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X-Men comics for November 11 2015

November 11, 2015

I want to say “Happy Remembrance Day,” but that seems inappropriate. Solemn and Thoughtful Remembrance Day? Anyway, I’ve got comics to get to. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert).

All-New Wolverine #1, by Tom Taylor and David Lopez. It starts in Paris, with Laura casually taking out a couple bodyguards while trying to save some guy from an assassination. She takes some bullets from a sniper rifle getting him to his car. Including one to the head, which kicks off a flashback. She remembers an X-Force mission where she got hit by a bazooka. She apologizes to Wolverine for not killing the guy. Wolverine says killing is easy, but fighting the programming to kill is hard, and worth it. She wakes back up in Paris, her brain knitting itself together, and takes off her jacket and puts on the mask to show herself as the Wolverine. She heads up the Eiffel Tower and fights some woman in a weird mask, who jumps off the Tower when cops show up. Laura jumps off, too, and is caught by Angel. They chase after a drone. The twist at the end of the issue is rather interesting. Unexpected, and neat. This is a good comic. Laura is better-adjusted and more talkative than I’m really used to, but she’s had plenty of character development over the past few years, so it makes sense. Angel being part of her supporting cast is actually kinda neat. It’s cool that they’re still a couple. The art is really good. Lopez does a solid job. He’s very expressive, and he also does a great job with action. This is a good comic. And Laura’s a much more likable Wolverine than Logan was. Not just because she’s hot, but because she’s not an asshole.

And that’s it for the X-titles. But there’s other ANADM titles to talk about.

Ultimates #1, by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort. (I got the variant cover by the Dodsons, because I love the Dodsons’ art. The issue starts with some technobabble exposition from Blue Marvel. He talks about Neutronium, which had atoms that fell into structures of 7 and so couldn’t cohere in normal space. But with the destruction and recreation of the multiverse, it now forms structures of 8 atoms, making it stable. It’s being called Isometry-8, or Iso-8. And it’s immensely powerful. Blue Marvel speculates that they had been living in the 7th iteration of the universe, and are now in the 8th. Captain Marvel says they’re approaching the target site, and calls the Triskelion, in New York. One wing houses the ground crew for Captain Marvel’s Alpha Flight, a second houses the Wakandan embassy, and the third is for the Ultimates. That’s where Black Panther is right now. He shows the UN Secretary-General the first problem they’re dealing with: Galactus. Panther calls Monica and America, who are in another system, looking for something called the Incubator. Monica has no idea where to start, but luckily, America does. And then the attack starts, and Monica’s in her element: Fighting against weird stuff. She’s also impressed with America, who she can actually see moving, even though Monica’s seeing at light speed. This is great. It’s a lot of exposition, but it’s really interesting exposition, and it’s big cool ideas so it’s cool. We do also get some good character moments. Blue Marvel gets his nerd on. Carol gets a badass moment near the end (and we also get an answer to the ongoing question of whether Carol can breathe in space: If she has to). Monica also gets to be a little badass, and also gets to reference, indirectly, how messed up Nextwave was. America shows both her experience and a very subtle badass moment by moving at a fraction of the speed of light. So she can move much, much faster than humanly possible. Because she’s awesome. Ewing writes all the characters well. And Rocafort’s art is great. He draws the hell out of this book. It’s a great-looking book. This is definitely as great as I expected, and it looks like it’s just going to get better. This is a must-read series. It’s fantastic and if you like superhero comics, you should absolutely be reading this book.

All-New All-Different Avengers #1, by Mark Waid, Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar. It starts with Captain America rescuing a family whose car has gone over the side of the Queensboro Bridge. He even saves the dog, because he’s that kind of guy. Then, he’s asked to buy Girl Cadet cookies. He’s down to his last $5. Unfortunately, there are multiple Girl Cadets. Yes, Captain America faces the greatest challenge of his career: Deciding which Girl Scout to buy cookies from. Luckily, Tony Stark happens to be caught in the traffic jam, too, so Cap instead suggests they get their picture taken with him. The whole scene is hilarious. Tony then gives Sam a ride past Avengers Tower, which Stark has sold off. All his stuff is being boxed up and moved out, but it starts acting up, and something explodes out of it. It’s an alien guy! A Chitauri called Warbringer, who fought Nova. The guy who bought Stark Tower is there, he can understand the Chitauri language, and he’s pretty clearly evil. He invites Warbringer to join him in an evil plan. Spider-Miles is eavesdropping. This is a lot of fun. There is a little bit of an old-school vibe to it, while still being distinctly contemporary. There’s quite a bit of humour. The bad guy is charming. The characterization is really good. The art by Kubert is excellent. This is a solid comic, and I have hopes for where it goes. There’s a back-up story, too, about Ms. Marvel. Bruno and Nakia are debating over who should join the Avengers when the team re-forms. Kamala stays out of it because she doesn’t want to give away her secret identity. She does say Captain Marvel, of course. Nakia says no Wolverine, but Kamala and Bruno both think she’s pretty great. The debate is interrupted by Nova fighting a monster outside. Ms. Marvel joins the fight, trying to stop the monster without hurting it, while Nova keeps trying to hurt it to show off. Oh man, I love this story. Asrar does the art here, and it’s very expressive, which works so well for the story, which is really all about Ms. Marvel and Nova having no idea how to talk to each other. Ms. Marvel’s nervousness around other heroes makes her act ruder than she wants, and Nova’s nervousness around a pretty girl makes him act like kind of an idiot. He keeps trying to make jokes, but they keep coming out wrong, and it’s so cringe-inducingly funny. We now know why they don’t get along. This was just great. I loved it so much.

Secret Wars #7, by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic. It starts by talking about the Prophet, who appeared and started raising a rebellion against Doom. The Prophet turns out to be Maximus. During the fight, Captain Marvel tells Sinister it’s time to switch sides and attack the Goblin Queen’s forces. Apparently, Sinister hates Maddie’s tacky outfit. I love Sinister. Holocaust chops off Sinister’s head and brings it to talk to Apocalypse, who’s pleased to be in battle again. The castle of the Thors arrives, but the Thors are a little busy arguing amongst themselves after the Lady Thor told them Doom is a pretender. She leads some of them down to fight Doom’s forces. Then the Maestro arrives with an army of Hulks. With Castle Doom in absolute chaos, the 616 heroes develop a plan to slip into the castle. This is actually a pretty fun issue. It’s just utter madness, with all sorts of fighting going on, and things going back and forth. Unfortunately, that does leave no room for character stuff. Hopefully, we’ll get back to that soon. But that’s been Hickman’s weakness all along with his Avengers run: Lots of big, cool moments, which are diminished by a lack of character focus making it hard to care. Ribic’s art remains great, of course. He gets to draw lots of crazy stuff.

And I don’t feel like reviewing any of the other #1s from this week.

As an aside, in Web Warriors #1, Anya appears in a total of 5 panels (and her hair in a sixth) and gets a single line of dialogue. She’s totally an important part of this book, guys! It becomes clearer all the time that Costa doesn’t actually give a damn about Anya and didn’t really want her in the book.


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  1. Missed All-New Wolvie, partly ’cause I’m not super-obsessed with Laura but moreso because Tom Taylor disappointed me with Superior Iron Man. Still, you’re not the first person telling me it’s worth a go, so might go back for it next week.

    Ultimates was basically everything I wanted, and my hopes for it were insanely high to start with. Secret Wars was alright. I tend to prefer the slow, talky issues, while this one was just straight-up punching, so, eh. Still, a little more Hickman!Sinister will never go amiss.

    Also picked up Thors #4 and Illuminati #1. Thors was a delight the whole way through, and the expansion of Jane-Thor’s speech to the others is welcome, as it’s a bit too brief to seem effective in the main book. IIlluminati isn’t the evil team book I want…yet. #1 is pretty much a solo for Titania, but it’s a good one, touching on her main key relationships (with Absorbing Man and She-Hulk respectively) and making her effortlessly sympathetic by framing her as an ex-con trying to go straight but having her efforts backfire through no fault of her own. The art’s taking a lot of knocks online, and I hate to dogpile on it because it’s actually good…but it seems at odds with a book about villains. It’d honestly look more at home on Squirrel Girl, or maybe that upcoming Patsy Walker book. Something light and frothy. Even so, I’m sticking with it.

  2. Yeah, it’s good to mention Remembrance day, but saying Happy Remembrance Day does sound a bit inappropriate.

    All-New Wolverine was my favourite comic of the week, and considering how many good number 1’s there were, that’s saying a lot. It’s natural that Laura’s speech would change over time, this takes place 8 months after Secret Wars, and she still sounds a bit like her old self anyway. The awkward moment between her and Angel after her injuries was kind of sweet too.

    Ultimates is fantastic. Lots of great action, some very interesting exposition that explores the nature of this new universe, and a twist ending that could potentially lead to this series getting even more epic.

    ANAD Avengers is fun. The main story is a good mix of serious storytelling and fun, and Ms. Marvel’s backup story is hilarious. I hope it continues to be awkward between them after the team properly forms.

    Secret Wars 7 is so intense, but it’s actually good. Most events start to fall apart around this point but Secret Wars is still good. I hope the conclusion is worth the wait, and right now I’m feeling optimistic.

    I enjoyed Web Warriors 1, but I did notice that Anya barely shows up. It must be frustrating for her fans that she’s barely had any important roles in a while.

  3. I like X-23 but I-m not a fan of her and Angel. Idk, maybe it’s because the onlything interesting about Angel is his Archangel story but I never liked him.

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