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Pull list for December 16 2015; The Summers Family Made Simple

December 15, 2015

I work tomorrow, but I’ll try to get reviews up. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert).

I’ll go to the store for: Ms. Marvel #2, by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Takeshi Miyagawa and Ian Herring; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #37, by Jeremy Whitley and Andy Price; Phonogram #5, by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson; Silk #2, by Robbie Thompson, Tana Ford and (I’m assuming) Ian Herring; Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3, by Ryan North, Erica Henderson and Rico Renzi; The Wicked + The Divine #17, by Kieron Gillen and Brandon Graham.

I’ll also review: All-New X-Men #2, by Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard; Deadpool #3.1, by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Scott Koblish and I’m not sure who on colours.

So that’s 6 books I’m picking up, and 4 reviews. (Well, really, only two X-titles to review, plus 2 books that I just always like talking about.)

I’m most excited for Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. And the two Gillen books, of course. Ms. Marvel has never not been great. I love Kamala. And Squirrel Girl is a delight every single month. I am also excited for Silk. I always miss Stacey Lee’s work when she skips an issue. But I like Tana Ford. I’ve read the first two volumes of her Northwest Press series, Duck! And I enjoyed them. She also did an issue of the first volume of Silk. (In fact, she did the final issue. I like her work, so I’m always happy to see her get some work from Marvel. I just wish Lee could do a bit better at a monthly schedule. I suppose that’ll come with experience, and I love her style, so hopefully, Marvel does give her the time to get that experience.

Marvel’s 2016 solicits are out. My pull list: Captain Marvel #3, Mockingbird #1, Ms. Marvel #5, Silver-Surfer #3, Spider-Man 2099 #8, Spider-Man/Deadpool #3, ANAD Avengers #7, Hellcat #4, Power Man and Iron Fist #2, Silk #6, Ultimates #5, Angela #6, New Avengers #8, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #5, Squirrel Girl #6. So, 15 titles. A bit light.

For my own amusement, I’ve decided to explain the Summers Family. It gets a lot of flack for being ridiculously complex and convoluted, so I want to see how simple I can make it. We’ll start with the patriarch, Christopher Summers, who had a wife, Katherine, and two sons, Scott and Alex. While flying in a small private plane they owned, they were attacked by aliens, with Christopher and Katherine being captured. Scott and Alex survived, with Alex being adopted by a family and moving to Hawaii. That family will never actually be seen, which is bizarre. Anyway, Christopher becomes a slave, but escapes and becomes a space pirate named Corsair.

Scott, of course, grows up to become Cyclops, leader of the X-Men. He meets Jean Grey and they fall in love, but she seemingly dies on the moon. He then meets Madelyne Pryor, a woman who would later turn out to be a clone of Jean Grey. They have a son, Nathan Christopher Summers. Nathan gets infected by a techno-organic virus, and Scott lets him be taken into the future. A few years later, he and Jean get married, and during their honeymoon, their minds are sent forward in time to inhabit cloned bodies so they can raise Nathan until he’s a teenager. Nathan becomes Cable, who leads a revolution in his own time and then starts hopping around the time stream, eventually coming to the present as Cable. So: Son of Scott and a clone of Jean, raised in the future by Scott and Jean, time travel means he’s physically older than his own father. Pretty simple. He also has a clone, Stryfe, with vast mental powers and absolutely breathtaking family issues. There’s also his Age of Apocalypse version, Nate Grey, created as a test tube baby by Sinister using the genetic material of Scott and Jean.

Meanwhile, there’s also Rachel Summers (now going by Grey). She’s from an alternate reality, where she was the daughter of Scott and Jean. She traveled back in time and across dimensions to the main 616 reality. She did some stuff, and eventually, she ended up in the future, where she took the name Mother Askani. She was the one who brought Scott and Jean’s minds into the future. Cable eventually saved her from the timestream and she was able to return to the present. So: Daughter of alternate reality versions of Scott and Jean. Pretty simple.

Scott and Alex have another brother, Gabriel, also known as Vulcan. Katherine was pregnant with him when she was captured, and he was ripped out of her womb and put into an incubator, then became a slave of the Shi’ar Empire. He was eventually sent to Earth, where he escaped and met Moira, who introduced him to Xavier, who sent him to die on the island of Krakoa, except he merged into an energy form with Darwin. They got separated, Vulcan tried to get revenge on Xavier and the X-Men, then he went into space and conquered the Shi’ar Empire until Black Bolt blew him up. So: Stupid character from a terrible story and let’s ignore him.

There had been plans for another character to be a brother of Scott and Alex: Adam Neramani, better known as the gloriously named Adam-X the X-Treme. He is one of the most ’90s characters ever created. Look at him:

Adam-X the X-Treme

Look at him!

By the way, I genuinely want him to get used again. Like, unironically. Anyway, there were plans to have him revealed as “the Third Summers Brother.” Another candidate was Gambit. And there was also an idea for Apocalypse to be a Summers Brother via time travel shenanigans, because holy shit the X-Men can be pretty damned crazy sometimes.

So, there we go. The Summers Family. Not that complicated, right? I mean, it doesn’t seem that complicated to me. That might be an indication that I’m way too heavily immersed in superhero comics.

My schedule for the week: 3-9:45 tomorrow, 11:30-8 Thursday, 2-9:45 Saturday, 9:45-5:30 Sunday, 11:30-8 Monday, 10:15-4:45 Tuesday. Next pull list will go up Tuesday, and I’ll have a post on Friday.

And that’s it for this week.

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