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Fallen Angels #4 (1987, July)

January 28, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Duffy, Gammill, Mayerik, Scotese and Gregory, “A Devil Among the Angels!”

A Devil Among the Angels!

Dino-punching! Hurrah!

Dinosaur attack! The team works together to fight the dinosaur. I kinda wish I knew a little more about dinosaurs, because I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.

Fallen Angels #4

I don’t remember anything like this from The Flintstones!

I want to mention that Chance actually does seem to want to fight the dinosaur. I like Chance. She would clearly get along with Squirrel Girl. Jamie drops her while trying to carry her away, and even when the dino’s bearing down on her, she’s telling it off. Bobby rushes to her rescue, which includes flipping it and bashing it with a tree. Bobby threw a dinosaur, which means he’s automatically awesome. It’s the same reason Silver Age Jean Grey is awesome. Anyway, he actually knocks himself out in the process of getting rid of the dino.

Then Ariel shows up to say she knew everything would work out fine, and also that there are two mutants in the area. Ariel and Chance leave Bobby. The Vanisher is still running away from things. And the rest of the group pauses to rest. Warlock is worried about Bobby and Chance, so he takes a dinosaur form to go looking for them. Warlock finds Bobby next to a dead T-Rex. Turns out it was taken out by – Devil Dinosaur! (And Moon Boy, I guess, but Moon Boy was always basically just a cheerleader for Devil.) It’s Devil Dinosaur! This was his first appearance since a two-issue story in Godzilla’s series, back in 1979. I’ve read the Kirby Devil Dinosaur series, and honestly, it’s crap. Kirby was a terrible writer. But there’s something charming about Devil himself. I think he’s just so totally out of place in most stories, which makes it fun when he shows up.

Meanwhile, Chance and Ariel are looking for their mutant targets. They see something, and Chance attacks. Turns out it’s Vanisher. And the rest of the group is cooking some food, while Jamie explains the mini-Cerebro to Boom-Boom, who’s more interested in studying him. Someone has a cruuuush. Jamie feels weird for a moment. Vanisher, Chance and Ariel return, and Jamie says he’s picking up readings from both of them. Ariel says it’s impossible. And then Bobby and Warlock return, with their new friends. Vanisher starts to object to new members, but having a giant red dinosaur roar at him changes his mind.

This is great. This series just keeps getting weirder all the time, and so much fun. Devil Dinosaur! And that’s in addition to Gomi, Bill and Don, and Boom-Boom. There’s also another brief moment of Bobby refusing to acknowledge that he’s a good guy. Still less melodrama than I want from him, but meh, there’s plenty of other good stuff. Instead, we get Chance yelling at a dinosaur. So it’s all good. I loved that. Chance does not give a shit about dinosaurs. Of course, we do also get more about Chance and Ariel being up to something. And we get some nice little hints about Chance in general. There’s obviously something up with her. And we also see her developing respect for Bobby. Which is cool.

The art is fine. But it occurs to me that Bret Blevins should’ve been the artist on this book. The art here is fairly normal and straightforward, for the most part. It does a good job with the comedic moments, but it’s not an innately comedic style. Blevins’ style is very much comedic. So he would’ve been so perfect. Oh well. Gammill, Mayerik and Scotese still did good. As I said, there are some great comedic moments.

This issue’s a lot of fun. And it’s only going to get crazier and better from here.

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