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Fallen Angels #5 (1987, August)

February 15, 2016

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day. Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Jo Duffy, Joe Staton, Val Mayerik, Petra Scotese and Bill Oakley, “Lost and Found.”

Lost and Found

I kinda like Siryn falling in the background there.

We start with a big explosion. Madrox asked Boom Boom for a small demonstration of her power, and it ended up being a bit bigger than she’d intended. Siryn guesses that she was trying to impress Madrox, but Boom Boom says she was only trying for a small bomb, and it ended up being twice as powerful as she intended. Chance and Boom Boom get into an argument, with Chance pulling a knife. Siryn lets out a little sonic vibration to make her drop it, but it’s stronger than she planned, and the knife shatters. Oddly, she looks at her hands, as though the vibrations came from them, instead of her mouth. Oh well. Vanisher yells about the room being a mess, and Madrox volunteers to clean it up, but no dupes show up when Bobby slaps him. Chance tries, and makes four dupes. Madrox tries again, and gets too many again.

Meanwhile, Gomi, Ariel and Warlock are looking for a new clubhouse, since the team’s gotten so big. Gomi chastises Don for walking around underfoot where he could get stepped on. Back in the clubhouse, a wall starts moving. Turns out Bill found a winch that can do it. Behind the wall is Devil Dinosaur. He’s happy with his little spot. Vanisher sends everyone out to forage for food for Devil. Chance and Ariel, Bobby and Warlock, Siryn and Madrox, Boom Boom and Gomi. Siryn and Madrox talk, with them saying they’re finding it too easy to forgive the Fallen Angels for the things they do. Some pretty strong hints that there’s some mind control going on here, of a sort.

Ariel and Chance rip off a fruit vendor who’s with the Unification Church that Chance hates, with Ariel using her charm to get free fruit. Then they spot Bobby and Warlock. They warp them into a YWCA swimming pool, then abandon them there. Which is dickish on so many levels. The women at the YWCA don’t deserve that scare, either. Anyway, Chance and Ariel then return to the clubhouse and give Vanisher the stolen vegetables. Moon Boy sees this, and decides he and Devil will have to forage for tribute, too, and opens a door to the outside. I’m sure that will go great.

Meanwhile, Bobby is in a near-panic trying to explain to the women that he didn’t mean to barge in. The women start to calm down, until Warlock mentions being mutants. More meanwhile, Boom Boom and Gomi are discussing plans for theft while also sniping at each other, when they see Madrox walking down the street. Boom Boom flirts, but he ignores her. When she calls out to him, he runs, right out into a street, where he gets hit! By a bicycle. The bicyclist says Jamie should’ve watched where he was going, but Gomi says the bicyclist was actually in the wrong; Jamie was crossing at a green light, and the bicyclist was traveling too fast. Also, Gomi’s pretty great:

Fallen Angels #5

A principle everyone should live by.

The Madrox who’s with Siryn realizes what some dizziness spells he’s been having are. He figures out one of him’s been missing. Devil and Moon Boy spot their friends, and Bobby and Warlock come across Vanisher, Chance and Ariel looking for Devil. Everyone starts coming together. The two Madroxes meet, with the dupe saying he wants to live his own life. That rejoining with the main one would be like dying, and he doesn’t want to do it. And then everyone else arrives, too.

And a loud crunch is heard, as Devils steps on Don.

This is another fun issue. Everyone’s powers going out of control is a very neat development. Observant readers will be able to guess what’s going on there. I won’t spoil it yet, even though, you know, it’s a 30-year-old comic that I’ll be spoiling soon anyway. The mystery of what Ariel and Chance are up to is still being teased, though few hints are dropped, aside from Ariel saying her race no longer has mutants, and that mutants are important. Sadly, we also get little Angsty Bobby again, though we do get this gem:

Fallen Angels #5

We’ve all been there.

There’s plenty of humour. We also get some great dramatic stuff, too, though the next issue is going to have way more. Duffy is a great writer, and she’s clearly having a blast.

The art is less impressive here. There’s nothing wrong with the art, I suppose, but it’s not great. Staton’s a very bland line artist. There’s nothing to really grab a reader’s attention, whether in terms of great visuals or even just expressive characters. The inks and colours are good, but they’re not enough to make up for the weak art. It’s weird how many artists this series had. I wonder why they weren’t able to get a single line artist to do the whole thing. Oh well.

It’s a good issue, nonetheless.

On a personal side note: Yesterday, I made this tweet, with an image of Angela and Sera kissing, and commented, “May your love be so epic it needs Stephanie Hans to draw it.” I didn’t @ anyone. But Hans still saw it, and retweeted it. And it’s gotten 53 likes and 21 retweets. Marguerite Bennett retweeted it, too! Two creators I absolutely love retweeted me. This is, far and away, my most successful tweet. It makes me feel happy.

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