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Fallen Angels #2 (1987, May)

January 1, 2016

Happy New Year. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Let’s start this year off right. By Jo Duffy, Kerry Gammill, Tom Palmer, Petra Scotese and Jim Novak, “I’ll Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Low Road (And I’ll Get To Sunspot Before Me).”

I'll Take the High Road and I'll Take the Low Road (And I'll Get To Sunspot Before Me)

That title is ridiculously long.

Bobby and Chance are being threatened by the two thugs. Chance attacks and starts getting beaten, so Bobby leaps to her rescue. And starts getting beaten. A young woman with gloriously ’80s fashion sense – Ariel! – opens a door and convinces Chance to leave Bobby. Luckily, Warlock shows up to rescue him. Bobby thinks that, as a man, to cry would be unmanly. Bobby, you are suck a dork. He tells Warlock to leave him, since he’s unworthy of being a part of a team. Warlock refuses to leave. So Bobby decides to check the room Chance and Ariel ran into, but the door doesn’t go to the same room.

We then cut to the school, where Magneto tells Moira, Siryn and Madrox about Bobby and Warlock going missing. Magneto gives Siryn and Madrox a portable Cerebro unit and a photo of Bobby, to help them look for him. They decide to start in Manhattan. Wearing their costumes. Madrox plans on putting normal clothes over his costume, but Siryn’s just going to wear her costume. Madrox says people will just assume she’s a rock star, but given it’s Manhattan, I would think someone walking down the street in a costume would probably be suspected of being a superhero. But then, I’ve never been to Manhattan, so for all I know, clothes like hers could actually be pretty normal.

Speaking of which! Warlock is disguised as Sam Spade, who Bobby calls one of the greatest detectives ever – “Almost as great as Thomas Magnum of Magnum, PI.” Bobby’s hungry, and Warlock suggests, since he’s already embraced a life of villainy, that he steal some food. The thought hadn’t occurred to Bobby. Bobby is so adorably dorky in this series. He wants to be evil, but he’s just so bad at it. But now the thought’s been put in his head, so he breaks into a building that turns out to be a church. That sucks the wind out of his sails. The priest tries to offer help, but Bobby runs away in shame.

Some thugs shove their way into the church to start stealing everything. But a hero appears! It’s . . . some nerdy-looking kid. He and his friends, Bill and Don, intend to stop the guys. The guys laugh, but a few panels later, they’re all laying on the floor in pain. The kid then runs off, apparently searching for Bobby.

Madrox and Siryn are in the Port Authority Bus Terminal to begin their search. Siryn is at least wearing a coat over her costume, so she’s not totally conspicuous. One of Madrox’s dupes helps a woman with some bags, while Madrox makes a bunch more dupes to help with the search.

One of Madrox finds them on a stoop, and a bunch more of him rush over, but the commotion attracts the nerdy kid, Gomi, who brings an offer. Bobby is invited to join the Fallen Angels on Beat Street. We also finally see Gomi’s friends, Bill and Don. Lobsters! Bill and Don the Lobsters!

Fallen Angels #2

Bill and Don!

And then the Vanisher shows up to convince Bobby to join him. Oddly, he mentions working for Magneto, something we never actually saw. I guess it could’ve happened off-panel, but still, it’s weird. Also, I’m not sure his fashion sense has improved that much.

Anyway, Madrox and Siryn find all the commotion, and Siryn immediately goes after the Vanisher. He disappears. So then Chance extends the invitation to Bobby, as well. He goes into the door, followed by Warlock, Gomi and a Madrox. The door closes, and when Siryn opens it, it’s a normal seafood restaurant, with no sign of the others.

This series remains great. I’ll admit, I’m probably being more lenient on this issue because I know what’s coming. But I still like this issue. It’s fun. Bobby remains hilariously bad at being a villain, and I always enjoy seeing him reference Magnum PI. Madrox and Siryn are nice additions. Madrox has some endearingly cheesy bits. Though casually mentioning he grew up alone after his parents died was a bit much. I mean, jeez, Jamie, way to be a downer. Siryn’s fairly cool here. She dropped into limbo immediately after being introduced, so it’s definitely nice to see her brought back, and this does begin her on the road to being a popular character.

The art is fine. It’s serviceable. It’s a bit flat. Some panels are a bit too dark. It’s not art that inspires readers or anything like that. But it’s not a turn-off, either. It’s OK. Except Bill and Don, they look great.

The series hasn’t hit its stride yet, but when it does, oh man, it’s so good.

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