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Pull list for May 4 2016

May 3, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m off tomorrow, hurrah.

I’ll go to the store for: A-Force #5, by Kelly Thompson, Ben Caldwell and Ian Herring; My Little Pony Friends Forever #28, by Jeremy Whitley and Jay Fosgitt; New Avengers #11, by Al Ewing, Gerardo Sandoval and Dono Sanchez Almara; The Wicked + The Divine #19, by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and Clayton Cowles.

I’ll also review: Uncanny X-Men #7, by Cullen Bunn, Ken Lashley and Nolan Woodard; X-Men ’92 #3, by Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Alti Firmansyah and Matt Milla.

So that’s 4 comics I’m picking up, and at least two reviews. A very light week.

I’m excited for everything. A-Force has been a lot of fun, and I like Thompson a lot as a writer. So it’ll be cool to see where she takes it, now that she’s sole writer. New Avengers is always a delight. A shame that Sandoval’s back on art, but Ewing’s writing is clever and fun. And WicDiv is WicDiv. Yay.

My May Marvel pull list: A-Force #5, New Avengers #11, Mockingbird #3, Spider-Man/Deadpool #5, Captain Marvel #5, Hellcat #6, Weirdworld #6, Moon Girl #7, Squirrel Girl #8, Power Man and Iron Fist #4, Wolverine #8, Silver Surfer #4, Ms. Marvel #7, Ultimates #7, Vision #7, Silk #8, Black Panther #2, ANAD Avengers #9. 18 comics. Not bad.

I finished Vertoscope: A Villainous Collection By Many Devious Minds. My review:

This was a really good anthology. It’s a collection of stories about villains, told from their perspectives. Most of them are really sympathetic. A few are truly evil. One is about goddamn wasps and that story should be burned with the same fire used to burn wasps. But the rest were great! As an anthology, there’s a wide range of writing and art styles, which means that not all the stories will work for all readers, though I enjoyed them all. Most readers should be able to find plenty to enjoy here, too.

Interestingly, there’s fewer stories than one might expect about villains having more fun. Several of the stories are truly tragic. Others are intense. My favourite might be the Magical Girl Villainess who believes she’s doing what’s necessary, but decides that if the Magical Girls will paint her as a villain, she will be a villain.

This is a very enjoyable anthology, and I definitely recommend it.

I also read A Little Something Different, by Sandy Hall.

This was pretty OK. I liked the premise – a romance told from the points of view of supporting characters. And there’s some fun with that. One of the supporting characters is a squirrel. Another is a bench. So there’s definitely some humour in there. The romance plot itself is pretty cliched and uninspired. Most of the characters are likewise bland and generic. I do feel like a subplot might have helped a lot. All the characters were focused entirely on the relationship they wanted to see happen. I think it would’ve made the book more interesting to have a second story going on among some of the point-of-view characters.

Still, this is an enjoyable enough book. If you like Chick-Lit, it’s a neat twist on things, and worth checking out for that.

I’m now reading Steampunk World. I’m at 19 books read so far this year, out of my goal of 30. So I’m doing well!

There’s some Kickstart projects I may as well mention. No Shit, There I Was, An Anthology of Improbable Tales. It’s 24 short stories from fantasy, sci-fi and horror writers from around the world. It seems pretty fun. That one’s got just over $1000 more to raise, with over a week left. So it should make it. So why not back it and get a cool book?

The Foreigner, Vol. 1, a graphic novel by Kensuke Okabayashi. It’s still got a ways to go, but over two weeks left, so hopefully, it’ll make it. It looks fairly interesting. Also, the creator is Asian-American, and it’s important to promote diverse voice in comics. There’s been a lot of talk lately about Hollywood’s whitewashing of Asian characters, and the lack of Asians in Western media. So this is a good chance to truly support an Asian-American creator.

A Voyage to Panjikant, by Marguerite Dabaie, is a graphic novel about the Silk Road. Dabaie is Palestinian-American, and her previous (autobiographical) work has actually gotten positive reviews. This one is about 7th-Century Central Asia. It’s been researched extensively. Once again, it’s helping diversity. But this one’s also about an interesting period in history, and history is fun. It’s exceeded its goal, so it’s pretty much a done-deal now. So support it! Get a neat comic!

And last, Hen & Chicken, by Tristan Tarwater. It’s a YA fantasy novel that looks really fun. It seems like a positive book with people of colour as the stars. It’s written by a woman of colour, as well. It’s about a quarter of the way to its goal, with pretty much the whole month to go. So if fantasy is something you enjoy, back this one, too!

It’s kinda funny, but right now, I’ve only got 5 active projects backed. This is unusually low for me. I’m trying to cut back on how much I back on Kickstarter. I need to be better about spending my money. Plus, holy shit, do you have any idea how much I already have to read?

My schedule for the week: 1:15-8 Thursday, 9:15-5:45 Friday, 9:45-4:15 Sunday, 12:30-9 Tuesday. So posts on Saturday and Monday.

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