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X-Men comics for January 27 2016

January 27, 2016

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Extraordinary X-Men #6, by Jeff Lemire, Victor Ibanez and Jay David Ramos. The X-Men arrive in Weirdworld, and are attacked by Rhinosaurs, which Illyana thinks is fun. She likes Weirdworld. Illyana is awesome. Then we cut back 5 hours. Nightcrawler’s tail has been reattached, but he’s still crazy. Also, Glob tries to hit on Jean. Illyana chats with Sapna, the mutant saved earlier in the series. Illyana takes her to see Limbo. And we find out there’s other realms connected to Limbo. Illyana couldn’t see the doors, but now she can. Back to the present, and a Fastball Special. Then another flashback, to Colossus telling Anole, Glob, Ernst and No-Girl that he’ll be starting their training in the morning. I don’t think Anole actually needs that much training. He really has earned a spot on a main team, if he wants it. Then Iceman talks to Anole, and comes out to him, figuring Anole’s got a good handle on being gay and can help him figure it out. Then Storm calls everyone, and we get back to the present. And there’s also yet another veiled reference to “what Cyclops did.” And I still really wish they’d cut the crap and just say what he did. Anyway. This was an OK issue. Pretty good. Some good character stuff. Some interesting plot threads being dropped. This is the first time we’ve seen Iceman’s sexuality addressed, post-Secret Wars, and it was done in a smart way. I like Iceman going to Anole for advice. (On the other hand, my Karma fanboy side insists on pointing out that she’s a lot closer to Iceman in age, and so might have made more sense. But I suppose she’s a woman, and he wants a gay guy’s advice. Mostly, I just want to see Karma. Please?) Much more interesting is Sapna revealing she can sense other worlds. That could lead to some really interesting stories, especially since Illyana would presumably be a major part of those stories. Illyana’s awesome. She gets to be fun in this issue, too. The reveal on the last page could be interesting: We see a mutant who apparently was involved in whatever Cyclops did. It’s a cool character. The art here is good. Ibanez is a solid artist. Much better than Humberto Ramos. He’s not one of the best, but he’s reliably good. So, this was a pretty good issue. Nothing spectacular, not really enough to push someone who’s on the fence, but pretty good.

Old Man Logan #1, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo. Logan wakes up naked in Times Square. I feel like that probably happens a lot, off-panel. “So I woke up naked in Times Square” is probably the beginning or ending of a lot of Logan’s stories. Anyway, a couple cops try to bring him in, but he fights, until his memory comes back in a big, gorgeous splash page. He runs, and looks for clothes. He finds a newspaper that shows pictures of Spider-Miles and Ms. Marvel. Yay Ms. Marvel! I wonder if that was just Sorrentino wanting to draw her. I’d be fine with him drawing more of her. He also draws her, a few years older, dead in the villain uprising. Aw. He thinks of his own time, and his son, Scotty. Kinda nice that he named his son after Scott. They go to a downed Helicarrier that’s been converted into a market. He gets harassed by the Black Butcher, a very minor bad guy. Back in the present, Logan figures he’s been sent back for a reason, and he starts with settling a grudge. This is good. Lemire does some good storytelling here, some good character stuff. There was something about it that didn’t quite click for me, but I can’t figure out what, so it’s probably just me. Certainly the writing is solid. Logan sounds right. It seems like there’s going to be some brutality in this series, which is a good idea, since Sorrentino draws some awesome brutality. For my part, Sorrentino is the big draw of this series. I love his art. It’s so gorgeous. He’s one of the best, I think. He does an especially good job on violence. He draws stunning violence. This is a good debut issue. It’s a series that probably is worth reading, especially if you like Logan.

And that’s all the X-titles.

I may as well talk a bit about Angela: Queen of Hel #4, by Marguerite Bennett, Stephanie Hans, Kim Jacinto and Israel Silva. Angela, Sera and Leah vs. Skurge the Executioner, Balder and Tyr. Then, Bor shows up, and is hilariously censored.

Angela #4

Bennett really is having fun with this series.

Anyway, she beats him while also insulting the hell out of him, and then runs off to the third trial, which is Pain, drawn by Stephanie Hans. And man, I am so in love with Stephanie Hans’ art. She’s amazing. The story is pretty amazing, too. This is such a great series. More people should be reading it. It’s epic, hilarious, touching, gorgeous – it’s just a damned good series. But there are rumours it’s on the verge of cancellation, and that’s a damned shame. This is too good to end so soon. People need to start buying this before it’s too late.

I also want to say that Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #4 is a delight. It’s so much fun. As always. Read it. Read it.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #3 is also wonderful. Another book you should be reading.

As for All-New All-Different Avengers #4: Jarvis! Jarvis is back! Which means this is officially the flagship Avengers book. Jarvis is THE Avenger. Also, Thor is hilarious in this issue. You can see some panels I posted on my Twitter. She’s great.


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  1. Extraordinary X-Men seems to be on the right track, after a somewhat lackluster start. Some great character moments and some fun lines. And yes, Ibanez’s art is much more appealing in my opinion.

    Old Man Logan is a good start. Not great, but good.

    Angela: Queen of Hel is such a brilliant series. I haven’t heard the cancellation rumours but it would be a shame to see it end.

    All-New All-Different Avengers 4 is fun, and Thor’s portrayal here is part of the reason it’s fun.

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