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Pull list for February 10 2016

February 9, 2016

I’m off tomorrow, so no problem getting a post up. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert).

I’ll go to the store for: All-New All-Different Avengers #5, by Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar and Sonia Oback; All-New Wolverine #5, by Tom Taylor, David Lopez, David Navarrot and Nathan Fairbairn; InSeXts #3, by Marguerite Bennett, Ariela Kristantina and Bryan Valenza; Ms. Marvel #4, by G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon and Ian Herring; My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #39, by Christina Rice and Agnes Garbowska; New Avengers #6, by Al Ewing, Gerardo Sandoval and Dono Almara; Silk #4, by Robbie Thompson, Veronica Fish and Ian Herring; Spider-Man/Deadpool #2, by Joe Kelly, EdMcGuinness, Mark Morales and Jason Keith; Ultimates #4, by Al Ewing, Kenneth Rocafort and Dan Brown; Weirdworld #3, by Sam Humphries, Mike Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso.

I’ll also review: All-New X-Men #4, by Dennis Hopeless, Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and Nolan Woodard; Deadpool #7, by Gerry Duggan, Scott Koblish, Phil Noto, Tyler Crook and GURU-eFX; Old Man Logan #2, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo.

So that’s 10 goddamn comics that I’m picking up, and at least 5 reviews, maybe more if I feel like it. Ten comics. Jeez. That’s painful. I should mention I’ve decided to drop Spider-Man 2099, and to start physically buying All-New Wolverine. Spider-Man 2099 just hasn’t been wowing me enough – it’s a fine book, it’s got some good stuff, it’s just not really great enough for me to be willing to continue spending money on it  – while All-New Wolverine’s been great. Good enough to get me over my dislike of the Wolverine name.

I’m most excited for InSeXts, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers, Ultimates and Weirdworld. Ms. Marvel is Ms. Marvel. I will never not be enthused by a new issue of that. It is one of the greatest comics ever and shame on you if you’re not reading it. InSeXts is smart, sexy and creepy, a great combination. New Avengers has been fun all along, and I’m happy to see more of the Avengers 20XX. Ultimates has been fantastic. And Weirdworld is goddamn gorgeous, as well as being really well-written.

So, my birthday was on Saturday. I got a $25 gift card for my LCS, which will be good for tomorrow, with the stupid-ass number of comics I have to buy. And my mom gave me her Visa debit card and told me to buy $50 worth of stuff. So I got e-books and comics. On Comixology, I bought Will & Whit, by Laura Lee Gulledge, and Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?, by Liz Prince. For e-books, I bought The Journal of the Two Sisters and The Journal of Friendship, which are MLP tie-in books (shut up, I love that show and I’m not ashamed), Steampunk World, an anthology of steampunk stories from around the world, edited by Sarah Hans; Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf, by Sherry Peters, A Little Something Different, by Sandy Hall, and Evil Librarian, by Michelle Knudsen.

Combine those with a couple books I still haven’t read from Christmas, and the books I keep getting through Kickstarter, and I have a shitload of books to read. Too many.  Too many books! A major reason for that is that whenever I back a book on Kickstarter, I’m usually picking a reward level that gives access to other books, as well. So, I need to either pick it the hell up with my reading, or cut back on how many books I get. Bleh. I haven’t gotten anything through Goodreads Giveaways in forever. It’s a little insulting. Luckily, I have plenty to read anyway, so it’s not too big a problem.

On my birthday, I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service. I watched it years ago, but I didn’t remember it well. It’s a great movie. Really fun, really whimsical, and great voice acting. I was actually surprised by how solid Kirsten Dunst’s voice acting was. She was perfect. I mostly remember her from the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, where she was kinda bland. (I’ve seen other stuff she’s done, but it was all years ago and I don’t remember it at all.) But she did a phenomenal job as Kiki. She even sounded the right age. So, it’s a great movie. Worth watching, and re-watching. I still have a vague dream of doing a Studio Ghibli marathon, but I doubt I’ll ever do it. Oh well.

I made kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision today. I decided to pay off what was left of my student loan debt. I owed $1000 on it, and I was paying about $65 a month. It was going to take over two more years to pay it off, just doing the minimum payments. Meanwhile, putting that $1000 on my credit card means maybe another $15 a month in interest on that. It’ll cost me more in the long run, but quite bluntly, I need to save money now. I’m not getting enough hours at work. Right now, I pay $160 a month on my Visa, with around $110 a month in interest (on $10 000 owing – yeah, I have lots of debt). I’m not going to be paying that credit card off any time soon. Probably never. So, screw it. I’ll pay more later so I can pay less now. Probably a stupid way of doing it, I admit it, but it’s the best thing for me right now.

My schedule for the week: 10:15-6:45 Thursday, 4:30-11:15 Friday, 11:15-7:45 Saturday, 2-10:30 Sunday. So I’ll have posts Monday and Tuesday only.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week. Not much to talk about. Maybe I’ll think of more to say next time.

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