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New Mutants #47 (1987, January)

October 27, 2015

Well, the Massacre is over, so now for something completely different. By Claremont and Guice, “My Heart For the Highlands.”

My Heart for the Highlands

That is some curly-ass hair on Karma on the far left.

The Mutants are unconscious in Limbo. Sunspot wakes up and sees Illyana carried off by demons. He can’t power up, and the Mutants aren’t waking up. He wonders if he should leave Illyana to her fate, but doesn’t want to turn his back on a teammate. He finds her on an altar, and she gets stabbed with her own Soulsword. It wakes her up and changes her costume. The two head back and wake the other Mutants, and then they start discussing the situation. Warlock says they should just send him to his father and let him die, but they refuse. Dani says hopeless battles are part of the Cheyenne way, and Sam agrees by mentioning his own family fought for the Confederacy. The fact that the Cheyenne and Confederacy both ultimately lost their respective wars doesn’t get pointed out.

Then Magus attacks. It’s a pretty hopeless fight, but Karma manages to possess him for just a moment, long enough for Illyana to teleport the Mutants out of Limbo.

Back at Xavier’s, Moira is drinking coffee and worrying about Rahne. Magneto comes in to make an actual meal, so they can both keep their strength up. He believes the Mutants are still alive.

The Mutants pop out back on Earth, and see some riders. Knights, chasing after some Scots. Bobby refuses to let anyone be killed, and Rahne refuses to let non-Scots kill Scots. The rest of the Mutants are forced to get involved. The English knights are eventually chased off, though not before all the Mutants get a moment to do something. The leader of the Scots group thanks them for their help, and Rahne recognizes him as Robert the Bruce.

They accompany to a nearby keep, where he says he’ll soon have to flee further north to avoid another English attack. He also gives Rahne a fancy pendant. Sunspot – now in a kilt – thinks they should stay in the past and help Robert. The others say they can’t stay, and Bobby asks if they’re just going to keep running. Robert says it’s sometimes what has to be done. Warlock checks to see if Limbo is clear of Magus’ presence, and it is.

In the morning, Robert rides off, and Rahne says that he eventually wins and secures Scotland’s independence for a few hundred years more. She also mentions that she gave Robert her belt as a memento.

This is an OK issue, but not great. It’s uneven, and comes across as a bit of a filler issue, for some reason. No plots really get advanced, there isn’t much in the way of character advancement. There just isn’t really anything happening, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much point to it. In fact, I had completely forgotten about this issue, and it actually makes me change my mind a little about the previous issue: I feel like the previous issue could’ve used a little more padding, with most of the latter half moved into this issue, and then the latter half of this issue – the stuff with Robert the Bruce, removed completely. My mom’s from Scotland, and I’m proud of my Scottish heritage, so it was a little cool seeing Robert the Bruce. But it wasn’t necessary. It didn’t need to be done, and it didn’t add anything.

The art was good. I’m not completely behind Guice’s take on Limbo. It didn’t feel dark or creepy enough. And, I don’t know, the art’s fine, but it doesn’t really do anything for me, somehow. It’s just kinda there.

So, not a great issue.

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