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X-Factor #11 (1986, December)

October 22, 2015

More from the Massacre! By the Simonsons, “Redemption!”


That corner box almost feels cruel, given what’s soon going to happen to Angel.

It starts with three Morlocks attacking Beast and Iceman, thinking them Marauders. Elsewhere, Scott and Jean are walking back with Angel and Artie – see my comments on the Thor comic further down – with Jean saying she keeps flashing back to the battle. Artie tries to convey Angel’s message to Jean. Scott interprets it as Angel being in love with Jean, and feels guilty about his own jealousy. They come across Beast and Iceman fighting the Morlocks, and break it up. The Morlocks agree to go back to X-Factor HQ. Caliban wakes up and freaks out over all the Morlocks being dead. They hear a sound and rush to safety before Thor’s lightning clears the tunnels.

Angel’s taken to an ambulance outside, while reporters are gathered in a media circus. Later on, some of the Morlocks, the ones who attacked Beast and Iceman, slip away. They go to the docks, and get attacked by a gang. One of the Morlocks is killed, and one of the gang guys manages to call 911. In the hospital, Scott and Jean worry about Angel, and see a TV report about the fight on the pier.

Down in Atlanta, a veteran in an iron lung is visited by Apocalypse, who wants him to be War.

Scott and Jean reach the pier. Two cops are arguing about whether mutants are bad, while two of the Morlocks argue about whether they should kill everyone. Scott blasts the Morlocks out of cover, and the female Morlock gets shot and killed. The leader of the group freaks out and starts attacking. Scott blasts him, and knocks him into the water, killing him. Masque is the only one of the group left alive. I guess Weezie probably figured Masque still had potential. He was the only one she didn’t create for this issue, so maybe she figured she didn’t have the right to kill him. Anyway, Scott feels like shit for killing the Morlock, and one of the cops feels bad, too, for killing the girl.

Meanwhile, Vanisher is telling Boom Boom to give him a purse she stole. She slips a bomb in it before giving it to him. He yells at her, and she says he has no sense of humour, and that she’s leaving. And back at the hospital, the doctor tells Scott and Jean they’ll have to amputate Angel’s wings.

Boom Boom! She’s going to join the cast of the book! I love Boom Boom. She’s such a fun character. We also actually get a little set-up for an upcoming New Mutants spin-off limited series, Fallen Angels, involving Vanisher’s little gang of thieves. That was a fun series, actually. But I should probably talk about this issue. It’s an OK one. The Morlocks we see are really bland and uninteresting. Not a big loss that they’re dead. We get too little plot development, on all fronts. There’s just nothing really happening here. It’s mostly about a handful of paranoid Morlocks who don’t want to hang out with other mutants. Thrilling. Walter’s art is good, though I don’t think it’s a great match for this book. As I said before, it’s a lot of sharp edges, which works on some books, but I feel like this series would work better with a different style. This series still hasn’t found its footing. But that is about to change.

Also, Thor #374, by Walter Simonson and Sal Buscema. The Marauders – Blockbuster, Harpoon and Vertigo – return to fight Thor. He chases them off again, then takes Angel down from where he’s pinned up. He’s not sure whether he should try to keep Angel alive, or let him die and go to Valhalla. Either way, he starts carrying him away. Later on, Sabretooth is talking to Harpoon and Blockbuster, and mocks Blockbuster for not being a match for Thor. Blockbuster gets annoyed and goes searching for Thor for another rematch. Thor finds Artie hiding in a tunnel, and tries to lead him out, but Blockbuster shows up, smashing through the ceiling and stomping Thor’s arm, breaking it. He keeps pounding on Thor, but Angel jumps on his back, distracting him long enough for Thor to finish him. That done, Artie leads Thor to Scott and Jean. After he gives them Angel, they make a quick splint for Thor’s arm. Scott wonders what to do about all the dead, and Tho promises to give them a Viking funeral. This was another good issue. Some cool fights. Pretty decent work with X-Factor’s cameo. I liked it.

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