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Pull list for November 4 2015, Thoughts on new Star Trek

November 3, 2015

I’m off tomorrow, so no problem getting reviews up. Follow me on Twitter!

I’ll go to the store for: Extraordinary X-Men #1, by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos; My Little Pony Friends Forever #22, by Christina Rice and Jay Fosgitt; Uncanny X-Men #600, by Brian Bendis  and various artists.

I’ll also review: Deadpool #1, by Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne; Drax #1, by CM Punk, Cullen Bunn and Scott Hpeburn; Hercules #1, by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross; Vision #1, by Tom King and Gabriel Walta.

So that’s 3 comics I’m picking up, and 6 reviews. And some of those reviews are going to depend on my mood, to be honest.

I’m excited for the two X-Men comics, especially UXM #600. It’s been a looooong wait for this issue. Way too long. It’s ridiculous that Marvel delayed it so long. We’ll wait and see if it’s worth the wait. And then there’s Extraordinary, which will be the only X-Men title I’ll be getting physically. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this situation before. But I still refuse to forgive Hopeless for Arena, and UXM will be drawn by Greg frigging Land.

My November pull list: All-New All-Different Avengers #1 and #2; Angela: Queen of Hel #2; Extraordinary X-Men #1; Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1; Ms. Marvel #1; New Avengers #3; Silk #1; Spider-Man 2099 #3; Ultimates #1; Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2. So, 11 comics this month, I’m pretty sure. However! That’s just Marvel, and November features other comics I’m excited about. WicDiv and Phonogram, of course. WicDiv #16 will be the None More Goth issue, spotlighting the Morrigan, who’s great. But that’s not the Image comic that excites me most. Pretty Deadly #6! It’s back! November 18! Pretty Deadly! Yes! Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios bring back my favourite comic. It’s been too long.

But there’s more! November will also see the release, finally, of Hopeless Savages: Break, by Jen Van Meter and Meredith McClaren. I’ve read and loved the first three volumes of Hopeless Savages, so I know the new one will be great. And McClaren’s art is always stunningly gorgeous.

Some Kickstarters I’m backing: Seamstress, by N.S. Kane (@NSkanecomics) and Federico Zumel. It’s a comic about a pair of sisters who provide clothes for heroes and villains. It’s the kind of weird, fun, clever concept I can get behind. I enjoy stories in superhero settings that actually focus on regular people living in an insane world. Shadoweyes, by Sophie Campbell (@mooncalfe1). It’s about a teen black girl who gets shadow powers. Sophie Campbell, by the way, used to go by Ross Campbell, and achieved quite a bit of success as Ross. Apparently, she only came out as transgender earlier this year. That’s neat! She’s also the artist for the Jem & the Holograms comic, which is a great comic and worth reading.

And finally, there’s Vertoscope, an anthology with 16 stories about villains. I’m not familiar with any of the creators involved, but hey, it still looks like a fun book.

I’ve put my My Little Pony rewatch on hold, and am instead rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I watched the first episode Sunday night, and live-tweeted it. I really should’ve included a DS9 hashtag on each tweet, but it didn’t occur to me until after I’d finished the episode. Oh well. I’ll include it from now on, when I live-tweet the episodes as I rewatch them. Anyway, the first episode was really strong. The actors had a good handle on their characters right from the start. The story was interesting, and quickly established itself as distinct from TNG. DS9’s premiere was better than TNG’s premiere, definitely. I’m going to enjoy going through the series again. I remember how great the later seasons were, but I forgot that the early seasons were pretty good, too. And I’ve watched the second episode, which was also good. That one, I did include the DS9 hashtag as I live-tweeted. You can read that here. I liked the episode. It didn’t shy away from a complex political issue like terrorism, and it didn’t dumb things down too much. It didn’t advocate the guy’s stance, but neither did it treat him as bad.

And there’s apparently a new Star Trek series on the way. I hope it’s good. They just need go in the complete opposite direction that Abrams went in the movies. Less action, more exploration of the human condition, since that’s the whole point of the franchise. The Abrams movies were shitty Star Trek stories. The new show’s executive producer is the same guy who produced those movies, though, so that gives me reason to be worried. Because, seriously, those movies missed the entire point of the Star Trek franchise, so why should I trust that Kurtzman will figure it out by 2017? Ugh. One requirement for the show: An LGBT character in the main cast. This is non-negotiable. It’s long past time the Star Trek franchise included LGBT people. TNG tried to tackle it, kinda sorta, in one episode. DS9 had some lesbian stuff going on – an episode where Dax met a lover from a previous host, and the Mirror-Verse had both Kira and Ezri as bisexual. Voyager pretty much ignored it. And I didn’t watch Enterprise, but my understand is it ignored it, too. And then none of the movies had LGBT characters. So enough is enough. The new Star Trek series absolutely needs an LGBT character, as part of the main cast.

I do find the timing funny. I start rewatching DS9, and they announce a new Star Trek. Coincidence? Probably. But just a few nights ago, I was actually thinking it was just about time for them to do a new series. I was trying to think of how they could do it. The idea I came up with – which probably won’t be what happens, but if it does I’m declaring myself psychic – was to set it maybe 50 years after Voyager, with the discovery of a wormhole that leads to another galaxy entirely. The Milky Way’s been pretty well explored. There’s still plenty they could find, sure, but after TNG, DS9 and Voyager, the Milky Way doesn’t really feel as vast and unknown as it did. So, a new galaxy. Lots of entirely new races. My idea is that the Federation would’ve built a space station on the near side of the wormhole, and would’ve sent a few ships to the far side, and we’d follow one of those ships. And we’d get to see new races, and explore the complex socio-political situations of a new galaxy. It would be fun. And, of course, an LGBT character would be part of the main cast. Because, as I said, at this point, that is something they can’t not do. Their shitty history of LGBT representation means they have to have LGBT representation as part of the main cast of the new show.

My schedule for this week: 10:30-6:30 Thursday, 1:30-10 Friday, 2:30-11 Saturday, 1:30-10 Sunday, 11-7:30 Tuesday. So my next pull list will go up Tuesday, and I’ll have a post on Monday.

And that’s it for this week.

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