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Fallen Angels #6 (1987, September)

February 23, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Today, by Duffy, Staton, Mayerik, Scotese and Oakley, “The Coconut Grove.”

The Coconut Grove

Warlock’s looking a bit murder-y here.

We pick up right after Don’s funeral. Gomi tries to convince Bill that Don’s death was just an accident, and that Devil feels awful about it. Meanwhile, Bobby narrates about being a bad person. I love melodramatic Bobby. He and Warlock offer condolences to Gomi and Bill:

Fallen Angels #6

I love this.

“As small a soul as a mutant cyborg lobster may possess.” How can you not love a line like that? Siryn also offers Gomi some comfort, and he pretty clearly has a crush on her. The rest of the gang is eating, with Boom-Boom also flirting with Madrox. Chance notices Bobby and Moon-Boy, and says they’re both apes. Personally, I think Moon-Boy looks more like a chimp. Also? Holy shit that’s racist, Chance! Bobby turns it around as a compliment by talking up Moon-Boy’s loyalty, and shames the others for ignoring Gomi and Bill’s grief.

Moon-Boy takes Bobby to see Devil, and asks him to offer Devil advice on how to convince the others how bad he feels. Of course, Bobby has no idea what Moon-Boy’s saying. He does, however, talk about how similar he and Devil are.

Fallen Angels #6

I love Bobby in this!

You are so goddamn dorky, Bobby. Chance is eavesdropping and feeling bad, and Ariel tries to convince her not to. She also says they need to deliver the mutants soon, before they’re discovered. Then, Madrox talks to his dupe, who has broken ribs and a concussion from being hit by a bike. Madrox realizes his dupe is independent, and doesn’t want to force the dupe to re-merge.

And then everyone realizes that Bill has gone after Devil. Yes, a lobster wanting to attack a T-Rex. He latches onto Moon-Boy’s leg, which pisses Devil off, and Bobby is forced to get in between them. So, Bobby now has to hold back an angry T-Rex. Fun! Siryn breaks up the fight with a sonic scream. Ariel suggests serving Bill as dinner, and Warlock agrees that it’s proper. He’s lost the compassion that made him a mutant! And then Madrox’s dupes disappear, aside from the independent one. Chance is a dick about it, and Bobby tells her off, and then Boom-Boom throws a time bomb at her. (Also, Siryn clearly has strong feelings for Madrox, and calls him Akushla.)

And then chaos breaks loose. Warlock goes after Boom-Boom, and the others are having problems with their powers. Gomi blasts Warlock back, and he returns to normal. Everyone’s cheerful again. Ariel suggests they all leave, and the others agree. Side note: Moon-Boy, throughout these issues, has given people descriptive names, mostly based on their powers. His descriptive name for Ariel is about her voice. It’s a hint!

So Ariel takes everyone back to her home, the Coconut Grove. Which is . . . interesting? It’s an entire planet of ’80s fashion. Which means everyone looks gloriously stupid.

This is a great issue. There’s genuine grief over the death of a mutant cyborg lobster, which is both hilarious and sweet. It’s great writing, either way. Bobby starts to realize he’s not as bad a person as he thought, and it’s fun to see that developing. Madrox getting real development was great – this story would, of course, inform Peter David’s take on the character, or more accurately on his powers. PAD removed a lot of Madrox’s sense of responsibility from here, and instead made him a joker character. But this is where we start seeing Madrox’s powers developing and getting a little more complex, and it’s really cool.

One thing I will say about the issue, and the series as a whole up to this point, is that it’s not tightly-plotted at all. There’s a sense of slapdashery, with things just happening. It jumps around a bit, and sometimes feels a bit random. It doesn’t make the story less enjoyable, though. It does make for a fun read.

The art here is fine. Nothing stellar, but perfectly serviceable. It doesn’t distract, for good or ill. It’s just kinda there. Which is fine.

On the whole, this is a great issue.

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