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X-Men comics for October 28 2015

October 28, 2015

I ended up watching Supergirl last night. I won’t be watching that any more. I also created a Twitter for some reason. But here’s comics!

House of M #4, by Dennis Hopeless, Cullen Bunn and Ario Anindito. The human rebels, with Magneto and Polaris, sneak into one of Magneto’s Human Reeducation Centres to free the prisoners there for an attack on Quicksilver. Outside, some Sentinels attack, and the New Avengers – Wiccan, Speed, Hulking, Stature and Miss America (yay!) take them out. With a whole bunch of superheroes freed, it’s time to attack the castle. While the Avengers fight SHIELD, Magneto goes into the castle to confront Quicksilver. Quicksilver tries to justify his attack by saying he was protecting the mutants. Polaris also shows up, but Namor attacks Polaris and Magneto from behind. He’s going to kill everyone and take over himself. This is a good finale to the series. We get to see Speed and Wiccan taking a little more active a role. It was cool seeing Miss America, though on the other hand, she probably shouldn’t have been there. She’s supposed to be unique in the Multiverse. I’m just gonna say it’s the same Miss America from A-Force, and she just happened to be visiting her friends when the whole civil war kicked off, and decided to help out before going back to Arcadia in time for the events of A-Force. That’s my head-canon, I’m sticking to it. Either way, I like her, so it was cool seeing her show up. Anindito’s art is pretty good. It’s a bit odd at times. Some panels seem almost smeared a little. Overall, this was a pretty decent mini, but not one of the best.

Deadpool vs. Thanos #4, by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc. Eternity is telling Death she can’t understand what it’s like to lose so much of himself to her, and that he won’t be judged by her. Thanos, Deadpool and Black Talon pop in, and Thanos tries to get some respect from Death, but she immediately turns to Deadpool for flirting. Thanos gets pissed and smashes Deadpool right through the cage Death is in. Eternity gets pissed next, so Death powers up Deadpool and Thanos with her power so they can kick his ass. Thanos starts killing Eternity, and Deadpool tries to stop him, but gets thrown into Eternity, where Captain Universe powers him up. This is a pretty OK finale. I can’t think of much to say about it. It gets into a bit of a lecture about the wonders of life and death and all that crap. Meh.

And that’s all the X-Men comics. So here’s other stuff.

Angela: Queen of Hel #1, by Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto and Stephanie Hans. We start with the new status quo: Angela and Sera have conquered Hel.Then we cut back 8 months, to Angela arriving in Hel. Sera’s narration explains Hel, saying it’s punishment for the wicked, reward for the righteous, and “pretty chill” for everyone else. Her words. Something attacks Angela, and brings back a memory of the pair beating a monster, then heading to Angela’s home in Heven. This seems to have been early in their friendship. Sera has bad dreams, so Angela lets her sleep in her room. Later on, the two go into a forest, and get attacked by hierophant, there to bring Sera back to the temple. Angela kicks its ass, and swears to Sera that she’ll never go back to the temple. And then there’s kissing. So, yes, confirmation of them being lovers. And then the memory ends, and Angela finds Sera. This is fantastic. Sera’s narration is a lot of fun. And then the entire flashback is amazing. That section was drawn by Hans, so obviously, it’s jaw-dropping gorgeous. The panels of Angela and Sera kissing might be more romantic than any kiss you have ever seen in a comic. Hans injects such love into the moment. Jacinto’s art is great, too. Just not as great as Hans’, because damn. And Bennett tells a great story. She gives both Angela and Sera good voices, and the whole flashback to how they fell in love is really sweet and romantic. This is such a wonderful book. I definitely recommend it. And not just because it has two girls making out. (Also, Stephanie Hans favourited and replied to one of my tweets, about it being the most romantic kiss I’ve seen in a comic.)

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1, by Ryan North and Erica Henderson. We start with the gang – Squirrel Girl, Tippy-Toe, Nancy, Chipmunk Hunk and Koi Boi – saving people from a burning building. Man, New York gets a lot of burning buildings, doesn’t it? I mean, “burning building rescue” is a really common superhero staple. Anyway, after saving lives, they go to Doreen and Nancy’s new apartment. Mew is in a box. It’s an box, with the .com scratched out and replaced with .cat. That’s adorable. I love it. I love it so much. Whoever came up with that joke deserves an Eisner. Maybe even a Pulitzer. Anyway, we get a look at the teleporter that Doreen uses to get to Avengers Island for New Avengers business. Neat! Then she gets a call. Her ringtone is her theme song. That’s great. She grabs Nancy and they head off to meet Doreen’s parents. Nancy is initially reluctant, but takes a liking to Doreen’s mom as soon as the embarrassing stories start. Maureen also says that, according to a doctor, Doreen is medically and legally not a mutant. Cute joke. Doreen brings Nancy and her mom back to the apartment building, and they get attacked on the roof by Brain Drain, a robot Nazi villain with his brain and eyes in a jar. They beat him, then try to figure out what to do with him, finally deciding to repair him in a Robot Repair Montage Scene. We do also get to see the New Avengers food court, as an aside, and the names of the restaurants are hilariously punny. Waffle X Program. Soup thOR Salad. That sort of thing. This comic’s hilarious. It’s so damned funny. I actually have trouble understanding how anyone could not enjoy this book, because it’s an absolute delight. I mean, How can you beat that joke? You can’t, that’s how. Brain Drain is such a goofy villain, and his dialogue is this weird nihilistic stuff that’s hilarious. It reminds me of the German Ambassador character from The Colbert Report. “Chaos and murder are the only inventions of nature that humanity might one day truly understand.” The highlight comes when Tippy-Toe goes after some exposed wires. So great. I also love Nancy and Maureen. Nice to know that even Squirrel Girl can be embarrassed by her mom. Henderson’s art remains an adorable match for the writing, very expressive and fun. This book is just pure fun.

New Avengers #2, by Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval. The Maker is operating on some guy while talking about Life-Minus. It’s weird and hard to understand, which is appropriate given he’s completely insane. Cool, though. Then it cuts to the New Avengers fighting the Neohedron, the thing with on the cover that’s part-gorilla, part-scorpion, part-crystal (that part’s the head). It’s there with some converted SHIELD Enhanciles. Turns out the enhancements are Gamma in nature. Because that’s always a good idea. So now there’s crystal-headed Hulks. White Tiger and Squirrel Girl fight them. They make a good team. But then the Neohedron converts them, so now they have crystal heads. Including Tippy-Toe. Crystal-headed squirrel. Back at WHISPER HQ, the Maker is visited by an Old Ghost, of the Fifth Cosmos. Apparently, the one we’re reading is the 8th. Mor-I-Dun decides to stick around. And the New Avengers have to figure out a way to save their friends. This is a great issue. More big, crazy ideas. More fun humour. More clever uses of AIM. Some fun action. There’s not a whole lot of character exploration here yet, but I know Ewing, so I know it’s coming, and I look forward to it. We do get some weirdness with the Maker, who’s definitely setting himself up as a compelling villain. I’m still not keen on Sandoval’s art, as usual. Very sharp, very weird proportions. Though he does draw an adorable Squirrel Girl. Still, while I’m not keen on the art, it doesn’t keep me from loving this book.

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  1. Twitter’s actually a good way to share your blog around and increase your audience. You can set it so that your twitter automatically links to any blog posts you make. Same with Tumblr but I barely use that.

    I might pick up the House of M mini in trade; it sounds like it’s fun. Same goes for Squirrel Girl.

    Angela: Queen of Hel is off to a great start, and you almost don’t even notice that Kieron Gillen isn’t on the book anymore. Hopefully Marguerite Bennett has a bright future ahead of her in the comic industry because she’s clearly worthy of it.

    • Also yeah, Supergirl episode 1 isn’t that special. I like the character enough to give this at least one more episode, but it’s obnoxiously positive for my tastes for a show with hour-long episodes, and it’s silly that nobody was able to figure out her identity after she rescued the plane.

    • Have you checked out Aftershock Comics? The writers for their first books will be Garth Ennis, Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Jenkins, Brian Azzarello, Justin Jordan . . . and Marguerite Bennett. So, there’s clearly an expectation that she actually will become pretty prominent.

      As for Supergirl, it wasn’t the happiness that bothered me. I love My Little Pony – happy is not a problem. I just found the acting weak. It felt like the kind of acting you’d see on a CW show.

      And you should definitely pick up Squirrel Girl. It’s hilarious. It has been from the start. It’s also a really positive book, with Squirrel Girl beating most opponents by befriending them.

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