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X-Men comics of December 9 2015

December 9, 2015

Comics. Starting today, I’ll be making an effort to credit colour artists and letterers.

Deadpool #3, written by Gerry Duggan, line art by Mike Hawthorne, inks by Terry Pallot, colour art by Guru eFX, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino. Deadpool is being interrogated for the murder of the zoning commissioner. He denies doing it, and the police believe him, since they know he went to the Feds to let him know he solicited a bribe from Deadpool. He has an idea for luring out the guy who’s framing him. The cops calls Deadpool’s Mercs For Money, where Solo says they’re not doing any work, because their last paychecks bounced. We get some looks into the lives of each of them. It’s very meh. He’s still not writing good versions of any of these characters. Stingray, at least, is shown reporting on the team to Steve Rogers. Just the same, why is an oceanographer working as a mercenary? Why is an anti-terrorist working as a mercenary? The looks into their personal lives are all reasonably interesting, but they’d be more interesting if they weren’t completely different frigging characters. This issue does have a little more of Deadpool himself, which is good, since it’s his book. But even then, he’s kinda meh. And, as usual, I don’t like the art. It’s too cartoony, and too bright. This book is still mediocre.

Uncanny Avengers #3, written by Gerry Duggan, line art by Ryan Stegman, colour art by Richard Isanove, letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles. Voodoo and Deadpool save Quicksilver from being dead. The people of Boston are ready to riot, but the Avengers tell them to calm down. Some monster dogs are about to attack, which is when Cable pops in and kills them all. He tells them that they failed in their mission and the future died because of it. He tries to take command of the mission, but Rogue argues. There’s some exposition, and then the bad guy shows up. This is still meh. I’m not sure what it is, but I just can’t connect to this comic, somehow. It’s not clicking with me. The villain’s not all that compelling – an environmental extremist trying to kill everyone as a way of reclaiming the Earth for nature and blah blah. The characters also aren’t doing anything for me. None of them are characters I have strong feelings about, one way or the other, and Duggan isn’t doing anything that’s convincing me otherwise. I’m also not a fan of the art. I find Stegman’s style too cartoony, in a way that doesn’t appeal to me. I do like Isanove’s colours, though. He’s doing a great job on his end, which also helps to smooth out Stegman’s lines a bit. Just the same, I can’t bring myself to care about this title. The only reason I’m reviewing it is because there are three X-related characters in it (Rogue, Deadpool and now Cable – and if Cable hadn’t joined, I wouldn’t be bothering to review it).

And that’s the X-titles, but here’s a couple other comics.

Ultimates #2, written by Al Ewing, line art by Kenneth Rocafort, colour art by Dan Brown, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino. It starts with Black Panther using a translocator device – a transporter – to travel out to Galactus’ ship. It’s a risky move, and it gives him hallucinations. He sees his father disowning him. Then he sees Galactus’ final moments, before his multiverse – the Sixth Infinity – died. And then was reborn, and immediately devoured a planet. Galactus is impressed that Black Panther translocated into his ship without conceptual collapse. Then tells him to leave. They debate for a little while, until Monica and America show up with the ship he incubated in. The team forces him back into it. It’s a pretty crazy plan they come up with. This issues great. It’s a big, crazy story. The focus of this issue is Black Panther. It’s about him having bigger balls than Galactus, really. I mean, he’s basically a normal guy, but here he is, talking to a cosmic entity, arguing with him, and not showing the least bit of nervousness. That takes balls. He also shows his genius. The rest of the team doesn’t get much to do, but they get moments. Monica gets to show how powerful she is, and the answer, of course, is “really goddamn.” The plan the team came up with for dealing with Galactus was really clever, and its conclusion was very interesting. I’m curious to see where that goes, and how long it lasts before another writer comes along and resets it in order to do re-tell the same Galactus story we’ve read dozens of times already. The art is great. Rocafort and Brown do fantastic work. Rocafort does a lot of panel-in-panel layouts. He does do a lot of widescreen layouts, which I’m not generally a fan of. Truthfully, I’d much rather a lot of small, quick panels over a smaller number of big panels. But I know the widescreen approach is pretty popular, since Bryan Hitch popularized it. And the art does look good. Rocafort and Brown do an awesome Galactus, even if a part of me still would’ve liked him to be black while talking to the Panther. Anyway, great comic, and I’m more excited than ever to see where Ewing takes this series.

Secret Wars #8, written by Jonathan Hickman, line art by Esad Ribic, colour art by Ive Svorcina, letters by Chris Eliopoulos. It’s war. Quill is flying the Reeds to Castle Doom, and a Hulk lands on the ship, damaging one of the thrusters. The Maestro is ranting about how he’s going to tear Doom down, but Giant Ben Grimm knocks his Helicarrier aside on his way to attack the castle. Also, Terrax, while trying to pledge allegiance to Galactus, gets stepped on. It’s pretty funny, actually. And it’s time for Grimm vs. Galactus (and Franklin). And then Thanos arrives with the Annihilation Horde. Doom pops away to start dealing with it. And Val realizes the whole thing is a show. This issue gets crazier and crazier all the time. Hickman just keeps ramping up the insanity. It’s fun. There’s no room for character stuff, but the sheer batshit insanity is almost more enjoyable than any character stuff could’ve been. It’s just one ridiculous moment after another. Ribic and Svorcina do a good job with drawing every ridiculous thing Hickman asks them to. So, yeah, this is good.

Gwenpool Holiday Special, by various. First is a She-Hulk story, written by Charles Soule. Yay! Line art by Langdon Foss, colour art by Megan Wilson. But what matters is Soule She-Hulk! I loved that series. Jen and Angie are exchanging Christmas presents. Angie got Jen a hyperfile, a file folder that stores an infinite number of files and always lets her take out the most important one first. She starts by pulling out champagne. Then they head to the office party, with all the people from the building. At the party, the building’s owner tells Jen the building isn’t making money, and she’s having to sell it. Meanwhile, in Jersey, Kamala! (By Margaret Stohl, Juan Gedeon and Tamra Bonvillain.) Kamala and Nakia are on Newark Ave, where Kamala is cranky at all the Christmas stuff. I feel you, Kamala. I feel you so damn hard. Kamala is a Grinch, and I am 100% on her side in this. Though Nakia finds it annoying. Kamala also punches a snowman right in its face. At home, Kamala learns that Aamir likes Christmas specials, like Rudolph. She goes shopping for Bruno’s present, and the store she’s in is robbed by guys in Christmas outfits, including one guys as Santa. So Kamala gets some nice catharsis. And a visit and present from Captain Marvel! Aw! How sweet! It’s a really fun story, as every Ms. Marvel story has no choice but to be. Stohl writes a really fun, cute Kamala. The interaction between her and Captain Marvel is really fun, too. Gedeon and Bovillain do a great job on the art, and it’s really cute and fun and sweet. I love this. That leads into more of the She-Hulk framing sequence, where she goes to tell off the buyers who’ve showed up. Angie gives Sharon a quick check, and finds she’s under a spell to make her focus on the present. Because Marvel real estate is as crazy as Marvel everything else. That’s awesome. She-Hulk invites more of her super-friends to the party to create a more positive atmosphere. I love that her contact list has 5 Caps that we can see. Also, “Clayton C., Javier P., Jeanine S., Kevin W., Muntsa V.” Cute little shout-out to some of the people who worked on the last She-Hulk series. Then a Deadpool and Clint Hawkeye story, by Duggan, Danilo Beyruth and Chris Peter. They chase a pickpocket. The pickpocket is tripped by Kate, and beaten up by Clint. The guy had a lot of stolen wallets, so the three return them all. The pickpocket says he has a kid, and just wants to get him a present and see him. Deadpool agrees to buy it, and to buy other Christmas stuff, too. They head to She-Hulk’s party, but She-Hulk refuses to let Deadpool in, so the Hawkeyes stick with him. It’s an OK story, I guess. And then, back to the party! Which is partying! The lawyers try to break the party up by making the superheroes decide it’s time to leave. Hellcat senses magic being used, and tries to put a stop to it, but gets hit with an extra-strong blast that makes her wonder what she’s doing with her life. Then a Gwenpool story, which I’ll skip, except to say I do like Gurihiru’s adorable anime-style art. And it is a fun story. Also, it ends with an adorable scene with her and Ms. Marvel. And back to the party again, where Angie helps She-Hulk kick it back into gear. It’s a fun special, overall. Lots of cute stories. Probably worth checking out.

And I’ll speak briefly about InSeXts, written by Marguerite Bennett, line art by Ariela Kristantina, colour art by Bryan Valenza, letters by A Larger World. First off, I should mention that the colours are very eye-catching. I noticed the colours before I registered the art, which is gorgeous. Kristantina’s a fantastic artist. Also, this is a goddamn sexy book. Lesbian sex 6 pages in! The story is also really creepy, of course. But the best part is definitely the relationship between the two women. It’s really sweet, and the love is conveyed really well with both the writing and the art.

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  1. They say there are more X-Men titles to come in ANAD Marvel. Hopefully they start coming soon, and for me, the upcoming 92′ X-Men series doesn’t count.

    Yeah, I like Rogue, Deadpool and Cable, but not enough to read a series just for them. Uncanny Avengers sounds mediocre at best. Same goes for Deadpool.

    The Ultimates is utterly fantastic. No idea where this series will go from here, but it’s just a unique yet epic book at the same time. The science talk, like the teleportation process and what the chamber does to Galactus only makes this more fascinating. Where will this series go indeed?

    Secret Wars 8 is just fun. Such a chaotic battle with some good humour, and touches of character moments to add a bit of drama. Also, best Groot moment ever.

    The Gwenpool special is worth it just for the She-Hulk story alone – it feels like it could just as easily be a part of Charles Soule’s 12-issue run. The Ms. Marvel story is also nice, and the other two stories are at least worth a read. How is it that Gerry Dugan writes a better Deadpool story here than in his main Deadpool series?

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