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X-Men comics for December 30 2015

December 30, 2015

This will be my final post of 2015. It may also be my shortest post of 2015, because I’m only talking about one comic. So, yeah, so long to 2015. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Here’s today’s lone comic.

All-New Wolverine #3, by Tom Taylor, David Lopez, David Navarrot, Nathan Fairbairn and VC’s Cory Petit. Taskmaster reports that the sisters have been neutralized. Of course, now he has to deal with Wolverine. An angry Wolverine. Initially, he fights her off easily, thanks to his ability to mimic her moves. Then he grabs her foot. And she pops her claw. Then she beats him down. And then it turns out the sisters are still alive, thanks to their body armour. There’s a bit of a debate about what to do about Taskmaster. Laura refuses to let them kill him. So one just shoots his kneecaps. That works. No one can possibly object to that. It’s non-lethal, but it stops him from giving chase. Win-win! Also, Gabby is adorable. They get into their heavily-armoured Jeep, and are soon in a car chase. And that means it’s time for Laura to be ridiculously badass again. This is another great issue. I’m relieved the sisters are still alive, though things still look bad for them, of course. There’s some good intrigue, and Laura gets a lot of great character work here, remaining dedicated to opposing killing, but also rejecting the title of “pacifist.” Her description of what it looks like when she holds back is great. There’s a few good jokes. But most of the issue is action, and it’s awesome. It’s done really well. There’s a great sense of motion. It could occasionally be a little tough to tell exactly what was going on in an action panel, but usually, it was easy to tell, and it was exciting. Laura gets to be insanely badass. And even in the action, we get a couple kinda funny visuals, most notably a random squirrel who shows up at the end of the car chase. (In fact, I now desperately want to see a Wolverine/Squirrel Girl team-up. I feel like they would make an amazing pairing.) This series is off to a great start, and is highly enjoyable. Definitely worth reading.

By the way, I wanted to mention that I watched The Secret World of Arrietty last night. It’s a Studio Ghibli movie – the people who made movies like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, My Neighbour Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, and others. I live-tweeted as I watched it, so you can get my moment-to-moment thoughts if you check my Twitter feed. But the important part is that it’s wonderful. Just a fun, whimsical, sweet, sincere, utterly delightful movie. Which is what you expect from Studio Ghibli. But they deliver it. I highly recommend Arrietty to anyone who enjoys joy and love and happiness.

And that’s me done for this year. So, Happy New Year, and I’ll see you January 1, 2016, where I’ll talk about Fallen Angels #2, just to start the year off with fun.


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  1. My only complaint about All-New Wolverine 3, and this is minor, that the Taskmaster fight is over really quick. Apart from that, everything about this issue works. It’s action-packed, the dialogue is great, the story continues to get more interesting with each issue and like you said, Gabby is kind of adorable.

    Also, Happy New Year.

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