Galaxy show up. Another OK issue. First off, why is Thanos in a space suit in this issue. He doesn’t need one. He’s never needed one. It’s just stupid to give him one. However, let’s move past that why is Thanos wearing a spacesuit he’s routinely survived the vacuum of space without one he’s never been shown as needing a spacesuit in his entire existence! Um. Anyway. Thanos is actually written reasonably well here. He’s smart, cunning, and not actually a villain. He’s always more interesting when he’s fighting to protect the universe than when he’s just a psycho killer. Deadpool’s not terribly funny, though. Seeley’s humour just isn’t very strong. Bondoc’s art isn’t my style, either. It’s fairly similar to someone like Ron Lim – the classic Thanos artist, from Starlin’s ’90s work with the character – but just different enough to be less pleasant. This isn’t the worst Deadpool comic of the year – not by a long shot – but it’s not that great.

That’s the X-titles. Here’s something else.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson and Laura Braga. The Corps gets ready to fight 8 Thors. Helen and Rhodey decide to stay on the ground, while the others take to the air. There’s a nice little moment between Carol and Rhodey that hints at their relationship in the normal continuity (which I do hope continues). Carol leads the Thors on a chase, and leads them right over a bomb set by Helen and Rhodey. The Thors are knocked down, but get back up and into the air, right into the Banshees, who start shooting them up. Meanwhile, Carol and Kit beat the crap out of each other. Carol tells Kit they want to see the stars the hammers are made from, and want the truth. Kit decides to help by distracting the other Thors. That gives Carol and her Corps a chance to make a break for the Void. It’s a good final issue. A nice sign-off to KSD’s run on Captain Marvel. The drive, the determination, the badassedness, the compassion, the curiosity – the things that make Carol who she is are all on display, both in Carol and in her Corps. There’s definitely an element of KSD showing love to the fans, through the Banshee Squadron. The story is good, and really sweet, and ends on another vague note – it doesn’t actually show us what Carol and the Corps find up in the Void. Which is kinda nice, actually. Laura Braga does the art for this final issue. I’m not sure why Lopez didn’t do it, but honestly, I’m glad of the change. I have no problem with Lopez’s art, but Braga’s art just feels like it works better. It’s expressive, and it’s got a nice sense of motion, and it’s just really nice on the eyes. It’s a great match for the characters and story. I’m really going to miss KSD on Captain Marvel. But I am excited to see what Butters and Fazekas do with the book.

Runaways #4, by Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene. Jubilee is pissed about them leaving behind Amadeus and Delphyne, but Tyrone says they need to be smart about rescuing them. Sanna apologizes to Delphyne and Amadeus for getting them captured, but that she couldn’t run away with people who hate her. Delphyne says Sanna should have just asked Jubilee out. The team launches a revolution at the school, while Jubilee looks for Amadeus and Delphyne. Jubilee comes across Sanna, and it turns out Delphyne was right about them. I really just reviewed this to say what happens with Jubilee in it. It does remind me of something, though. Allegedly, according to Bleeding Cool and its anonymous sources, Dennis Hopeless was told he couldn’t have Quicksilver and Namor in a relationship in House of M, because “it would confuse readers” to have alternate versions of characters as gay. This mini, of course, had Jubilee and Pixie as exes, and ends with Jubilee dating another girl. Soooo . . . I don’t think I trust Bleeding Cool’s anonymous sources on this one. I tend to be automatically sceptical of anonyous sources in general. It’s way too easy for someone to stir up shit when they don’t have to give their name.


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  1. I can’t wait for Secret Wars to end so that we can get to a more normal release schedule. Marvel’s still not great at staggering their releases, but it’ll be an improvement.

    Anyway, Years of Future Past 5 is good. And I agree that Marguerite Bennett should be given a chance on something. She clearly understands the X-men franchise and she’s a good writer. Looking forward to her Angela: Queen of Hel run.

    Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps 4 is the perfect sendoff to Kelly Sue DeConnick’s fantastic run on Carol Danvers. Good action, great dialogue and somehow adding “higher, faster, further, more” into the narration that fits.

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