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X-Factor #19 (1987, August)

February 16, 2016

You can check out my pull list post a page back. Today, by the Simonsons, Wiacek, Scotese and Rosen, “All Together Now!”

All Together Now!

None of those things look like horses.

Scott and Jean feel embarrassed about wrecking the penthouse in their earlier disagreement. Rusty lets them know Hodge is gone. Skids mentions X-Factor being like family, and that just makes Scott remember Maddie and his unnamed son. He feels guilty for not being there for them, and for almost killing Jean. He thinks they should disband X-Factor.

Iceman, Beast and Caliban are looking for Boom-Boom, with Beast concerned about Iceman’s power boost. Iceman is pissy, and covers an X-Factor sign in ice. Some people on the street see him. A couple praise the speech he gave, others call him a menace. Iceman tells him to call X-Factor, figuring that when X-Factor doesn’t show up, they’ll be discredited. Then helicopters give chase.

Apocalypse and his Horsemen are watching on TV, and the Horsemen bicker. Especially War and Famine, with Pestilence breaking them up. War and Famine are convinced they don’t need the others, so Apocalypse decides to give them a test, by sending them against Iceman, Beast and Caliban. The Horsemen attack, with Iceman pointing out there’s supposed to be four of them.

Back at X-Factor HQ, Jean and Scott are trying to teach Leech to control his power. With Scott declaring himself a crazy man. Scott is hilariously angsty in this period. Anyway, Leech gets close to a floating bowl of candy, before Jean telekinesis cuts off. Leech is frustrated, but Scott tells him he’s learning control, and will be able to do it. Rusty and Skids rush in to let them know about the fight, and Scott is reluctant to go, because of his delusions. Jean talks him into going.

The others head to Central Park to minimize the damage from the fight. Scott and Jean show up, but the flying robo-horses that don’t look anything at all like horses are protected from optic blasts and telekinesis. Some news ‘copters show up, and War brings one down. Luckily, it’s not the one intrepid reporter Trish Tilby is in, so she’s fine. Beast attacks Pestilence, but her touch makes him sick. So Jean throws a goddamn tree at her. That’ll work. But she’s not out. Scott tells Iceman to freeze everything. And a chunk of Central Park is encased in a glacier. Trish says that when mutants fight mutants, humanity is the loser. Good line. Anyway, with the Horsemen all frozen, Apocalypse decides they’ve learned their lesson and recalls them.

And that leaves X-Factor being confronted by a crowd of angry people. They leave to get help for Beast and Iceman.

This was . . . OK? I guess? I don’t know, this issue didn’t click with me. I think it’s too melodramatic for me to take it seriously, not melodramatic enough to be unintentionally hilarious. If Louise Simonson had toned it down just a little, it would’ve been a better issue. As it is, all the angst and self-loathing and anger and bickering and just everything just ends up being weirdly dull. It’s at such a constant high level that it becomes less interesting. It’s not helped by the art, which is similarly too much and subsequently becomes a blur.

So, yeah, this issue didn’t do much for me. There is some better stuff coming, at least.

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