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Pull list for April 6 2016

April 5, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m off tomorrow, so no problem with reviews.

I’ll go to the store for: Black Panther #1, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Brian Stelfreeze and Laura Martin; My Little Pony Friends Forever #27, by Christina Rice and Agnes Garbowska; New Avengers #9, by Al Ewing, Marcus To and Dono Almaro; Vision #6, by Tom King, Gabriel Walta and Jordie Bellaire; The Wicked + The Divine #18, by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson

I’ll also review: Deadpool #9, by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli and Ruth Redmond; Old Man Logan #4, by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentinto and Marcello Maiolo; Uncanny Avengers #8, by Gerry Duggan, Ryan Stegman, Mark Morales, Dave Meikis and Richard Isanove; Uncanny X-Men #6, by Cullen Bunn, Ken Lashley, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Nolan Woodard and Jesus Aburtov. I might also review Spider-Woman #1; see how I feel tomorrow, and whether I can get a copy from someone.

So that’s 5 comics I’m picking up, and 5 reviews. Pretty good week.

I’m most excited for Black Panther, Vision and WicDiv. Vision is a must-read series and if you haven’t been reading it then you’re wrong. It is phenomenal. It’s brilliant work, one of the best comics ever. WicDiv is a comic I’ve loved from the start, and is also brilliant. And it looks like things are going to start getting intense. And this is a comic that started off pretty intense. But Persephone’s back, and apparently, people are going to start paying. And as for Black Panther . . .

OK, so Black Panther’s never been a favourite of mine. I think it’s the king thing. I don’t get the romanticizing of monarchies. Like, the US fought a war to get out from under the control of a monarchy, and now, they’re absolutely fascinated by monarchies. Comics are full of monarchical governments. For Marvel alone, you’ve got Atlantis, Attilan, Wakanda, the Shi’ar and a few others, all of which have a bunch of stories showing they’re better off with their rightful king ruling over them. And I just . . . I don’t get it. I’m Canadian. Technically, I still live under a monarchy. And I gotta tell you, we don’t actually give a damn about the Queen as anything more than a figurehead. If the Queen ever actually tried to tell us how to run our country, we would ignore her. Because we’re a democracy and we think the best way for a country to be governed is based on will of the people rather than an inherited crown.

So that always held me back from truly embracing Black Panther. He has had some fantastic stories. Don McGregor’s work with the character? Damn. Panther’s Quest is a stellar critique of Apartheid South Africa, made more effective by the fact that it actually takes place in Apartheid South Africa, rather than being an allegory like Genosha. So there have been Black Panther stories I’ve enjoyed. What has me excited about the upcoming run, though, is that there’s been indications that Wakanda is going to be pushing for reforms to make it more democratic. I hope that’s the case. I hope Wakanda does institute democratic reforms. And I’m generally just very excited to see what Coates brings to the title.

I’m over halfway through Zeus Is Dead. It is a weird book. Very enjoyable, though. It’ll go on tangents that it’ll then ask the reader to forget about. It’s got a ton of humour. It’s a good book.

Oh! There’s a Kickstarter I should talk about. The Comic Book Legal Defence Fund is putting out a project called She Changed Comics, all about women in comics. Some of the women who worked in the Golden Age of comics, or ones whose work during the age of the Comics Code Authority pushed the boundaries, and women around the world today whose work has gotten them in trouble. It looks really interesting, and it’s also a project that’s important. Its initial goal of $10 000 was met within the first 24 hours. At a week in, it’s nearing $30 000. So in addition to the book, they’re also making teaching companions for teachers who want to use the book in classes. (At $30 000, they’ll do teaching companions for higher education. They haven’t listed any stretch goals beyond $30 000, so I have no clue what they’ll end up doing once they pass that. I would guess they’ll probably end up reaching $50 000, maybe even more, given how well they’ve done so far. So they’re going to need more stretch goals.) So, definitely think about giving it some money.

I may as well talk about another Kickstarter. If you want to support another comic blogger, then Sean Ian Mills of Henchman4Hire has a graphic novel coming out, Gamer Girl & Vixen, with co-writer Kristi McDowell and artist Gemma Moody.

I won an X-Plain the X-Men t-shirt, which is pretty neat. I don’t win things very often, on account of not entering giveaways very often. Except for Goodreads Giveaways. Which I haven’t won anything from in months. It’s a bit frustrating. I used to win things from there pretty regularly, but I haven’t won anything for months. Jerks.

My mom bumped my rent up, from $200 a month to $300. Which sucks for me. But was probably a long time in coming – she’s completely broke, with nowhere near enough money coming in. Luckily, I’m back up to a fairly regular number of hours at work, so I should be fine. But still, it sucks.

My schedule for the week: 2:30-9:15 Thursday, 11:15-7:45 Saturday, 12:30-6:45 Sunday, 12-8:30 Monday, 10:30-5:15 next Wednesday. Posts Friday and Tuesday, for X-Factor #23 and Alpha Flight #53, which will finish off 1987 for me. (At least, by cover-dates. The comics are actually cover-dated 3 or 4 months later than their publishing date.) For 1988, I’ll have, I believe, 68 posts, assuming I counted properly. There’s going to be a couple new series that start up later in the year. One, in particular, I’m very much excited about.

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