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Pull list for September 30 2015

September 28, 2015

I work Wednesday, 6-10:30. I shouldn’t have a problem getting reviews up.

I’ll go to the store for: E Is For Extinction #4, by Chris Burnham, Dennis Culver and Ramon Villalobos; Ghost Racers #4, by Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon.

I’ll also review: Inferno #5, by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Garron.

So that’s two comics I’m picking up, and three reviews. Another really light week.

I’m most excited for . . . I have two comics. Both have been great, though. So I’m excited to see what happens in them.

The newest episode of My Little Pony was really good, again. It actually makes three Rarity-heavy episodes in a row, which I’m fine with, because Rarity’s great. Twilight’s boredom was hilarious to watch. One thing I found weird: Rarity mentions that she and Applejack will miss the Sisterhooves Social. I figured this would set up Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle joining them in Manehattan, but nope. Apparently, a different episode will show the Sisterhooves Social. (I do like that Rarity seems to feel bad about missing it. It’s a nice little callback to her and Sweetie Belle bonding over it before.) I’ll be watching the new movie, Friendship Games, pretty soon.

My last paycheck was really big. I think I got vacation pay or something. It’s some extra money I wasn’t expecting, which is great. So now, of course, I need to figure out something to spend it on. I need a new mouse, and I wouldn’t mind getting a cooling pad for my laptop. I haven’t had any problems with my laptop, but I’d like to be safe. I never turn it off, so there’s the risk of it heating. I might order a couple books, too. I’d like to read The Bone Flower Throne, by T.L. Morganfield. I read The Bone Flower Queen, which is the second book in the trilogy, and I loved it. So I’d like to read the first book. I want to read Drawn To Marvel, which is an anthology of poems inspired by superheroes. I mean, obviously I want to read that. Why the hell would I not want to read that? It sounds amazing. There’s a couple graphic novels I’d love to get, first among them being Scooter Girl, by Chynna Clugston Flores. I’ve read and enjoyed Flores’ Blue Monday series. I also wouldn’t mind checking out more of Faith Erin Hicks’ graphic novels. Adventures of Superhero Girl was fantastic.

I also want to read The Journal of the Two Sisters, a My Little Pony book. Shut up.

So I’ve got a few things I could probably blow a couple hundred dollars on. Just to get a nice splurge out of my system. I’ll probably still give it a little while before I go ahead and do that, though.

Tonight is the debut of of Trevor Noah as host of the Daily Show. It’ll be interesting to see how he does. I figure I’ll give him at least a week to impress me. If his first week does nothing for me, I’ll probably stop watching. But I’ll give him the week. At the very least, he can’t do worse than Larry Wilmore. The Nightly Show is just not a good show at all.

And Agents of SHIELD starts back up tomorrow. So I’ve suddenly got shows to watch.

My schedule for the week: 6-10:30 Wednesday, 6-11 Friday, 1-6 Saturday, 1-6 Sunday, 5:30-11 Tuesday. Next pull list on Tuesday, reviews as normal next Wednesday. Post on Thursday and Monday. Those will be for New Mutants #45 – a Very Special Episode issue – and X-Factor #10, which is a Massacre tie-in. Tomorrow, of course, I’ll be reviewing Uncanny X-Men #211, the big kick-off of the Mutant Massacre.

And that’s all I’ve got to say this week.

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