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X-Men comics for March 9 2016

March 10, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Hey! I got these up after all! And now I have to get up for work in, oh, about 6 hours. Yay.

All-New Wolverine #6, by Tom Taylor, David Lopez, David Navarrot and Nathan Fairbairn. Mooney gets back to the Alchemax bunker, badly injured, and Mr. Chandler points out that Laura has now trailed him to their secret bunker. Laura, Gabby and Bellona attack, and Bellona gets shot up all to hell. Laura and Gabby retreat, and Bellona’s taken for autopsy. Laura in disguise! Awesome. She tells the scientists to upload all their data on the sisters to SHIELD, and if they don’t, she’ll hunt them down and kill them. She calls Maria Hill to get her to send a team to the bunker for clean-up, once she and the sisters have softened them up. Gabby and Bellona beat the shit out of Mooney, and Bellona executes him. And Laura confronts Chandler. This issue’s great. It’s a great finale to the arc. It is very quick; it feels like it should have been longer. But they only have so much room in an issue. And I do love it when a plan comes together, as it did beautifully here. We see, once again, that Laura has a very strategic mind. She came up with a very good plan. And again, she’s willing to take a lot of damage as part of a plan, but it as part of a plan. The writing’s great. And the reveal at the end of the issue is really cool. The art’s great. This is, apparently, Lopez’s last superhero comic, at least for a while. I like his art. It’s a nice style. He does solid superhero work. It’s a shame he’s leaving, but Marcio Takara is doing the next arc, and I love his art, too. He did a fantastic job on Ms. Marvel, and I’m looking forward to seeing him tackle Squirrel Girl in the next issue. Because hell yes Squirrel Girl and Wolverine! It had to happen. Anyway, this is a great series and you should read it.

Spider-Man/Deadpool #3, by Joe Kelly, Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales and Jason Keith. Peter Parker is visiting Mysterio in the hospital, and is about to flirt with a cute doctor, when Deadpool interrupts. Spider-Man – secretly Hobie Brown, the Prowler – is also there.  Peter wants Deadpool and Spider-Man to hang out. Also, the doctor is happily married. So, Deadpool and Spider-Man go hang out! With Spider-Man putting a lie-detecting Spider-tracer on Deadpool. It shocks him when he’s dishonest. Deadpool’s first attempt to impress Spider-Man goes . . . poorly. “Flaming circus” poorly. The next attempt is for Spider-Man to join him on a Mercs For Money mission. They go to Bolivia to fight the Cult of Entropy. Where the mercs give totally unsolicited testimony praising Deadpool. It turns out the cult includes random shitty ’90s Spider-Man villains Styx and Stone. They’re a lot creepier here. Also, turns out Deadpool was hired by a drug cartel! Which does allow for a nice little explanation of moral complexity. And after all that . . . I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say that Kelly also does sweet Deadpool really well. This series remains excellent. It’s really funny, but also really smart. Kelly still writes the best take on Deadpool ever. And McGuinness’ art is perfect for the character, as well. I love this book. There’s also a really interesting story being developed. The use of Styx and Stone here was interesting. Very ’90s, frankly, but meh, it was interesting just the same. They were always lame villains, so there’s no way to make them worse. I’m really enjoying this series.

Uncanny Avengers. I’ll talk specifically about the X-Men-related elements. Cable and Rogue are trying to train Synapse to expand her powers to read minds. Rogue tells an obvious lie, and Cable asks what Synapse’s senses tell her. She smells strawberries. Synesthesia. That’s a really interesting way to go, actually. Good on Duggan for that. Deadpool lets them know they’ve reached Connecticut. Deadpool says Connecticut is where you go to die. Rogue mentions that Logan wasn’t scared of Connecticut. Honestly, it’s a stupid gag, but I kinda love it. They’re chasing a truck, being driven by the Wrecker, who’s worried it’s another hallucination and he’s still in Pleasant Hill. Maria Hill was also in Wrecker’s truck. SHIELD shows up to take care of things, and Cable asks Rogue how they’re playing it, and she orders an attack. This is good. It’s a good issue. But it’s not an X-title, so I’m not going into more detail.

That’s the X-titles. A couple more comics I should talk about.

Ms. Marvel #5, by G. Willow Wilson, Nico Leon and Ian Herring. We open with Ms. Marvel fighting croc-wearing Canadian ninjas. Yep. Their weapons are made of ice. Bruno calls to let her know her doppelganger golems have multiplied, and there’s a whole lot of them now. Meanwhile, Kamala’s parents are meeting Tyesha’s parents. And her brother. Who’s pretty awesomely teen-political (declaring himself anarcho-atheist). Ms. Marvel continues fighting the ninjas (pausing to pet a kitty, because kitties are irresistible that way), until an army of her start coming down the street. She calls Bruno, and finds out that the golems can’t ingest liquids – they melt. And the golem at her house drank some tea. She gets home, and finds out her family really needs her to be part of the wedding. Which makes her realize she can’t put her civilian life on hold just to be Ms. Marvel. Lesson learned! So now they just have to deal with all the golems. As always, this is delightful. Wonderful. It’s fun, but it’s also sincere, and that counts for a lot. It’s all about a lesson being learned, but that lesson is learned through an army of Kamala clones, which is the best way to learn a lesson. The wedding stuff adds a great human element, of course. And the art is great. Leon clearly has a lot of fun. There’s lots of little visual gags, especially with Kamalas doing fun things. This series is wonderful. Read it.

Mockingbird #1, by Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk and Rachelle Rosenberg. First things first:Nimeczyk is too weird a name. However, I am starting to remember it. I think I can actually spell it now without looking, and I think that’s deserving of praise. Anyway! Bobbi goes into a SHIELD medical clinic, while complaining about having to do weekly check-ups. But now, the clinic is filled with some sort of weird zombie-like people. Which means it’s time for a flashback to a month earlier! She was in the clinic, along with Hercules, Howard and Tony Stark (who was reading a pamphlet on gonorrhea, which is a joke everyone makes and yet is still funny). We also learn Bobbi is allergic to Axe body spray. I kind love that they don’t call it, like “Hatchet” or something. No fake brand names here. This is just the person doing the recap page bashing Axe body spray. Bravo. Honestly, the clinic stuff here is frigging amazing. I love seeing how superheroics interact with mundane stuff, and Cain and Niemczyk do some really clever stuff here, with all sorts of forms and charts and questions and stuff. It’s really great. There’s a poster about whether you can get cancer from radioactive friends. All the funny stuff aside, though (and there is a random panel of her dressed in a sparkly leotard, fighting a lizard in a circus-master outfit), we do get some indications that the mix of Super-Soldier Serum and Infinity Formula is affecting her. She’s also very sarcastic. I’ll be honest, the visual gags kept stealing all the attention in this issue. I loved them. This issue, by Cain’s own admission, makes no sense. I genuinely can’t do a real story breakdown, because the story, as it stands, makes no sense. This is, of course, the point. It will make sense by the end of the first arc. But right now, it’s deeply bizarre. But damn, it’s also a lot of fun, and it’s really intriguing. We don’t get to see Bobbi kicking ass here. We mostly see her being sarcastic. But we do get some little moments displaying her intelligence, which is great. She’s a genius. She should be shown as such. It’s why I never much cared for the WCA take on Bobbi, honestly – she didn’t get much chance to show that genius-level intellect. Cain shows it, sometimes in subtle ways. And the art is great. Even aside from the visual gags, it’s a really good style. Very clean, very bright, very expressive. Also, filled with great comedic bits. The book really is visually hilarious. Definitely a strong debut issue, worth checking out.

Vision #5 is brilliant. It’s deeply unsettling, in some great ways. King, Walta, Bellaire and Cowles are doing killer work. If you’re not reading this series, you’re wrong. This is an absolute must-read. It’s not one of the best comics Marvel is putting out. It’s one of the best comics anyone is putting out. You owe it to yourself to read this book. (Also, a list of 7 times Vision saved the world includes Ultron 7 times. Which is amusing.)

Weirdworld #4 is heart-breaking. Just devastating stuff. This is another book that you really should be reading. Brilliant writing and gorgeous art.

And InSeXts #4 is awesome, as usual. This is such a weird book. We start with some romantic teasing, then the aftermath of a prison massacre, then lesbian sex, and then monsters fighting. Kristantina has the best job, I think. And her art is equally stunning no matter what she’s being asked to draw (Valenza’s colours are also excellent). And Bennett’s writing is great. As I’ve said before: Victorian lesbian-romance body-horror. No matter what your tastes, something about this book really should appeal to you.

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  1. All-New Wolverine 6 is everything I hoped it would be. It’s intense, Laura shows off her planning skills, and toward the end there are several very dramatic moments and a couple awesome reveals. Such a great series so far. I’m also sad to see Lopez leaving superhero comics, but I can understand the need to do something different.

    If I remember correctly, you’ve been saying that Uncanny Avengers is mostly mediocre. It guess it’s nice to see a good issue every now and then.

    Ms. Marvel 5 is hilarious – probably the most entertaining issue of Kamala Khan’s adventures yet. “Easy Peasy” *falls into barbed wire in front of everyone*. Not that I’m complaining about it because it’s an amusing moment, but who uses barbed wire in a high school gym class in the first place?

    • Who uses barbed wire in a high school gym class? A gym teacher who knows how to motivate kids, dammit!

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