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X-Men comics for November 25 2015

November 25, 2015

Hopeless Savages! I’ll actually have a review of that in my next pull list. But I have other comics today. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert).

All-New Wolverine #2, by Tom Taylor and David Lopez. Laura heads into Alchemax for a meeting with some security Captain and a scientist. They tell her about four experiments – people – who escaped, and who blew up a lab and everyone inside it. They all have Laura’s face, but the scientist says they have no humanity. He admits they’re her clones, but they don’t have her healing factor, claws or conscience. When she leaves, a couple guys follow her, but she quickly scares them off. Angel gives her a ride back to her apartment, where she finds one of the clones. The clone makes fun Laura’s apartment and the state of her fridge, and it’s actually pretty funny. She then says Alchemax is going to kill the clones. The conversation makes it clear that there’s a lot of complexity in the situation. This is another great issue. Really complex. Great writing. Great art. Laura’s humanity is on display, as she fights to keep anyone from dying. I’m not a big fan of the end of the issue, though. I’m hoping it’s not what it seems. It probably is. It seems like that kind of story. I do like the clones. Clones of a clone. That’s a really interesting idea, especially with them all having some differences from Laura. Height, in particular. And one is blonde, which looks so weird on Laura’s face. This is good. Worth reading.

And that’s actually the only X-comic this week. It’s going to take a while to get used to how few actual X-titles there’ll be, going forward. But anyway, there are other comics I can talk about.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1, by Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare and Natacha Bustos. We start with Lunella – whose wall has a bunch of rejection letters from prestigious schools like the Future Foundation – working on a Kree detector while her mom tells her she’s late for school. She rushes to school with shoes that turn into roller skates. I guess she’s a fan of old-school Iron Man. She loves science, but hates science class, because she’s too smart for it. Her shirt has a moon on it, so one of the kids calls her Moon Girl. Which Lunella doesn’t think is funny. That night, she goes out searching for Kree stuff, and finds a glowing orb. Then we cut back millions of years, to furry little cavemen dudes holding the same orb. Devil Dinosaur attacks, with Moon Boy. In the present, in gym class, Lunella examines the orb, but the coach sees her, and starts spinning it on his finger, which activates it. Some of the cavemen guys enter the portal created, and Moon Boy, who’s been beaten, sends Devil after them. This is good. It’s cute. Lunella’s a really good character. She reminds me a lot of early Peter Parker, actually. The intelligence and isolation. She doesn’t share his desire to fit in at school. She’s pretty contemptuous of her school in general, since she’s so far ahead of her class. But the intelligence and isolation. That was a key point of Peter Parker. Part of what was supposed to make him relatable to readers. She does have a better home life, though, with two living parents and what seems to be a pretty nice home. And, you know, she’s a black girl, so that’s a pretty big departure from Peter. But still! She’s obviously meant to be someone that readers, especially geeky young readers, relate to. She’s a good character. The art is great. Bustos has a very expressive style, and it’s very nice. It’s cute, but then she draws Devil Dinosaur looking pretty damned badass. He has flames coming out of his eyes. This is a good first issue, and it’s definitely looking like it’ll be an enjoyable series.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2, by Brian Bendis and Valerio Schiti. It really is only Kitty’s presence making me review this book. So I’ll stick to her role. She doesn’t do much. She chastizes Grimm for calling a Kree woman trying to kill them a “broad.” That’s about it, really. This is a very Bendis-ian issue. Lots of talking with a brief fight, and not very tightly scripted. That’s just his style.

Angela: Queen of Hel #2, by Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto and Stephanie Hans. Sera herself describes the story as Orpheus and Eurydice with a Nordic metal soundtrack. And yep. After making up, they start fighting their way through Hel. We also get a little more explanation of certain elements of Asgard’s Assassin. And some romance talk about whether what they have is still the same as it was. And then – big-ass freaky Hel-dog! The first trial of Hel, Fear. This leads into Hans’ substory. Angela’s fear was dying alone. She used to have nightmares of Sera being taken away from her, or simply abandoning her. We get some glimpses of the life they led. In conquering her fear, Angela’s outfit changes again. And damn. Good goddamn it is nice. I posted a picture to my Twitter. And the last page brings in an awesome character, one I love. One who I’m sure anyone reading this book should be pretty excited about. This book is so great. It’s a death metal romance. Not that I actually like death metal, but still. It’s such a great book. Great writing, gorgeous art, a sweet and authentic romance. Hans’s substory is, of course, my favourite part of the book, just because I am so in love with Hans’ art. But in general, this is a fantastic series, and one I highly recommend.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2, by Ryan North and Erica Henderson. First, I love the recap pages. This one includes Nancy saying she’s working on another Cat Thor fanfic, which will include Lokitten. This comic is adorable. I love that the Marvel Universe’s version of Wikipedia has a page on time travel that says it’s happened hundreds of times in the past century. Also, Nancy knows Doreen really well. And Doreen finds another girl who traveled back in time. There’s some Frog-Man puns that are hilariously bad. Also, apparently Squirrel Girl is going to cameo in the Starbrand and Nightmask series? I am all for that. Squirrel Girl is amazing fun and you should read it.

I should mention Groot #6, by Jeff Loveness and Brian Kesinger. In addition to some other things, Groot and Rocket go to an X-Men party. And there ain’t no party like an X-Men party ’cause an X-Men party’s got the goddamn Dazzler! And Jubilee, who’s shown using her powers, even though she doesn’t have them any more, but I’ll forgive it because I like Jubilee and I will not apologize for that. Anyway, Groot goes to the party to get Jean’s help searching for someone. (And Teen Scott is adorkable in trying to talk to Jean.) The whole issue is really sweet, but I wanted to mention the X-Men cameo.


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  1. Marvel has said there are more X-Men books to come, so hopefully it won’t be this sparse for X-Men releases for too long. We’re supposedly getting both Extraordinary 3 and All-New 1 next week so that’s something.

    All-New Wolverine 2 is great. I’m not too worried about the way this comic ended, since the clones are all wearing armour. It’s possible that they’re injured but I doubt that more than one of them are dead. i doubt that Tom Taylor would spend that much time introducing each of the sisters by name only to kill them in the same issue.

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is the perfect representation of what all of Bendis’s detractors like to say about him. Sure, his dialogue is entertaining and the art is fantastic, but hardly anything happens in this issue.

    When Angela: Asgard’s Assassin began, I didn’t expect to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. This is a consistently good series that mixes clever mythology, good action, some great characterization and utterly fantastic art. And even though Kieron Gillen isn’t on this book anymore, Marguerite Bennett is good enough that you’d hardly even notice.

    I’ve heard great thing about the Groot series. Is it worth reading, or would you know?

    • Is Groot worth reading? Eh, depends. It’s a fairly fun mini. It’s cute. There’s some good humour. Not something I would’ve spent money on, but not bad, by any means. It does bring back Numinus, but she’s not drawn to look like Whoopi Goldberg any more, so that was vaguely disappointing. Still, kinda funny that she was used.

      So, yeah, I have no idea if I’d recommend it. I don’t know, check out some of the previews of it online?

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