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Alpha Flight #56 (1988, March)

May 17, 2016

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Click back a post for tomorrow’s pull list. Today, by Mantlo, Lee, DeZuniga, Sharen and Chiang, “Have You Ever Heard A Spaceship Scream? Warped!”

Have You Ever Heard A Spaceship Scream? Warped!

Hey, those look like little robo-Aliens!

We start with Sasquatch explaining the situation: After blowing himself up, he blew himself off the planet, and turned into a spaceship and went crazy from shock. They need to snap Jeffries back to normal. Goblyn starts running amok, making her way into a Jeffries tube, and don’t hold your breath waiting for me to apologize for that joke because it is not happening. It’s a pun that needed to be made and you know it. Anyway, blah blah blah, everyone’s running around the spaceship, and then they get attacked by the metal things from the cover. And also some weird red things.

Meanwhile, Laura and Kara are on Liveworld. Laura’s fairly talkative and open here. Little do the girls know they’re being spied on!

Back on the Box-ship, Sasquatch guesses the robot-things are “Bedlamites,” creations of Bedlam the Brain-Blast, and I’ll actually be kinda disappointed when he stops getting mentioned and I don’t have an excuse to use that entire stupid name. Heather wonders how they can be his creations, when she blew his head off. Which is a nice reminder that Heather is goddamn cold. “I blew his head off!” That’s an actual quote. She has absolutely no regrets or guilt or anything about it. Anyway, Sasquatch says Bedlam the Brain-Blast must have created them before his death, on his quest for a master race.

Manikin gets sucked up a vacuum tube and brought to Box’s brain. There’s some big black metallic thing on the brain, a tumour that’s probably responsible for Box’s madness. Manikin tells Goblyn to slice it off. Heather finally finds them, and gets Goblyn away from the brain. Then she blasts away the cancerous stuff, and Jeffries is back in control of himself. Hurrah.

This is, as usual, bland and forgettable. Lee’s artwork is solid, but saddled with a story so banal that it drags the art down. The characters lack any real depth, and there’s not much in the way of tension. So little goes on in this issue that it’s really hard to talk about it. Which is kinda normal for Mantlo’s run. Either nothing happens, or a lot of stupid crap happens. This is one of the nothing happens issues. It’s an issue-long fight against little robots. How enthralling! Meh.

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