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Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men #2 (1987, March)

December 3, 2015

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Claremont and Bogdanove, “Truth and Consequences.”

Truth and Consequences

Wolverine’s not great with kids.

Wolverine is threatening to kill Reed if he doesn’t save Kitty, because Wolverine’s not great at motivational speeches. Magneto is about to separate them, but because this is a comic where two groups of superheroes are interacting, there obviously has to be a misunderstanding and a fight. So Ben knocks Magneto away with a big hand clap. Johnny starts to come to after getting elbowed in the gut, and he throws a fireball at Wolverine, but accidentally hits Storm, instead, burning her arm badly. Rogue takes out Ben with a kiss, along with some purple prose captions about how similar they are and how noble Ben is. Psylocke knocks out Johnny, but can’t calm Wolverine, and She-Hulk’s not sure how long she can hold onto him.

Franklin wakes up back in New York, and tells Sue what’s happening, then falls asleep again. Sue gets angry about the journal, angry enough that she uses an invisible force field to inexplicably shred her own costume. I’m not sure why. She’s so angry she had to be naked? Was that a thing in the ’80s? Did people equate anger with nudity or something? “Damn! I am way too mad to be wearing pants right now!”

Back on Muir Isle, the fisherman that Dazzler and Longshot rescued turns out to be a robot. Storm gets between Wolverine and Reed, and forces Wolverine to back down, because even badly injured, Storm is a badass that you do not want to mess with. With the fight over, the robot comes out, and projects a holographic image of Doom. He’d sent the robot to spy on Muir Isle, to make sure the Massacre posed any threat to his interests. Does Doom really need to justify having robots anywhere? Robots are kinda his thing. Doom offers to save Kitty’s life, at no price. Reed tries to talk the X-Men out of it, saying they’d always be in Doom’s debt. Moira tells Reed that if he’s not off Muir Isle in 5 minutes she’ll have him arrested for trespassing. Moira is another woman whose bad side you want to avoid. You’re one of the greatest scientific minds in the world? Good for you, now get the hell out of her face. Once they leave, she even says, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

Storm then passes out in shock from the pain. Magneto casually turns Doom’s robot into a stretcher, because Magneto isn’t all that concerned about other people’s property. Moira goes into doctor mode on Storm, snapping orders left and right, and is pretty great. Kitty feels guilty about what happened, and doesn’t want the X-Men making the deal with Doom, and thinks about letting herself die to prevent them. Damn, Kitty. Back at the Baxter Building, Reed is confronted by the Fantastic Four about the journal. He reads from it about the growing threats to humanity. It also says that he designed the spacecraft to capture the cosmic rays and mutate the Fantastic Four, granting them powers, in order to protect the world. Reed says it’s a lie, but Ben thinks it’s true.

At the same time, the X-Men are debating Doom’s offer. Dazzler argues vehemently against taking it. In the end, Storm decides she’ll take up Doom’s offer, and the other X-Men back her.

This is a pretty good issue. The fight feels a little forced. And it’s not a particularly great fight, either. Once it’s over, though, the issue really picks up. I love the resentment the X-Men show towards Reed. Storm apologizes for Wolverine attacking him, then tells him to mind his own business and get off the island. Doom’s offer is a cool development, and the debate around it is good. It gives Storm an awesome moment, as seen here:

Fantastic Four vs. X-Men #2

Storm didn’t know how not to be a badass back then.

The Fantastic Four side of the plot is very interesting, exploring Reed’s self-doubts, and the doubts the others have towards him when learning he may have intentionally made them freaks. And once again, Kitty gets only the briefest appearance, but what we see is really sad.

The art is good. Bogdanove handles the action fairly well. He also does a good job with facial expressions. As seen with Storm above. The biggest oddity is Sue shredding her costume.

Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men #2

What was the reason for this?

It’s just so weird. First of all, she lounges around the house in her uniform. And second, it is so weird that she just shreds it like that. Oh well.

So, good issue.

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