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X-Men comics for September 30 2015

September 30, 2015

It’s comic book day. But only barely, with how light this week is.

E Is For Extinction #4, by Chris Burnham, Dennis Culver and Ramon Villalobos. A flashback shows Cassandra hopping from Xavier’s mind to Jean’s, right as Xavier blew his own brains out. After, in the Phoenix Egg, Jean was talking with Xavier and Cassandra, the two of them warring for Jean’s soul. Cassandra won, and now, she controls the Phoenix. Scott tries to talk to Jean, bring her out. Nope! She sends all the defeated young X-Men against the remaining Old X-Men. And Wolverine comes up with an idea for defeating Cassandra. I’ll be honest, the ending annoyed me, because it promotes the bullshit Jean/Wolverine ship. I hate that ship. Hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. So that dragged the issue down for me. Before that, it was great. Lots of intense drama. The premise – Xavier and Cassandra warring over the soul of Jean and the power of the Phoenix – was pretty cool. The writing was great. The art, as always, will be something of an acquired taste, but it’s similar to Quitely’s New X-Men work, which helps keep the tone of that book, so it works really well here. I really enjoyed this mini.

Inferno #5, by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Garron. Darkchild is watching demons playing while eating a hot dog. N’astirh walks over, holding his decapitated head, to brief her on the fight against the X-Men. Sinister and the X-Men work out a plan for defeating Darkchild: Sinister’s demon-clone army with explosive hands, and Colossus’ big-ass magic sword. Maddie tries to kill Sinister, but is stopped by his clones. She takes over Boom-Boom’s mind, and has her blow Sinister up pretty good. That gets his clone army upset. And then Darkchild makes her appearance. The only surviving X-Men are Colossus, Domino and Boom-Boom, and Colossus goes after his sister. Pretty good finale to a pretty good mini. Dark and tense and dramatic. All the X-Men dying was a bit of a downer, but hey, it’s that kind of book. At least Boom-Boom survived. That’s what’s important. Because Boom-Boom is awesome. Garron’s art was good. Good comic.

And one last comic.

Ghost Racers #4, by Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon. Gabe has been turned into a Racer. The race includes a T-Rex riding a jet, and a four-armed guy riding a flaming elephant. That really should be enough to get you interested. Anyway, Robbie busts back in to save his brother. More insanity, and a big showdown. This comic is delightfully insane. T-Rex riding a fighter jet! Come on! You know you want to see that. You know you do. That is a pure “I love comics” thing right there. Even aside from that, it’s a great comic. Great writing, great art. Ghost Racers was great. I really hope Felipe Smith gets more Marvel work. I’d prefer if he was on a relaunched Robbie Reyes title, but that probably won’t happen. Reyes is probably going to drop into limbo for a long time. He’ll be brought back in a few years, after a couple more Ghost Rider volumes fail, in order to be killed off in another volume of Ghost Rider that’ll fail.


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  1. I’m so glad that we’re getting back to at least a semi-regular shipping schedule next month. this Secret Wars event has screwed with everything, and that’s not even considering the delays.

    Anyway, Inferno was a fun event and it’s made me curious about the original. Would you recommend it?

    • The original Inferno is definitely a great event. It featured the first meeting of X-Men and X-Factor. It was dark and intense. It had some flaws, but it was a fun event. Interestingly, Claremont was only writing one of the books that took part – Louise Simonson had taken over New Mutants by then, in addition to still writing X-Factor.

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