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X-Men comics of December 16 2015

December 17, 2015

Ugh. Today was crap. But here’s some comics. You can also make me feel better by following me on Twitter (@XMenXPert).

All-New X-Men #2, written by Dennis Hopeless, line art by Mark Bagley, inks by Andrew Hennessy, colours by Nolan Woodard. The ANXM are facing off against the Ghosts of Cyclops. The Ghosts try to escape. Scott tackles the apparent leader, Thirst, and starts beating the crap out of him. The pair get taken to prison, while Beast and Iceman go to a pizza place to feed their Bamf, Pickles. In prison, Scott tells off Thirst for wanting to be like Cyclops, saying Cyclops was a supervillain. At the pizza place, Beast tries to talk to Iceman about the gay thing, but Iceman isn’t interested. Also, even though it’s a Chicago pizzeria, the pizza isn’t deep dish. Which is fine, because deep dish isn’t actually pizza. Sorry, Chicago, you can call it whatever you want, that doesn’t make it pizza. I’m sure it’s great food, but it’s not pizza. Anyway! Angel and Laura have followed the rest of the gang. Laura confronts them, and kicks ass, because she’s Wolverine. Unfortunately, Angel screws it up by dunking her in water after she gets set on fire. He doesn’t understand that, and I’m quoting here, “Flaming Wolverine is even scarier than normal Wolverine!” Which is now my favourite Wolverine line ever. Anyway, this is another solid issue. There’s a lot of good comedy here. ANXM is the “light” X-Men book, which means a lot of humour. Though, thankfully, nowhere near the extent of Wolverine & the X-Men. Hopeless balances the humour and drama well. We get a good glimpse into how Scott is dealing with all that’s happened (answer: not well!). The Beast/Iceman friendship is done well. The Laura/Angel relationship is done less well – so far, two issues in, Hopeless writes it mostly as Laura getting pissed at Angel’s attempts to help her. Angel can’t seem to do anything right. Which, I mean, yeah, that’s a pretty good take on Silver Age Angel, though he hasn’t actually been captured or anything yet, so he’s already miles ahead of ’60s Angel. The art is fantastic. Bagley is one of the best line artists in the industry. It’s impossible not to like his style, really. Hennessy and Woodard complement him perfectly, as well. Woodard gives the book a lot of bright colours, which sets a good tone for the comic. This is solid work.

Deadpool #3.1 . . . is actually in Spanish. So, yeah, I’m not reviewing it after all.

And that’s the X-titles! But there’s a couple other comics worth talking about because they’re awesome.

Ms. Marvel #2, written by G. Willow Wilson, line art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colours by Ian Herring. It starts with Ms. Marvel doing some nighttime investigating. For some reason, despite being a shapeshifter, she decides the best way to get into the Hope Yards office is to kick the door down. Come on, Kamala, you can be smarter than that. Anyway, she finds something weird, and gets attacked by security drones. But she gets to Bruno’s place with the tube full of stuff. Bruno has a cute hamster, which sits on Kamala’s shoulder, and it’s cute and I love it. Anyway, Bruno’s laptop starts playing a news report about an earlier protest against Ms. Marvel. Nakia is one of the leaders of the protests. Ouch. Poor Kamala. Should’ve just told her the truth, Kamala. This is what happens when you don’t trust your bestie with a secret: They start protesting you. When Kamala gets home, she gets a lecture from her mom. Which I liked. It’s nice to see a little follow-up on Kamala’s mom knowing her secret. The next day, Aamir asks Kamala to chaperone while he talks to a girl. We also get to see some of the new residents of Hope Yards! They have creepy glowing eyes! This issue’s fantastic. Just a fantastic comic, start-to-finish. There’s some great action, some great intrigue, some great humour, and some great character stuff with multiple characters. This is honestly one of the best issues of the whole series so far (and I’m including the previous volume in that). It’s damned near flawless. Wilson’s writing remains characteristically strong, and she gets great use out of Bruno, Nakia, Kamala’s mom, Aamir and even Aamir’s new girlfriend (who Kamala immediately hits it off with). The art is also great. I like Miyazawa’s style – it’s very cartoony and expressive – and Herring’s colours complement the line art perfectly, giving the book a bright feel that Ms. Marvel should always have. There’s fewer visual gags than Alphona usually did, but there’s still some, and they’re pretty great. Bruno’s hamster is a scene-stealer. This comic’s great and if you’re not reading it then you’re just wrong.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3, written by Ryan North, line art by Erica Henderson, colours by Rico Renzi. Nancy is watching Doom posture, because posturing is kinda Doom’s thing. Actually, a lot of things are Doom’s things. But posturing is among those things. Jubilee happens to be walking down the street, and sees Doom. She threatens to call the X-Men, but Nancy convinces her it’s just a Doom Cosplayer. So Jubes takes a selfie with him. It turns out this Doom is from the past, and specifically, he comes from right after Squirrel Girl beat him. Then the Punisher shows up briefly. Nancy convinces Doom to take her back to the past to find Squirrel Girl. Meanwhile, Squirrel Girl has made a Future Pals club. This comic is hilarious and adorable and just so damned good. I love this comic so much. Every issue has me laughing from start to finish. Any comic that has a parabola of a group of people being thrown into a rooftop pool is a comic worth reading, I say. This comic’s just great.

I may as well mention that Sunspot cameos in Starbrand & Nightmask #1. He’s wearing a nice suit. He wants to recruit the two, but Nightmask says they can’t. And that’s the cameo. But Doreen Green also cameos! She’s not in costume, but yay Squirrel Girl!


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  1. All-New X-Men 2 is very good for the most part. I’m not sure how I feel about Adult Cyclops supposedly cracking, but Hopeless is doing a good job with young cyclops. Iceman clearly avoiding a conversation suggests that something’s going wrong and it suggests that we’ll delve into his mind at some point. Really, except for Laura, everyone’s characterization feels spot on, and at least standing there while on fire is kind of awesome.

    Deadpool 3.1 in Spanish? WTF?

    Ms. Marvel 2 is just fantastic. Kamala’s brother is just fun in this issue for one, but it also shows that even though their mindsets are quite different, they truly care for each other. The story with Hope Yards is the perfect level of weird for this series too, and those two reveals on the last page make me more excited for issue 3.

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